Wednesday, 17 December 2014


Wednesday can be the best or the worst day of the week...primarily because it is the middle day (of a 5 day week).

For me, it is kind of in the it's just another day...wake up, go to school, go home...and sleep.

that pretty much sums up most of my days I do add work in there occasionally which is mainly the reason I can never find anything to post unless it is uless rambling because I don't ever do anything!

but it's Christmas next week...something I should be excited about but I just cannot get into any Christmas mood (which is weird for me as I'm normally the one that is trying to work out what presents I've got).

I have also just decided (for like the 4th time...very bad at deciding) that I do want to go to university once I've finished sixth form so I'm in mid application...and finding it terribly hard to write a personal statement...I just hate having to write good things about myself!

So that is what I have to do when I get home...right now I am sat on a bus listening to Taylor Swift writing this because I really should keep my blog updated (then maybe more people would actually read) and I actually do enjoy writing it!

and I guess that is goodbye until the next time I find something to ramble on about!


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