Sunday, 5 October 2014

fairytales are fab

so I've just finished the first season of once upon a time, and I feel like I should post something because I loved it!!

for a while now I have been seeing people on the Internet talking about it and it never really crossed my mind to watch it until recently my best friend told me she had started it and I thought why not?

and the whole Snow White/Prince Charming story was amazing, it was honestly just the cutest and seeing them find each other time after time especially when they didn't even know who they actually were, they were still fighting to be together! 

also the backstory of everybody was so good aswell because it really made me feel bad for most of them, even Regina if I'm although she's evil now all she wanted then was to be with the one she loved and I kind of understand why she wanted revenge so much!

So if you're reading this and have never watched it...please do!! I cannot wait to watch the next few seasons!


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