Friday, 31 October 2014


I haven't posted in what feels like forever!! (mainly because I have no life so I don't really have anything to post about)

But...1989 came out this week...Monday I think?? I have no concept of days when I'm on a break from school

so I felt I had to post something because I feel like all Taylor gets recently is negative comments...which are so unnecessary (that took like a year for me to spell). 

back to the point yes, 1989 is so flipping amazing! like I kid you not it is all I have listened to since it came out. I have been in love with Taylor Swift since I first heard love story (who didn't though??) and I was so excited for this album and she has literally smashed it!!

I am actually very bad at posting because when I try and string a sentence together I just end up sounding like an over excited fan girl...which I am but that's not the point. but yeah..if for some stupid reason (e.g over someone she dated) you aren't a fan of hers, YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO THIS ALBUM!!! 

I promise you it'll be worth your time because it is absolutely fabulous and she just becomes an even better singer/songwriter the older she gets...and yeah, Taylor Swift is a literal queen!


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