Saturday, 18 October 2014

audrey parker

I am telling you now, this post will be full of Haven spoilers...I just finished watching the latest episode (5x6) and it was so amazing that I just have to post about it, so don't say I didn't warn you!!! 

I've spoken about Haven before...and that it is literally the greatest TV show I have ever watched..I only started it in August sometime, and watched all 4 seasons within a week because I was just hooked. Season 5 is now being shown on TV..but the whole one episode a week thing is killing me!!!

I'm going to give you a brief overview of each season as this might help you to understand if you've never seen it before.
Season 1 was all about why Audrey Parker felt connected to Haven.
Season 2 was all about who the hell is Audrey Parker???
Season 3 was all about the way Audrey Parker can help the troubles.
Season 4 was all about finding Audrey, and getting rid of William.
Season 5 is all about getting Audrey back, getting rid of Mara and ending the troubles.

but only 6 episodes of season 5 have aired and my god has it been an emotional roller coaster! Although I have loved every bit of screen time Mara has had because out of all the versions she has been, she is definitely so close behind Audrey as a favourite...I think my favourite thing is how Emily Rose plays her, you just forget that it's the same actress!

like in season 4 Audrey isn't there, in season 4 it was Lexie but Audrey came through quite quickly whereas in season 5 it has been Mara throughout. But there have been the times where Audrey has come through which is what I have been living for because they were my favourite times!

Even though I love Mara I have been itching to get Audrey back..1. because she is my favourite character but also because I need more Naudrey scenes!! 

So by episode 6, Mara wasn't that amazing anymore, she had lost her cutesy side..and was just pure evil! and the fact that in this episode and the previous she had pretending to be Audrey hurt me a bit..but Duke & Nathan's plan to get her back was what I waiting for!

As I watched the episode I was checking to see how long was left, and by the time Nathan and Duke were about to activate the trouble that would get Audrey out of Mara there were like 3 minutes left which got me worried if I'm honest. But then once it had been done and Mara starts laughing it broke my heart because I thought Nathan would never get to see Audrey.

BUT THEN you hear a sound and I swear I was sat in my bedroom going 'OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, ARE YOU SERIOUS?! SHES THERE?!?!' and yes!! Audrey Parker is back!!!! The fact that Mara is still there makes me happy because I get to see Audrey and Mara separately and that's fab!!

after I had watched it I was tweeting and getting all excited and decided to go through the #Haven5 tag just to see what people were saying, and someone was saying about how Audrey would no longer be immune to the troubles as she isn't in Mara's body anymore, which means Nathan won't be able to feel her anymore (my poor shipper heart) but I actually think that's a good thing! because when Nathan & Duke were locked in the room at the freddy, Duke was saying something along the lines of is Nathan only in love with Audrey because she is the only person he can feel...and I think this is a great way to prove that he doesn't just love her because he can feel her. (I think my heart would break if he only loved her for her touch because jeeeez my babies)


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