Friday, 19 September 2014

I will try not to fangirl

so in a post I said I will talk about some of my favourite TV shows as I think there are so many unwatched/unheard of shows which aren't getting the ratings they deserve to be honest..

during the summer, I was trying to find a new TV series to while flicking through TV on demand I noticed 4 seasons of a show called Haven..I passed over it a few times before actually deciding to watch it and that is where it was formed my obsession for the greatest show ever

When I first watched it I was unsure what to think because if I'm honest it's a little weird and the only description was 'an FBI agent goes to a town to discover its secrets' but after watching a few episodes it gets better and you understand it more..

The first season sees Audrey (an FBI agent) go to the town of Haven for one case and she ends up staying much longer after meeting Nathan (middle) and Duke, and after finding out some secrets of her own.

With out spoiling it there are 5 main characters (all played by Emily Rose) which play a massive role in the series.

As well as Audrey there are (in order of pictures) Sarah, Lucy, Lexie and Mara. There is not much mentioned about Lucy a few flashbacks and a little back story within the first few well as Sarah but she also has a little bit of an extra storyline which I'll talk about in a minute.

But Lexie..she was introduced in season 4 and isn't there very long but when I first saw her she easily became my favourite character and storyline, but now being at season 5 and only 2 episodes in Mara is just something special, she's unlike any of the others and Emily Rose plays her so well that it's hard not to love her really!

As with every TV show there is the love storyline..and Haven maybe possibly have the most confusing...I won't say much (it ties in with the Sarah storyline) but it is one worth knowing more about..I'll just leave you with these pictures. 

I think that you should go and watch Haven because it is by far one of the most heart wrenching dramatic shows I have watched in a while but it is amazing and I'm so glad that I started watching it! 

I'll leave with one thing..

This may just look like a screencap of an ordinary kiss on the cheek when really it is (in my eyes) one of the most important scenes as it does have a lot of connection to what is happening in the show and is the moment I started shipping Audrey and Nathan!

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