Monday, 29 September 2014

the greatest reunion ever

so last night I was just laying in bed scrolling through my phone, when I came across a post that was linking me to a video of Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas singing This is Me at the Staples Center..

and let me tell someone who fell in love with Demi and The Jonas Brothers through Camp Rock, this was like the most amazing thing I had heard in a while!

so I clicked the link and oh my god!! Obviously it was just a recording somebody had done at the concert, but the crowds reaction..everyone was screaming!! so loud that you could just about hear them singing and I swear that was just amazing! 

I have watched it like 3 times since then because it is honestly my favourite thing and if Shane and Mitchie weren't one of your Disney Channel otp's I just don't know who you were shipping!!

also today I didn't have to be in school until 12 (which is a defo pro for a Monday!!) but unfortunately I had to leave my house at 10.30 to make sure I got two buses on I didn't have loads of time but the time I did have I spent watching Pitch Perfect which is just one of my favourite films!! 

It combines a lot of my favourite things, a school setting, singing, romance, comedy...and that is what makes a good film for me! oh and Rebel Wilson!! She literally makes the whole film, I laugh at nearly every line she says and even when she isn't speaking her facial expressions are amazing!!


Sunday, 28 September 2014

blah blah blah

it's Sunday and as a wise man (well Chandler Bing) once said 'it's Sunday, I don't move on Sunday' and that is exactly how my day is going.

I seem to do this a lot the day after going out, not that I'm hungover I just feel the need to sit in bed all day (well until my dinner is ready!) 

so last night I fell over, and when I say fell I do not mean tripped I mean full on fell to the ground! 

I didn't actually think it was that bad of a fall apart from the fact that I had ripped the knees of my tights...but this morning I realised that I had also cut my knee a little bit!

and not too long ago as I was changing into my pyjamas..I noticed I have quite a big bruise on my left knee, and at the moment it is a purpley colour...all I have to say is thank god for alcohol so I didn't have to feel the pain of the fall as it happen!


Saturday, 27 September 2014


I don't really ever have things to write about on the weekend as I feel like I don't really do anything have this little bit of writing.

the way I see things if you expect will be the exact opposite of what you were thinking of..

take last night, I was expecting it to be good and let me tell was far from it! Seriously like all the bad things you can think of...pretty much happened!

So I am out again tonight and I expect nothing from it..because I so do not want to jinx it! (Which has actually become quite a habit of mine recently

I'll leave you with that ramble..and I shall write something remotely interesting again soon!

Friday, 26 September 2014


Friday which means it's finally the weekend! I honestly have barely anything to write about today, but I thought I must! 

Today consisted of literally just school which at times can be exciting but nope, not today! but I am off out later which shall be I thought I must write something before I leave!

As I've already mentioned...I love Haven!
The 5th season is 3 episodes in and I am totally in love, the 3rd episode has been my favourite. Mara just proves how fab she can be in this episode, her humour is absolutely wonderful and I won't even go on to mention the kiss!!!

but even though I absolutely adore Mara...I am itching for Audrey to come back, her first apperance at the end of the second episode was just wow!

But this episode I swear it is just so beyond perfect, and she needs to come through already...I need some proper Naudrey moments!!

I have this weird theory that every time Audrey comes through, the more she panics, the quicker she the first time you saw her she was in so much shock of seeing nathan she could barely string any words together..and then the bed scene she managed to talk to Nathan but it went very fast! But then when he was tickling her she seemed to be laughing too much to realise that she had come through but as soon as she did she started to panic and trying to get her words out which caused her to fade...


Thursday, 25 September 2014

I cried

this post is mostly referring to yesterday because I literally had no idea what to write about!

so yesterday I talked about this season of The Great British Bake Off, which unfortunately ended with Martha being the one to leave...which I was incredibly sad about..and even though I watched it a day after and already knew she had left I cried! 

but for her to be 17 and come 5th is amazing and just proves how much skill she has! 

also yesterday I went to see The Riot Club in the cinema...and if I'm honest I went there knowing literally nothing about the film apart from the fact Sam Claflin and Douglas Booth were in it (who doesn't want to see them in a film together?!)

but I'm not really sure I liked the film...I wouldn't go as far as saying that it was a bad film but the whole pub scene was horrible..maybe that was the reason to show what the riot club was all about, but for me I just was waiting for that whole thing to end as blood and that is just nothing I like, I liked the beginning and the end..just the whole 'rioting' bit wasn't my thing.

but I will say Sam Claflin..amazing actor! As I watched him play the horrible Alistair, I just thought it was amazing that he was the same person that plays Finnick (in the hunger games..if you didn't know) as they are so beyond different and he just wowed me!!


