Thursday, 5 February 2015

Pretty Little Liars Tag

1: What is your favorite season of Pretty Little Liars?
um I think it would probably be season one, as you're just getting to know the characters and the storylines which is always my favourite part.

2: What is your favorite episode of Season 1?
My favourite season one episode would be 'there's no place like homecoming' I think it was a fab episode and also the little Ezria moment in the corridor was the best! 

3: What is your favorite episode of Season 2?
My favourite episode would be 'through many dangers, toils and snares' this primarily being because of the little fight Emily and Spencer have and the fact Aria and Ezra finally tell her parents...which I must say I love their reactions! (because obviously Ezria is a relationship that shouldn't be condoned but I love it, and it's nice to see that not everybody does) 

4: What is your favorite episode of Season 3?
Oh it defo has to be 'this is a dark ride' like the Halloween episodes are always the best..and this had Adam lambert!! And just so much going on at once, I loved it! 

5: What is your favorite episode of Season 4?
it's got to be 'now you see me, now you don't' because of Ezra!!! like I love him, always have...and I watched it way after it was revealed but then actually watching it was crazy! Just finding out someone who seems so perfect could be so sketchy just ugh

6: What is your favorite overall episode?
either season 4 ep 12 or the season 4's all resting on Ezra (can you tell I have a thing for him?)

7: Who is your favorite liar?
Wow, I can't tell you my favourite..but my least favourite is defo Emily. Like I just don't think she has the greatest story and I'm just more interested in Aria, Hanna and Spencer.

8: Who is your favorite male character?
Ezra Fitz. (Can you blame me?!)

9: Who is your favorite female character?
Mona, I love Mona! 

10: Who is your favorite villain?
well it guess it has to be Mona...she is just fabulous and even though she is evil she just makes up for it with everything else.

11: Who are your favorite parent(s)?
I don't like any of the dads, but I do like Ella and Ashley

12: What is your favorite couple?
Ezra and Aria

13: Emily and Maya, Emily and Paige, or Emily and Samara?
Emily and Samara..

14: Favorite outfit?
I don't know why but I just love this outfit!

15: What is your favorite A text?
It has to be the 'I'm still here bitches and I know everything' because it was the start to the ultimate guessing game!

16: What is your favorite Alison flashback?
the one where Mona is helping her get away because you can just see how weak and vulnerable she is...which is just so unlike her!

17: What is your favorite -A scene?
Does the one where Mona reveals herself to Spencer count??? because I loved that, just as Spencer was slowly figuring it out she popped back all dressed in her A gear!

18: What is your favorite shocker moment?
Ezra at the end of season 4 ep 12?? Maya's dead?? MONA'S DEAD??? Ali isn't dead?? 

19: Favorite -A theory?
I have read so many that I literally cannot choose one because in some way they are all starting to make sense. A few people that I've read that could be A and that I think that it could possibly be are: Aria, Wren, Hanna, Ezra(please Ezra I don't believe you needed all that spy equipment to write a book), Maya(I know she's meant to be dead but I never saw a body), Toby and Caleb.

20: Favorite scene?
the one where Ezra is leaving Rosewood high and then Aria decides to wait and find him but his not in his classroom so she runs to the car park and they have the cutest kiss (like I love them but if I was kissing a teacher in the car park somebody would've noticed!) 

21: Who is your ultimate favourite character?
Ezra?? Aria?? Caleb??

22: Ultimate PLL moment?
it sounds stupid but when I finally think A has been figured out and you think you know everything and then something else happens...because although you want to know there is so much more you just have to know!

23: Favorite PLL line/quote/speech?
'B26, it's a number, it's a song, it's a girl'

24: If you could be one character, who would it be?

25: Favorite Brotp?
Spencer and Caleb...when they were looking for the barrel it just showed me what I didn't know I needed...I just love them.

26: Least favorite ship?
Emily and Alison...I'm sorry to all the Emison shippers, but I just think Ali strung her along and it was quite a bitchy thing to do.

27: If only one ship could be endgame, which would you want it to be?
Ezria...I cannot deal with any more break ups with them! 

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