Saturday, 8 November 2014

Friday night

for once on a Friday..I actually left my house!!

normally Friday nights for me consist of not much, just convincing myself I'm going to stay up really late because I don't need to be up early the next day, when in reality I end up sitting in bed thinking 'I'll just stay up to watch Graham Norton' and then fall asleep by 10!

but this week my sister got four tickets to see Catchphrase being filmed at the Maidstone Television Studios, which was so good! I must admit I don't really watch Catchphrase but to be watching a television show being filmed is something I've always loved to do!

Also Catchphrase is hosted by Stephen Mulhern, who I have loved since he was doing silly little shows on CITV, which I'm sure at one point I was probably too old to be watching! and I got to meet him (as below in the picture..I am the one on the right).


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