Tuesday, 25 November 2014

if we burn, you burn with us!

SPOILERS!! I repeat SPOILERS!! If you haven't seen or read Mockingjay yet and would like to keep yourself spoiler free...then go and do it and then come back and read this post!

For once I have actually written a plan for this post instead of writing whatever comes to my mind because I feel like there was so much in the film I loved that should get mentioned...and I bet I still forget something!

So as I said in the first paragraph Mockingjay! I finally saw it last night and I was so pleased with the film, I have only read each of the books once but Mockingjay was definitely my favourite of the three...although it has been a while since I read the book so I can't 100% remember everything but I completely loved the film!

PEETA! seriously Josh Hutcherson I swear you are a crazy good actor...the way he managed to play tortured/hijacked Peeta so well was amazing! Like I know all the weight loss and that was cgi but to make it so convincing it was amazing! I honestly felt so bad for Peeta the whole time because I just knew he was in the process of being hijacked and when he heard Katniss singing the hanging tree and started saying 'Katniss, is that you?' He sort of looked to the side of the camera and I have this feeling that there were peacekeepers there threatening him to carry on talking and I am so glad he got out of the Capitol!!

Another person who I just felt so much pain for was Finnick...it was such a change for his character and I think Sam Claflin was amazing in showing this side of him. In catching fire he had to be the person Snow wanted him to be, but in this you see who he truly is, a hurt boy who has been forced into such horrible things and only wanted one thing and that was Annie....I am telling you I am not ready for part 2 because we all know what happens!

The beginning was one of my favourite parts, where Katniss is repeating what is real to her...because when I read it in the book I just expected her to be staying it normally and for the film to portray her rocking while repeating these things really shows how much she is hurting and what she is going through.

There was a tiny part that really stood out to me for some reason which was when President Snow was doing the broadcast saying that anything to do with the Mockingjay was an act of treason and then the camera goes to Snow's granddaughter who is taking out her braid/plait...like his own granddaughter is scared to wear her hair a certain way because of what he might do to her...it is actually quite scary!

Another favourite part of mine was The Hanging Tree, when I read the book I really couldn't put a tune to the song but when I heard it I just knew it was utterly perfect! The scene was such a memorable one because when it starts off with Katniss singing it you see everybody's facial expressions when they are listening to the lyrics and then cutting to the group of people singing it was so moving! Also when they cut into the broadcast and Peeta heard Katniss' voice, you could just see a second of hope in his eyes and then (as I saw on a tumblr post) when the line 'a dead man called out for his love to flee' and then he warned them about the bombings made everything so emotional because he is in the Capitol being tortured and still would do anything to save her!

Mockingjay made you see a completely different side to Haymitch and Effie because with the other two films they have been hidden behind alcohol and Capitol make-up, and seeing a sober and natural side to both of them shows that they don't need to cover themselves up to make their characters something!

You know how in Catching Fire every single word Johanna said was complete and utter fabulous...in this film she was in it for about five seconds and had no lines but managed to make it so memorable, just her facial expressions make everything!

As I said before Mockingjay was my favourite book out of the three mainly to do with the whole revolution storyline instead of the actual games, so the two major revolution points (without Katniss) in the film were amazing! First of all in district 7 when the peace keepers were marching people into the forest I remember seeing in the trailer them shooting and thought it was a trap until I heard the whistle which made me extremely happy and the whole 'if we burn, you burn with us line' because it shows that people are totally behind Katniss...also with the dam when the people are singing The Hanging Tree and are fighting to get through the peacekeepers just to take it down and were willing to die just makes me so emotional!

The one thing I was looking forward to and I don't know why was when Katniss and and Peeta finally see each other again because when I read it I remember thinking 'he did what???' because it was just so shocking and to actually see that shows the hijacking instead of just trying to imagine what he was like.

I have so many emotions about the next part, I'm excited but I am also dreading it! Obviously I am excited because I finally get to see the next part of the book being put on screen and to have Peeta slowly remember who Katniss is. But I am also dreading it because Finnick and Prim...like they are the most fragile and innocent characters and all they want is to be happy and they are so sweet and they don't deserve what happens!


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