Sunday, 12 October 2014

doctor who???

OK I WILL START THIS OFF BY SAYING I ABSOLUTELY LOVE DOCTOR WHO, so I can assure you this is not a post slating it because I feel like it's a rubbish show, because believe me..I don't! It's just a post to write my opinion!

I have been watching Doctor Who since I was 8 (I am 18 now) when it came back in 2005, and since then I have been completely hooked! 

As most people say the first doctor they watch becomes 'their' doctor, which I find quite true, as well as companions, because if I had a chance I would absolutely love to see the 9th doctor and Rose chasing some alien down...because they are the characters/actors that got me hooked onto this show and they without sounding cheesy have a special place in my heart..

over these years I have fallen in love with so many of these characters...all the doctors and most of the companions (I'm not too keen on Martha, like I wouldn't go as far as saying I hate her but she's definitely my least favourite, I'm just not 100% why) 

I think that one of the things that make doctor who such a loveable story is the relationship between the doctor and the companion.

I have loved every doctor/companion relationship there has been up until the 12th doctor and Clara, this has nothing to do with either of them and individually they are so perfect but together I just don't think they match.

Most of the relationships have been good because of Martha, Donna, Amy and Rory have only been with one doctor, so they wouldn't have been through that whole personality change; and even though Rose was with the 9th and 10th doctor and even though it was never fully canon, they had a love relationship which started with the 9th doctor and then the 10th still had those feelings..where as I feel like Clara and the 11th doctor were getting into a love relationship, but because the whole 12th regeneration was such a big one..the 12th doctor doesn't feel that way and it has threatened their relationship.

With them being so destructive it scares me for the future as Jenna Coleman has revealed that she will be leaving which leads me to think that their relationship will most likely deteriorate and I don't think I can handle that because that is what makes doctor who for me...if they don't have some sort of functioning relationship, how can they get stuff done?!

Series 8 has been so much better than I expected..if I'm honest I wasn't too sure that I would like the new doctor as I didn't think I would like to see an older actor as the doctor...but oh my god I am completely in love with Peter Capaldi!! His doctor literally captures everything I love about Eccleston, Tennant and Smith's doctors which is everything I could hope for!

One thing I'm not sure about is this Missy...because I'm pretty sure she called the doctor 'her boyfriend' which confuses me because River??? like I get the timeline scrambley thing...she's either been dead a while or not existing yet...but I just need to have some clarification of who she actually is...AND are we ever going to get the whole story of how Capaldi was already in the whoniverse...because I'm sure it was said it would be revealed???

But other than that...Doctor Who is the most fabulous thing in existence and I'm so glad I have been watching it and I have loved every second of it...and pray that it never ends because everybody needs a bit of it in their life!!


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