Monday, 20 October 2014

films are life

so it is the first day of my two week half term (thank you Towers School!) and we have painters in today so I have pretty much locked myself in my room (not much different to any day if I'm honest) which means it's the perfect day for a giant mug of coffee and some films!
I don't know whether I will actually get through all the DVDs today but I am starting from the bottom up, and out of all them I have only ever seen Valentines Day and Bad Teacher so I am looking forward to watching the others!!

also Walking on Sunshine is out on dvd today which I'm so happy about because it was actually amazing! I love a good cheesy singing movie and jeez this was amazing! I loved all the music that was featured and I think the fact that most of the actors in it weren't well known made it better because I guess it seemed more relatable!


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