Wednesday, 1 April 2015

a (few) day(s) in the life of me

I have officially finished sixth form..which means my life now pretty much revolves around Netflix...and the occasional shift at work!!

After pretty much 7 years at the same school...I am beyond thrilled to have left! By the time it got to my last few weeks I was just so tired of having to go there with all those I just don't understand how they are so loud??

The only problem is I still find myself waking up at matter how late I stay up! I guess a good thing about having more time to do nothing is I can try and update this more (that's if I can actually think of anything to write).

so what's happened to me since I last posted?? Well it was the season 5 finale of pretty little liars which was beyond amazing! But I won't go into too much detail as that can be a separate post!

I've started (well already on season 5) watching House M.D on Netflix and I surprisingly love it! I'm not one for hospital shows..mainly because I squirm at the sight of blood..which means I spend a lot of my time watching with my eyes closed, but I'm starting to handle actually watching some surgery scenes!

Since watching this show I have completely become a Chameron shipper! At the beginning I thought there could be something between House and Cameron but since Chase and Cameron started up I just fell for them! And then the whole 'it's Tuesday' was the cutest thing...and the way Cameron used the line in the season 3 finale was just amazing...I'm just super sad that they barely have any scenes in the fourth season...their relationship was built up and then it has just fallen because there are barely any scenes between them!

Another thing to do with Jennifer Morrison is...Netflix has put up once upon a time, and is updating it weekly! It's honestly the best news I've received in a while..if you haven't watched it then oh my god you need to start! As I've said in a post before I said that I love fairytales and this show just pulls the fairytale and reality together so well. Also Colin O'Donoghue makes the best Captain Hook!! (a character who has alway scared me must I add)

Another thing that happened this week was I went to see Mcbusted at the O2! As an 18 year old British girl..Mcfly and Busted (primarily Mcfly) were the highlight of my childhood, so having them perform as a supergroup is just amazing. Here's some photos from the night:
I had to stop taking photos before the end of the night because I didn't want my phone's battery to die...
That's all from me so far...I'll try and post soon!


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