Friday, 26 September 2014


Friday which means it's finally the weekend! I honestly have barely anything to write about today, but I thought I must! 

Today consisted of literally just school which at times can be exciting but nope, not today! but I am off out later which shall be I thought I must write something before I leave!

As I've already mentioned...I love Haven!
The 5th season is 3 episodes in and I am totally in love, the 3rd episode has been my favourite. Mara just proves how fab she can be in this episode, her humour is absolutely wonderful and I won't even go on to mention the kiss!!!

but even though I absolutely adore Mara...I am itching for Audrey to come back, her first apperance at the end of the second episode was just wow!

But this episode I swear it is just so beyond perfect, and she needs to come through already...I need some proper Naudrey moments!!

I have this weird theory that every time Audrey comes through, the more she panics, the quicker she the first time you saw her she was in so much shock of seeing nathan she could barely string any words together..and then the bed scene she managed to talk to Nathan but it went very fast! But then when he was tickling her she seemed to be laughing too much to realise that she had come through but as soon as she did she started to panic and trying to get her words out which caused her to fade...


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