Monday, 29 September 2014

the greatest reunion ever

so last night I was just laying in bed scrolling through my phone, when I came across a post that was linking me to a video of Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas singing This is Me at the Staples Center..

and let me tell someone who fell in love with Demi and The Jonas Brothers through Camp Rock, this was like the most amazing thing I had heard in a while!

so I clicked the link and oh my god!! Obviously it was just a recording somebody had done at the concert, but the crowds reaction..everyone was screaming!! so loud that you could just about hear them singing and I swear that was just amazing! 

I have watched it like 3 times since then because it is honestly my favourite thing and if Shane and Mitchie weren't one of your Disney Channel otp's I just don't know who you were shipping!!

also today I didn't have to be in school until 12 (which is a defo pro for a Monday!!) but unfortunately I had to leave my house at 10.30 to make sure I got two buses on I didn't have loads of time but the time I did have I spent watching Pitch Perfect which is just one of my favourite films!! 

It combines a lot of my favourite things, a school setting, singing, romance, comedy...and that is what makes a good film for me! oh and Rebel Wilson!! She literally makes the whole film, I laugh at nearly every line she says and even when she isn't speaking her facial expressions are amazing!!


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