Wednesday, 31 December 2014

bye bye twenty fourteen

so it is 2015, I would've said finally but this year came round way too quick!

My New Year's Eve was slightly different to what I had expected, it started out very well seeing my friends that I hadn't seen in a while, but I spent midnight hanging over the toilet at home throwing up. (sorry for any mental images)

So I thought I should do some sort of post for New Years and as my life revolves around the tv I would do a post that is about my top ten character deaths of 2014...with 1 being the worst in the sense of saddness.

so let's begin: 

10. Groot
I only recently watched guardians of the galaxy and I must admit I never thought the words 'we are groot' could be so upsetting...and I know groot isnt technically dead because he's a little baby twig now but it was just so sad!

9. Peeta Mellark

Okay before you panic he is not actually dead! I have put him on this list because the version of Peeta as we know him is dead, with the whole hijacking, and I thought that this picture I found on the internet shows that really well...and too see him go from that happy smiling boy to the crazed one at the end of mockingjay: part 1 literally breaks my heart!

8. Osgood (doctor who)

why did she have to go??? Osgood was one of my I swear I thought she was about to become the new companion when the doctor was like 'all of time and space' and then poof she was gone! I definitely need to see her again!

7.Charlotte (the 100)

this was a sad one, like she was so cute (apart from killing wells) and I really can't believe she jumped from the cliff...I really wish that her story hadn't ended there..

6. Mara (Haven)
as much as I loved Mara, I think it was probably her time to it wasn't a very sad death but I will miss her sarcastic comments and I did start to ship her with Duke...they made a rather good match if I say so myself.

5. Neal Cassidy (once upon a time)
as much as I love Hook and Emma, I was so in love with Emma and Neal and just sobbed so much when he from the moment he was onscreen he was just amazing and I do definitely miss him!

4. Jennifer Mason (Haven)
I know technically Jennifer died in 2013...but it wasn't officially said until 2014 so that is why she is on my list...and I'll tell you it was one of the saddest character deaths ever because she was such a bright happy person from the start to the end!

3. Danny Pink (doctor who)
this was a weird death because it kind of lasted a while and it was also because I never actually liked his character until he was dead. But the thing which made it sadder was that he was in the nethersphere and then when he was a cyberman and managed to overcome the control because of his love for Clara which just made me sob...and seeing him in the Christmas special in Clara's dream state was just heartbreaking!

2. Finn Collins (the 100)
this was the most shocking and saddest thing ever. one day I was just scrolling through tumblr when I see this post which had the words 'may we meet again' with a gifset of his death and I just couldn't believe it..he is one of my favourite characters and a main..and I just couldn't believe that they would kill off a main character, I sobbed so much but I fully understand why Clarke stabbed him and I think it was actually the cutest way for him to go.

1. Casey Braxton (home and away)

and the saddest character death of the year goes to Casey Braxton! The main reason I choose this as the top is for the pure reason I cried for 20 minutes straight and for like 5 episodes after especially the funeral..I was an emotional mess! But Lincoln Younes deserves an award because he was amazing at playing dead and also the moments just before! hopefully the gif will actually play because I thought they would be a good representation of how heart wrenching this was because he was such an amazing character and so happy and he died being such an amazing person trying to save his brother.


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