Thursday, 9 October 2014


so last night I found myself indulged in Giovanna Fletcher's YouTube videos..

if you don't know who she is, to put it simply..she is married to the man of my dreams (Tom Fletcher from Mcfly/Mcbusted) but obviously she isn't just his wife, she is also an actress and an author!!

which brings me to the point of this post..I was watching one of her videos about becoming an author, and it has inspired me to really dedicate myself to this blog. Even though she was giving tips on writing a book, it helped me..she said to 'just write' and that is what I shall do! 

I am going to aim on posting daily about my day which I can tell you aren't going to be very interesting..or long! So I might add some posts where I do tags which will give you more of an idea about me!

But less of me and back to the other Gi! SHE IS AMAZING! 

I'm not going to lie, but I did only know of her from being a fan of Mcfly..but I can tell you I am so glad she is married to Tom because she has instantly become my favourite person!

Before I watched her videos she just seemed like a really shy but cool person...and after I watched them, I know she is absolutely crazy & I love it! I was sat in my room last night just laughing at her videos because she is honestly so funny! 

Another YouTuber I love is Colleen Ballinger! Like her as Miranda is just fabulous!

I have to admit this when I first starting watching the Colleen and Miranda videos...I had no idea they were the same person!! Which just proves how amazing Colleen is!

I just love watching her videos because she has such an amazing personality which just makes me so happy when I watch her videos and she is one person I would absolutely love to meet!

If you don't know/watch either of these youtubers...please go watch now! I assure you they will both make you so so happy!


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