Tuesday, 27 January 2015

theories on top of theories

with the season 5 finale of Pretty Little Liars around the corner, I think the question on everyone's minds is who is A? well it's been on our minds for about 5 years really..but this finale is said to be the biggest A reveal/the most shocking episode yet, and my main suspects are Ezra, Caleb, Jason, Lucas, Toby and Wren.

I think that A is a man because 'A' is meant to be shocking and that would be shocking to me. A grown man stalking four teenage girls?? that's shocking enough on its own but when they are a known person it makes it even worse! A obviously wants revenge for something and that to me makes me think it's a man because girls seem to want revenge about anything really but A is obviously doing these crazy things for major revenge and the most shocking scenario to me would be if A was a man, stalking the girls for ages..watching their every move..also at the end of 5x24 when A was playing with the van with the little liar dolls in...the hand definitely looked too big to be a women's! 

As the season 5 finale is only a few days away, I thought that I would stop theorising and stick with my suspects that I have said previously because obviously there is something big going to be revealed and I want to be shocked! 

Compared to some people I've seen online I honestly don't mind if big A doesn't actually get revealed in this episode....I just love the mystery of it all because it's apparently a character we all know and they are doing such a great job of hiding it, but I am definitely looking forward to finding out the whole reason they are doing this.

Apparently there is something that happened 'that night' that is a major factor in why A started this...which I think is the only thing that is stopping us from guessing who A is...but if A was there 'that night' it lowers my suspicions because as far as we know Caleb and Lucas weren't there...so it makes it a little easier to work out...that's if we have gotten the full truth about that night in past episodes!

I am super excited for the season 5 finale and then season 6...I just absolutely love everybody involved in Pretty Little Liars and it has been such a fab thing to become obsessed with!

So that's a bye from me right now...but I shall be back with a post after 5x25 has aired....either freaking out over who A is it using this last episode as clues to who it is and give you my final suspicion and all over fan girling really..


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