Friday, 31 October 2014


I haven't posted in what feels like forever!! (mainly because I have no life so I don't really have anything to post about)

But...1989 came out this week...Monday I think?? I have no concept of days when I'm on a break from school

so I felt I had to post something because I feel like all Taylor gets recently is negative comments...which are so unnecessary (that took like a year for me to spell). 

back to the point yes, 1989 is so flipping amazing! like I kid you not it is all I have listened to since it came out. I have been in love with Taylor Swift since I first heard love story (who didn't though??) and I was so excited for this album and she has literally smashed it!!

I am actually very bad at posting because when I try and string a sentence together I just end up sounding like an over excited fan girl...which I am but that's not the point. but yeah..if for some stupid reason (e.g over someone she dated) you aren't a fan of hers, YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO THIS ALBUM!!! 

I promise you it'll be worth your time because it is absolutely fabulous and she just becomes an even better singer/songwriter the older she gets...and yeah, Taylor Swift is a literal queen!


Monday, 20 October 2014

films are life

so it is the first day of my two week half term (thank you Towers School!) and we have painters in today so I have pretty much locked myself in my room (not much different to any day if I'm honest) which means it's the perfect day for a giant mug of coffee and some films!
I don't know whether I will actually get through all the DVDs today but I am starting from the bottom up, and out of all them I have only ever seen Valentines Day and Bad Teacher so I am looking forward to watching the others!!

also Walking on Sunshine is out on dvd today which I'm so happy about because it was actually amazing! I love a good cheesy singing movie and jeez this was amazing! I loved all the music that was featured and I think the fact that most of the actors in it weren't well known made it better because I guess it seemed more relatable!


Saturday, 18 October 2014

audrey parker

I am telling you now, this post will be full of Haven spoilers...I just finished watching the latest episode (5x6) and it was so amazing that I just have to post about it, so don't say I didn't warn you!!! 

I've spoken about Haven before...and that it is literally the greatest TV show I have ever watched..I only started it in August sometime, and watched all 4 seasons within a week because I was just hooked. Season 5 is now being shown on TV..but the whole one episode a week thing is killing me!!!

I'm going to give you a brief overview of each season as this might help you to understand if you've never seen it before.
Season 1 was all about why Audrey Parker felt connected to Haven.
Season 2 was all about who the hell is Audrey Parker???
Season 3 was all about the way Audrey Parker can help the troubles.
Season 4 was all about finding Audrey, and getting rid of William.
Season 5 is all about getting Audrey back, getting rid of Mara and ending the troubles.

but only 6 episodes of season 5 have aired and my god has it been an emotional roller coaster! Although I have loved every bit of screen time Mara has had because out of all the versions she has been, she is definitely so close behind Audrey as a favourite...I think my favourite thing is how Emily Rose plays her, you just forget that it's the same actress!

like in season 4 Audrey isn't there, in season 4 it was Lexie but Audrey came through quite quickly whereas in season 5 it has been Mara throughout. But there have been the times where Audrey has come through which is what I have been living for because they were my favourite times!

Even though I love Mara I have been itching to get Audrey back..1. because she is my favourite character but also because I need more Naudrey scenes!! 

So by episode 6, Mara wasn't that amazing anymore, she had lost her cutesy side..and was just pure evil! and the fact that in this episode and the previous she had pretending to be Audrey hurt me a bit..but Duke & Nathan's plan to get her back was what I waiting for!

As I watched the episode I was checking to see how long was left, and by the time Nathan and Duke were about to activate the trouble that would get Audrey out of Mara there were like 3 minutes left which got me worried if I'm honest. But then once it had been done and Mara starts laughing it broke my heart because I thought Nathan would never get to see Audrey.

BUT THEN you hear a sound and I swear I was sat in my bedroom going 'OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, ARE YOU SERIOUS?! SHES THERE?!?!' and yes!! Audrey Parker is back!!!! The fact that Mara is still there makes me happy because I get to see Audrey and Mara separately and that's fab!!

after I had watched it I was tweeting and getting all excited and decided to go through the #Haven5 tag just to see what people were saying, and someone was saying about how Audrey would no longer be immune to the troubles as she isn't in Mara's body anymore, which means Nathan won't be able to feel her anymore (my poor shipper heart) but I actually think that's a good thing! because when Nathan & Duke were locked in the room at the freddy, Duke was saying something along the lines of is Nathan only in love with Audrey because she is the only person he can feel...and I think this is a great way to prove that he doesn't just love her because he can feel her. (I think my heart would break if he only loved her for her touch because jeeeez my babies)


Sunday, 12 October 2014

doctor who???

OK I WILL START THIS OFF BY SAYING I ABSOLUTELY LOVE DOCTOR WHO, so I can assure you this is not a post slating it because I feel like it's a rubbish show, because believe me..I don't! It's just a post to write my opinion!

I have been watching Doctor Who since I was 8 (I am 18 now) when it came back in 2005, and since then I have been completely hooked! 

