Wednesday, 24 September 2014

half way there

what to do you when you're alone in town waiting for someone?!

It's is Wednesday and in reference to the title...half way through the week!

This week has probably been the longest since being back to school after the summer holidays, but I feel like it has been sort of eventful...(well maybe it's just all the shows that have come back).

With Wednesday being half way through the week (well school week) I feel like it is the busiest for TV...not only do I have the TV that airs today but I have catch up sessions on Wednesday (mainly because they only stay for a gotta watch them fast!

But if you are from the UK, the entertainment for most of us on a Wednesday night is The Great British Bake who doesn't love watching people cook?! 

This has been my favourite series so far, the contestants are so good! I don't think I have any that I don't like (apart from when Diana ruined Iain's baked Alaska..but I'll forgive her) and Martha is amazing! As much as I think it's amazing that's she's only 17(maybe 18) and has gotten this annoys me that she is a year younger than me and doing all these amazing bakes while I still have to ask my mum what I'm doing everytime she wants me to turn the hob on/off!

I cannot even think of someone I want to win! They're all so amazing...but I will say if Martha does win I think I may actually shed a tear (which to be honest happens a lot!)

I think the last time I cried at the bake off was when Howard left...he was definitely my favourite of last season and the poor man was involved in a custard theft (one of the most shocking moments if I'm honest!

Right this second I am sat at a bus stop waiting for my friends...I have been sat here so long that it is starting to become very uncomfortable, lucky I have my earphones...but I only have 53% it better last!


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