Tuesday, 23 September 2014

year 14 is the worst

so I don't know if everyone understands the UK schooling years but the normal goes up to year 13 (which is the last year before you go to university or just straight into work) but in some cases (like myself) you stay an extra year...

After being at this school for 7 years I can tell you that year 14 is a year that you don't want to be in, I have one friend and because of our timetables we barely see each other so I spend most of my time alone (like now) and the year 12's are now the year 7's that started when I was in year 9 (the year where everybody thought they were cool) which just makes you feel so old!

I could probably do so much more with this hour before my lesson (but to be honest I have a two hour lesson coming up so why would I do work now?!) as much as I enjoy business, I don't think I could do three solid hours so I thought I would just write here (mainly because it's one of the only websites that works on the school wifi!)

I don't really have much planned for today, I'm at school until half 2 (which seems very long as it is only half 9) and then after that I will do my usual...sit in my bedroom watching TV and drinking endless amounts of black coffee before I sleep.

But Haven is on tonight...and although I have already seen the episode (because I am too impatient and cannot wait a week..God bless America for airing a few days before the UK) I am super excited because as with most TV shows where they get worse as more seasons get added...Haven seems to be doing the opposite and getting so much better! and the end of season 5 episode two!! all I can say is Naudrey!!!


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