Saturday, 13 December 2014

biscuit? sorry they're mine!

I haven't posted in a while, and if anyone reads this regularly..I am so sorry, I just haven't had any ideas of what to write.

But when I do post, I notice that post of my readers are from somewhere other than the UK which is amazing...and I'm wondering do you know of a show called Miranda? Well you will do now!

okay, so it's a sitcom about a character Miranda (created and played by the amazing Miranda Hart) and just follows her life really.

I am fully aware of how badly I have just described it but just please take my advice and just go watch it because I just know you will get attached and fall head over heels in love with the character because she is great!

but sadly this year Miranda Hart has decided to end the show with two specials; one Christmas Day and one New Year's Day....and I'll admit to you now, when I found out I actually cried a little because it's heartbreaking when you find out you're never going to see a new episode of your favourite show!

As much as I am excited about these last two episodes I am also terribly scared because what if she doesn't marry Gary?! Ever since I have been watching this...Miranda and Gary have been my otp, they are absolutely great and then Mike (yes okay he's alright I guess) came along and just kind of ruined things...and the last episode ended with both of them asking Miranda to marry them...and I know it's totally up to Miranda but if she doesn't choose Gary..I will never be able to unsee that which is another thing about a show ending...things become canon.


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