Tuesday, 11 November 2014


so yesterday I finished season 1 of pretty little liars...probably the longest it's taken me to watch a season of something, seeing as I originally started when it first came out..back in 2010! But recently started rewatching as I stopped sometime during season 1 the first time I watched it.

If you don't know the plot, it centres around a group of 5 girls, it starts with Alison's body being found, which brings the other 4 back together to try and figure out who killed Alison while they are being sent texts from a mysterious person 'A' who seems to know stuff about them that only Alison knew..

and the one thing I forgot was how much I shipped Ezria...obviously I'm not saying you should all go and start a relationship with your English teacher, just that in this fictional sense, it works. (I have seen some season 4 spoilers..so I know some stuff about Ezra and his actual agenda) and even though I know that stuff I still ship it...because although it started out different to how we think, it started something beautiful and I truly think they are a lovely couple!

I am just completely in love with the story line and the whole A situation...and you would think that you wouldn't be able to stretch the story for so long, but there are so many different stories that are brought up from the past which make it so hard not to watch! 

I highly recommend you start watching this as soon as possible because it's such a great story line, such good actors and will have you hooked!


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