As most people say the first doctor they watch becomes 'their' doctor, which I find quite true, as well as companions, because if I had a chance I would absolutely love to see the 9th doctor and Rose chasing some alien down...because they are the characters/actors that got me hooked onto this show and they without sounding cheesy have a special place in my heart..

over these years I have fallen in love with so many of these characters...all the doctors and most of the companions (I'm not too keen on Martha, like I wouldn't go as far as saying I hate her but she's definitely my least favourite, I'm just not 100% why) 

I think that one of the things that make doctor who such a loveable story is the relationship between the doctor and the companion.

I have loved every doctor/companion relationship there has been up until the 12th doctor and Clara, this has nothing to do with either of them and individually they are so perfect but together I just don't think they match.

Most of the relationships have been good because of Martha, Donna, Amy and Rory have only been with one doctor, so they wouldn't have been through that whole personality change; and even though Rose was with the 9th and 10th doctor and even though it was never fully canon, they had a love relationship which started with the 9th doctor and then the 10th still had those feelings..where as I feel like Clara and the 11th doctor were getting into a love relationship, but because the whole 12th regeneration was such a big one..the 12th doctor doesn't feel that way and it has threatened their relationship.

With them being so destructive it scares me for the future as Jenna Coleman has revealed that she will be leaving which leads me to think that their relationship will most likely deteriorate and I don't think I can handle that because that is what makes doctor who for me...if they don't have some sort of functioning relationship, how can they get stuff done?!

Series 8 has been so much better than I expected..if I'm honest I wasn't too sure that I would like the new doctor as I didn't think I would like to see an older actor as the doctor...but oh my god I am completely in love with Peter Capaldi!! His doctor literally captures everything I love about Eccleston, Tennant and Smith's doctors which is everything I could hope for!

One thing I'm not sure about is this Missy...because I'm pretty sure she called the doctor 'her boyfriend' which confuses me because River??? like I get the timeline scrambley thing...she's either been dead a while or not existing yet...but I just need to have some clarification of who she actually is...AND are we ever going to get the whole story of how Capaldi was already in the whoniverse...because I'm sure it was said it would be revealed???

But other than that...Doctor Who is the most fabulous thing in existence and I'm so glad I have been watching it and I have loved every second of it...and pray that it never ends because everybody needs a bit of it in their life!!


Thursday, 9 October 2014

I love baking!

So today I was off school and what better way to catch up with some missed tv!

My today's number 1 watch was the final of The Great British Bake Off, and I loved every second! (spoilers below if you haven't seen it!)

As I have said in a previous post..I didn't mind who would win because they were all fab and I was so happy for Nancy! I was so convinced that Richard was going to win as he was star baker 5 times!! but they were all so good in the final!

I probably mentioned this before but I am also a very emotional person and I cried a little bit which seems to be the thing I'm best at...crying at tv shows that aren't even that sad!!

After watching it my sister wanted me to make scones because she fancied them...which turn out okay considering I had never baked them...I've literally only baked cakes before...I have some pictures too!

Well that has pretty much been my day so far...but tonight I am going to the cinema with my mum to see What We Did On Our Holiday, which I am super excited about because David Tennant is in it and I absolutely love him!! and it's also by the same people who made Outnumbered which has been one of my favourite shows since it began!



so last night I found myself indulged in Giovanna Fletcher's YouTube videos..

if you don't know who she is, to put it simply..she is married to the man of my dreams (Tom Fletcher from Mcfly/Mcbusted) but obviously she isn't just his wife, she is also an actress and an author!!

which brings me to the point of this post..I was watching one of her videos about becoming an author, and it has inspired me to really dedicate myself to this blog. Even though she was giving tips on writing a book, it helped me..she said to 'just write' and that is what I shall do! 

I am going to aim on posting daily about my day which I can tell you aren't going to be very interesting..or long! So I might add some posts where I do tags which will give you more of an idea about me!

But less of me and back to the other Gi! SHE IS AMAZING! 

I'm not going to lie, but I did only know of her from being a fan of Mcfly..but I can tell you I am so glad she is married to Tom because she has instantly become my favourite person!

Before I watched her videos she just seemed like a really shy but cool person...and after I watched them, I know she is absolutely crazy & I love it! I was sat in my room last night just laughing at her videos because she is honestly so funny! 

Another YouTuber I love is Colleen Ballinger! Like her as Miranda is just fabulous!

I have to admit this when I first starting watching the Colleen and Miranda videos...I had no idea they were the same person!! Which just proves how amazing Colleen is!

I just love watching her videos because she has such an amazing personality which just makes me so happy when I watch her videos and she is one person I would absolutely love to meet!

If you don't know/watch either of these youtubers...please go watch now! I assure you they will both make you so so happy!


Sunday, 5 October 2014

fairytales are fab

so I've just finished the first season of once upon a time, and I feel like I should post something because I loved it!!

for a while now I have been seeing people on the Internet talking about it and it never really crossed my mind to watch it until recently my best friend told me she had started it and I thought why not?

and the whole Snow White/Prince Charming story was amazing, it was honestly just the cutest and seeing them find each other time after time especially when they didn't even know who they actually were, they were still fighting to be together! 

also the backstory of everybody was so good aswell because it really made me feel bad for most of them, even Regina if I'm although she's evil now all she wanted then was to be with the one she loved and I kind of understand why she wanted revenge so much!

So if you're reading this and have never watched it...please do!! I cannot wait to watch the next few seasons!

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