Sunday, 28 September 2014

blah blah blah

it's Sunday and as a wise man (well Chandler Bing) once said 'it's Sunday, I don't move on Sunday' and that is exactly how my day is going.

I seem to do this a lot the day after going out, not that I'm hungover I just feel the need to sit in bed all day (well until my dinner is ready!) 

so last night I fell over, and when I say fell I do not mean tripped I mean full on fell to the ground! 

I didn't actually think it was that bad of a fall apart from the fact that I had ripped the knees of my tights...but this morning I realised that I had also cut my knee a little bit!

and not too long ago as I was changing into my pyjamas..I noticed I have quite a big bruise on my left knee, and at the moment it is a purpley colour...all I have to say is thank god for alcohol so I didn't have to feel the pain of the fall as it happen!


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