Thursday, 9 October 2014

I love baking!

So today I was off school and what better way to catch up with some missed tv!

My today's number 1 watch was the final of The Great British Bake Off, and I loved every second! (spoilers below if you haven't seen it!)

As I have said in a previous post..I didn't mind who would win because they were all fab and I was so happy for Nancy! I was so convinced that Richard was going to win as he was star baker 5 times!! but they were all so good in the final!

I probably mentioned this before but I am also a very emotional person and I cried a little bit which seems to be the thing I'm best at...crying at tv shows that aren't even that sad!!

After watching it my sister wanted me to make scones because she fancied them...which turn out okay considering I had never baked them...I've literally only baked cakes before...I have some pictures too!

Well that has pretty much been my day so far...but tonight I am going to the cinema with my mum to see What We Did On Our Holiday, which I am super excited about because David Tennant is in it and I absolutely love him!! and it's also by the same people who made Outnumbered which has been one of my favourite shows since it began!


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