Thursday, 18 September 2014

fiction over reality

As a TV/movie/book lover I spend way too much time in fictional worlds compared to reality, which could be classed as bad but I think it's everything!

There is not a time I can remember where I haven't watched TV (and by watch TV I do not mean switch on the TV and find something random to watch..

I have watched and fallen in love with hundreds of TV shows over the years that have in a weird way influenced my life...come on if you don't want to spend your days in a coffee shop with 5 of your friends then you're living wrong! 

I could talk about all the TV shows I have watched and how they have influenced but to be honest..I'm sure you don't care!  (I will be making posts about a few because there are so many unwatched and underrated shows).

Within the worlds of fiction is a certain amount of reality, but that is the part we don't take notice of, the main part of fiction that most people (including me) wish would become reality is when the person who is most unnoticed ends up being in the spotlight.

The main reason I prefer fiction to reality is that everything you could possibly imagine happening....actually happens! (We all know Daniel went to London to be with Betty) and in the world of a TV show that is normal..but could you imagine that happening in reality? no? that's because it most likely wouldn't.

Fiction is the greatest escape from reality because that is where dreams come true...

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