Saturday, 20 September 2014

getting old is no fun

so it is 9pm on a Saturday night and I am laying in bed after a very non eventful day..

most Saturdays I would be going out around this time but as it's mid September most of my friends have gone off to university (while I'm stuck at sixth form for another year) which means barely anybody is out, so my night will not be very interesting and I shall probably be asleep by 10.30!

I'll just talk about day because I feel like I paragraph and a bit was too short; not that I have done much..the most memorable thing I have done today is finish season 3 of Awkward and drink my weight in coffee...I don't know if you watch Awkward, but to me I really didn't like season 3, the way Jenna changed when she was with Collin was the worst and all I want is for Jenna to get back with Matty..will that ever happen?! 

I'm going to leave with that because I'm not sure what else to write about..

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