Wednesday, 24 September 2014

half way there

what to do you when you're alone in town waiting for someone?!

It's is Wednesday and in reference to the title...half way through the week!

This week has probably been the longest since being back to school after the summer holidays, but I feel like it has been sort of eventful...(well maybe it's just all the shows that have come back).

With Wednesday being half way through the week (well school week) I feel like it is the busiest for TV...not only do I have the TV that airs today but I have catch up sessions on Wednesday (mainly because they only stay for a gotta watch them fast!

But if you are from the UK, the entertainment for most of us on a Wednesday night is The Great British Bake who doesn't love watching people cook?! 

This has been my favourite series so far, the contestants are so good! I don't think I have any that I don't like (apart from when Diana ruined Iain's baked Alaska..but I'll forgive her) and Martha is amazing! As much as I think it's amazing that's she's only 17(maybe 18) and has gotten this annoys me that she is a year younger than me and doing all these amazing bakes while I still have to ask my mum what I'm doing everytime she wants me to turn the hob on/off!

I cannot even think of someone I want to win! They're all so amazing...but I will say if Martha does win I think I may actually shed a tear (which to be honest happens a lot!)

I think the last time I cried at the bake off was when Howard left...he was definitely my favourite of last season and the poor man was involved in a custard theft (one of the most shocking moments if I'm honest!

Right this second I am sat at a bus stop waiting for my friends...I have been sat here so long that it is starting to become very uncomfortable, lucky I have my earphones...but I only have 53% it better last!


Tuesday, 23 September 2014

year 14 is the worst

so I don't know if everyone understands the UK schooling years but the normal goes up to year 13 (which is the last year before you go to university or just straight into work) but in some cases (like myself) you stay an extra year...

After being at this school for 7 years I can tell you that year 14 is a year that you don't want to be in, I have one friend and because of our timetables we barely see each other so I spend most of my time alone (like now) and the year 12's are now the year 7's that started when I was in year 9 (the year where everybody thought they were cool) which just makes you feel so old!

I could probably do so much more with this hour before my lesson (but to be honest I have a two hour lesson coming up so why would I do work now?!) as much as I enjoy business, I don't think I could do three solid hours so I thought I would just write here (mainly because it's one of the only websites that works on the school wifi!)

I don't really have much planned for today, I'm at school until half 2 (which seems very long as it is only half 9) and then after that I will do my usual...sit in my bedroom watching TV and drinking endless amounts of black coffee before I sleep.

But Haven is on tonight...and although I have already seen the episode (because I am too impatient and cannot wait a week..God bless America for airing a few days before the UK) I am super excited because as with most TV shows where they get worse as more seasons get added...Haven seems to be doing the opposite and getting so much better! and the end of season 5 episode two!! all I can say is Naudrey!!!


Monday, 22 September 2014

20 years?!?!?!

it's the 22nd September 2014 which means it's 20 years since the first ever episode of Friends aired!

So I thought it write a cute little blog post celebrating my favourite TV show ever. I am I only 18 but I've watched all 10 seasons so many times that it feels like I've been watching it since it very first aired...and I find it really weird that it started 2 years before I was even born!

if you're reading this and have never watched Friends...I highly recommend you finish this and start watching right away! 

There's something that makes Friends amazing that I cannot really simply explain..I think because it's a show that not only does silly little jokes but at some points can deal with very serious subjects in a way that can help people, and I think that's why it's still so popular after 20's relatable!

In February 2013 I went on a school trip to LA...and one day we went to the warner bros studios (that itself was exciting enough) and one of the best parts was that we got to see the Central Perk set..which was the most amazing thing ever to happen in my life..and I have some pictures to show!

also I had a Friends themed birthday cake!

at this moment in time I am watching the nations top 20 Friends episodes on Comedy Central and it is on number 11 which is 'the one with the rumour'. This is the episode that has Brad Pitt in and it is one of my favourites!

my favourite scene in this episode is where they are all sitting round the table and Rachel asks Will( Brad Pitt) if he has a problem with her and he replies with 'I don't I? Do I?!' And phoebe is like 'I think you do' and then another one is when Pheobe is like 'oh c'mon Will, just take off your shirt and tell us' 

I just love that fact Friends is so popular after 20 years and hope that it will be watched for years and years after!


Saturday, 20 September 2014

getting old is no fun

so it is 9pm on a Saturday night and I am laying in bed after a very non eventful day..

most Saturdays I would be going out around this time but as it's mid September most of my friends have gone off to university (while I'm stuck at sixth form for another year) which means barely anybody is out, so my night will not be very interesting and I shall probably be asleep by 10.30!

