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only two can keep a secret if one of them is dead

so after 3 years I finally started re-watching Pretty Little Liars..and let's just say I'm obsessed!!!
I am fully in love with the whole story, (I haven't actually read the books yet, but definitely planning too) but I have read The Lying Game series which was also written by Sara Shepard, and they were a million times better than the TV show, so I am refraining from reading the PLL books so I don't ruin the show for myself as I am absolutely loving it so far! So I am going to give you a slight overview/review of the show and basically share my opinions and theories. Enjoy!

Season 1
'death brings you closer' that is the message I get when I first watched the show as the girls are all distant from each other until 'Alison's body' is found which pulls them together again

Aria- The main thing going on in the first season was her whole relationship with Ezra Fitz (her extremely gorgeous English teacher), yeah her parents were going through stuff that she was kind of in the middle of, but the way Ian and Lucy portrayed this relationship of something you want so bad but you can't have made this quite interesting as I don't think I've seen/heard of a show that has a similar story (please enlighten me if you have).

Hanna- Within this season Hanna's story shows you can never be or feel perfect, as she may be the 'it girl' of the school but she shop lifts to make herself feel better as she can no longer binge eat..which was quite a good thing to show because the age of the audience would be very hit by this particular story!

Emily- I adore Emily's story of her coming out because they didn't beat around the bush with it and it was shown so well which could be a very big influence to some people

Spencer- Spencer's story shows how overpowering a high achieving family can be, and that is what makes you care for her because you can understand how hard is it to be the child that has to live in her sisters footsteps as they show this very realistically!

Season 2
Aria- This was a big season for Ezria, but Jackie ruined it, ever since the scene where she saw them kiss I knew it would go downhill and also I loved the scenes where they told her parents because the reaction they had was exactly the reaction you would expect them to have and that brought more of a sense of not everybody in the show thinks that their relationship was right.

Hanna- I felt bad for Hanna with her dad and Isabelle's wedding especially when Kate got her drunk because she never purposely tried being mean but it turned out bad for her, also when she deleted the files from Caleb's laptop it showed that she was more than just a ditsy it girl.

Emily- When Emily faked the scholarship letter I felt her character came out of her shell a little...and I am so glad that A posted it because it was good to see her have to deal with that.

Spencer- This is when I started feeling really bad for Spencer, when nobody would believe Ian was a creep..but her and Toby were just super cute which makes up for all the bad things she has to deal with.

Season 3
Spencer- This was the saddest season for Spencer in my eyes, first of all being when she found out Toby was that practically ripped my heart out...but also when she lost it in the woods and got sent to Radley, to see that complete different side of her was amazing and just showed how much of an amazing actress Troian is!

Hanna- Hanna and Mona have the cutest relationship (apart from Mona being A) but even with that how Hanna kept visiting her and also when Mona helped Hanna by giving her clues about Maya by using their secret code...which I thought was a big thing in season 3 to see how much their friendship meant to them.

Aria- Finding out more about Aria this season was quite fab, also how she dealt with the fact that Ezra had a son, by her not running out at first but actually trying to make it work was great!

Emily- This was quite a big season for Emily, finding herself at Alison's empty grave showed that it wouldn't get any easier for her, also how she was spending so much time with Maya's killer and then her killing him showed how she had grown as a character by seeing how she had reacted to what she had done.

Season 4
With detective Wilden killed it put a twist on the whole Ali case, how can they find a dead girls killer when the detective is dead? and with Mona confessing to the crime so that Hanna's mum wouldn't get charged shows how good of a friend she was!

The biggest shocker of this season was not that Ali is alive, but the fact Ezra is A, and that he was writing a book about Ali and how he knew her. Also finding out him and Aria meeting was not a coincidence as they are practically perfect for each other and the fact he was using her at first breaks my heart! But I must say Lucy's acting in that ski lift scene was absolutely fantastic!

Season 5
Seeing Aria deal with the fact that she had killed Shana was great because it wasn't just shrugged off as 'oh I killed her' you actually got to see her full of emotions!

I liked seeing Hanna change because she seemed to only be that girly girl because she took over Ali, but now she was back she could be who she wanted to be! Another thing was Ezria finally got back I am so glad Ezra isn't creepy anymore!

One of the saddest things this season so far is that Mona is dead! I absolutely loved her and I can't believe she has gone, but I am so glad that Ali has been arrested (I think it was either her or CeCe that killed Mona) but I really hope her body is found soon!

Ever since that first scene in the bar I have shipped them. 
It's not the conventional relationship that should be obsessed over (as I'm sure it is probably illegal in so many ways) but in fiction it works...I know in the books they don't stay together (which I'm looking forward to reading about but Ian and Lucy make the relationship so great!)

Even with all these messed up things that come to light about Ezra, I still think this is one of the greatest parts of the show (I know I shouldn't focus too much on the couples) but through everything they seem to sort things out..and I just hope it stays like that and nothing else bad happens to them!

I really really shouldn't hate her..but I do! Before it was revealed she was alive, she seemed like a terrible person from the flashbacks and I was glad she was dead..but now she's back she's even more horrid!

When she came back to each of the girls when she was meant to be dead she actually seemed quite caring...which was quite an act because she changed as soon as she was back to Rosewood.

I feel like she is playing Emily, knowing her feelings for her and just stringing her along because she loves the attention!

She also didn't really seem to care that she made everyone think she was dead, as after Ravenswood when all the girls saw her she was like 'did you miss me?' Like it had been a few weeks she had been away not that she had been pretending to be dead for the last two years!

I love her! She is seemingly the most evil (just under Ali) but she is just so loveable, from the moment she first appeared until the end - her last words being 'mom?' and that look of pure panic in her face when her killer walked through the door will haunt me forever!

She was such a loveable character because she was 'loser Mona' and all she ever wanted was to be noticed and have a friend, which she was obviously desperate to keep her friend, Hanna, by becoming A, because she thought it would help.

I also love that she wasn't evil all the way up until she died and that she decided to help the girls. Instead of dying as the girl that tortured them but the girl they forgave because she was actually a really decent person under all her problems.

I fell in love with Ezra ever since I first saw him, he is such a great character..he's cute, funny and even when he went through his creepy stage he was still great! 

But is he still A??? It was never said that he stopped..he was close to Shana coming up on the roof in New he could've got shot just to earn the girls trust back (major Ezria shipper..but it kind of makes some sense in a crazy way).

Why was he following the girls in Ravenswood in the creepy costume?? If he was only 'writing about Ali' why would he need to see her? Writing about who killed her...I get that, but if he knew she was alive and he wanted to know who the ring leader of A (stole game off Mona) was, what would finding Ali help? Unless he was stil working for them and wanted to kill Ali?

A theory
I think Alison is A!! She never died so she was able to send texts/emails all that time, also she could get to Rosewood when the girls were hurt so she could easily get there to mess with them.

Wasn't she red coat? (She said that she asked CeCe to wear it in Ravenswood) which implies that she was the original?

She could've hired Mona? I think it was mentioned that 'they had something on each other' which could've been that she was orchestrating the whole thing..which could possibly be why Mona was killed..she said Ali was A and the next thing you know she's dead.

But if Ali isn't A, it is definitely a well known character, A was responsible for many deaths (Ian, Garrett, Mona, Jessica, Wilden) it has got to be connected somehow..but it makes it a million times harder as everybody is connected.

At this moment in time I have a very strong feeling it is Ali, A may have set people up before but this is seems like a solid one, also she got that Cyrus to confess to make her story look believable (something the girls thought A had done) which is another reason I think Alison is A!

I hope you enjoyed that ramble..


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