Thursday, 6 November 2014

love, Rosie.

I finally saw love, Rosie.

when the trailer first came out I had no idea of the was only after my best friend told me to read the book (where rainbows end by Cecelia Ahern) which is what the film was based on that I fully fell in love.

I ordered it online so it wasn't until it got to my house I realised that it was actually quite a long book...which I assumed would take me a while to get through, but as soon as a started reading it I was hooked and it took me just under two days to finish it. 

I was completely hooked on the story, the fact that Alex and Rosie had known each other for so long and were obviously perfect for each other but all the obstacles that got in their way made me want to read on because I was constantly thinking 'will they finally admit they're in love yet??'

So once I had finished reading I just couldn't wait to see the film, seeing one of my favourite books made into a film is literally the best, and I thought Lily Collins and Sam Claflin made the perfect Alex and Rosie!

and after waiting months I finally saw it yesterday afternoon and obviously the book was it's kind of a long winded story so it would've been nearly impossible to get the whole story into a film, but I must say I was so happy with the film..if you had seen it without reading the book it would seem absolutely perfect, it captured the 'will they won't they' story so well!

They did miss a few bits from the book like where was Rosie's sister? But they also made the stories fit so well and I really loved the films ending compared to the when I read it obviously it was great but then at the end of the film it clarifies what actually happens between Alex & Rosie!

oh and can I just say Sam Claflin was the most perfect Alex Stewart...he played him so well and literally broke my heart from the start and just proves why he is such a fabulous actor!!


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