I'll just talk about day because I feel like I paragraph and a bit was too short; not that I have done much..the most memorable thing I have done today is finish season 3 of Awkward and drink my weight in coffee...I don't know if you watch Awkward, but to me I really didn't like season 3, the way Jenna changed when she was with Collin was the worst and all I want is for Jenna to get back with Matty..will that ever happen?! 

I'm going to leave with that because I'm not sure what else to write about..

Friday, 19 September 2014

I will try not to fangirl

so in a post I said I will talk about some of my favourite TV shows as I think there are so many unwatched/unheard of shows which aren't getting the ratings they deserve to be honest..

during the summer, I was trying to find a new TV series to while flicking through TV on demand I noticed 4 seasons of a show called Haven..I passed over it a few times before actually deciding to watch it and that is where it was formed my obsession for the greatest show ever

When I first watched it I was unsure what to think because if I'm honest it's a little weird and the only description was 'an FBI agent goes to a town to discover its secrets' but after watching a few episodes it gets better and you understand it more..

The first season sees Audrey (an FBI agent) go to the town of Haven for one case and she ends up staying much longer after meeting Nathan (middle) and Duke, and after finding out some secrets of her own.

With out spoiling it there are 5 main characters (all played by Emily Rose) which play a massive role in the series.

As well as Audrey there are (in order of pictures) Sarah, Lucy, Lexie and Mara. There is not much mentioned about Lucy a few flashbacks and a little back story within the first few well as Sarah but she also has a little bit of an extra storyline which I'll talk about in a minute.

But Lexie..she was introduced in season 4 and isn't there very long but when I first saw her she easily became my favourite character and storyline, but now being at season 5 and only 2 episodes in Mara is just something special, she's unlike any of the others and Emily Rose plays her so well that it's hard not to love her really!

As with every TV show there is the love storyline..and Haven maybe possibly have the most confusing...I won't say much (it ties in with the Sarah storyline) but it is one worth knowing more about..I'll just leave you with these pictures. 

I think that you should go and watch Haven because it is by far one of the most heart wrenching dramatic shows I have watched in a while but it is amazing and I'm so glad that I started watching it! 

I'll leave with one thing..

This may just look like a screencap of an ordinary kiss on the cheek when really it is (in my eyes) one of the most important scenes as it does have a lot of connection to what is happening in the show and is the moment I started shipping Audrey and Nathan!

Thursday, 18 September 2014

not sleeping makes me angry

Last night I had the worst sleep of my life; not only was my room like a million parents thought it was the perfect time to be super loud (a defo con to having the room above the living room).

As I lay there I noticed that when I don't get the amount of sleep I want..I get know that feeling when you're angry? like there's a surge of well adrenaline racing through you? well it was like that, so I decided to listen to the only noise I could stand at that moment in time. music.

I pulled out a piece of iPod nano (not the fancy things they have now I mean the square thing with a screen and the circle control...that is slowly breaking) and I had a very nostalgic belieber moment when Down to Earth came on shuffle (yes, I spent 4 years of my life obsessing over Justin Bieber) you may hate him but you cannot deny his 15 year old self had the most perfect voice..

(after writing that little rant at about 12am...I figured out that although I get angry when I don't sleep...I was quite awake this morning. like normally I would take a while to get out of my bed but I suprisingly just woke up...maybe I should sleep less.)


fiction over reality

As a TV/movie/book lover I spend way too much time in fictional worlds compared to reality, which could be classed as bad but I think it's everything!

There is not a time I can remember where I haven't watched TV (and by watch TV I do not mean switch on the TV and find something random to watch..

I have watched and fallen in love with hundreds of TV shows over the years that have in a weird way influenced my life...come on if you don't want to spend your days in a coffee shop with 5 of your friends then you're living wrong! 

I could talk about all the TV shows I have watched and how they have influenced but to be honest..I'm sure you don't care!  (I will be making posts about a few because there are so many unwatched and underrated shows).

Within the worlds of fiction is a certain amount of reality, but that is the part we don't take notice of, the main part of fiction that most people (including me) wish would become reality is when the person who is most unnoticed ends up being in the spotlight.

The main reason I prefer fiction to reality is that everything you could possibly imagine happening....actually happens! (We all know Daniel went to London to be with Betty) and in the world of a TV show that is normal..but could you imagine that happening in reality? no? that's because it most likely wouldn't.

Fiction is the greatest escape from reality because that is where dreams come true...

start of something new

Hey! I'm Georgia...but I would much prefer gee!

the main things in my life are TV, movies, music and coffee..which will most likely be recurring topics in this blog.

I've been wanting to start a blog for a while now, but I never really knew what I could speak about...but I've recently been watching Awkward and Jenna's blog has inspired me to actually start writing this...

you'll have to bare with me for a while because I'm definitely not used to talking about myself this much 

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