Wednesday, 29 April 2015

childhood shows

as you know...I love TV! Always have always I thought I'd make a post about my favourite childhood TV shows. (They're in no particular order because that would've taken me way too long to decide!)

so first is
1. The Story Of Tracy Beaker
For those of you who don't know this show, it is based on a book by Jaqueline Wilson, and focuses on the life of a young girl called Tracy Beaker and what her life is like in a children's home.
I have been watching this show for as long as I can remember and I think it is a great show for young people to watch as it shows that the world isn't perfect and children do end up in these homes (although they are probably not as nice as they are shown in the show). I am so glad I was able to watch this because it was such a great show and the spin offs were great aswell!

2. The Sleepover Club
I have briefly mentioned The Sleepover Club in a previous post, this show is about 5 best friends who together make up 'the sleepover club' and they take turns with each person hosting a sleepover each weekend. I haven't watched this in forever, but it was the start of my obsession with Australian shows...I don't know what it is about them but I really enjoy them!

3. Zoey 101
Who didn't love this show?! It was all about Zoey, who goes to a boarding school called Pacific Coast Academy (everybody's dream school may I add) and basically her everyday life there. 
This was probably the best show that Nickelodeon has made, the characters, the storylines and the locations were just amazing! Everybody who watched it definitely grew up wishing they could go to PCA (I know I did!)

4. H20: Just Add Water
Well..just by looking at the picture you can probably guess what this is about..but to be specific it's about 3 girls who after being in a hidden moon pool on a mysterious island, at the same time there was a full moon overhead, wake up with mermaid tails that appear when they touch water and have powers that control water. I have also mentioned in a previous post that I love fairytales..and I guess you could count mermaids as that which makes this one of my favourites! 

5. Hannah Montana
This is all about Miley Stewart living a double life as pop sensation Hannah Montana...and how nobody realised is beyond me. I remember when I first saw an advert for this and thought it would be rubbish when in reality I became hooked and to this day Miley Cyrus is my all time favourite (she does no wrong in my eyes...people seriously need to realise she's grown up and is no longer Hannah Montana..who in fact is fictional!!). 

6. Wizards of Waverly Place
One of my all time favourite Disney Channel shows is Wizards of Waverly Place which is about a family of Wizards! It was just so original and is where I became a fan of Selens Gomez because she played Alex so well, also Alex and Harper were everyone's best friend goals...even towards the end it proved how well it could be!

7. The Suite Life of Zack & Cody
This was pretty much the highlight of my childhood and just made me wish I could live in a hotel!! All the main characters were just so fab and individual which made it such an easy show to watch and enjoy. I also loved Suite Life on Deck as you got to see the characters when they were a little older, and the ending when London was saying how much she would miss Mr Moseby was just the saddest thing!

8. Blue Water High
This is just another example of an amazing Australian show! This was all about the lives of a group of young surfers at a surfing academy. This show just makes me want to try surfing (I also need to improve my swimming skills before trying to surf) as they make it look so easy..which I know it's not! It is also just so entertaining, and mostly shot on beaches which is a great thing to watch!

9. Dance Academy
The last of my favourite Australian shows, which focuses on the main character Tara at the National Academy of Dance...she does mainly ballet, I loved watching that as it was pretty interesting. This show touched on quite tough subjects but showed them in such a great way, these storylines include eating disorders and a sudden death..(sammy's death was the worst thing ever)

10. Wolfblood
Although this is a list of my favourite childhood shows...this came out in 2012 and I still watch it, but I added it onto the list as its shown on CBBC and I guess you could count it as a children's show, and I just love it! It's all about 'wolfbloods' not really werewolves but they do turn into wolves on a full moon. I just love fairytales/mythical creatures so this is why this is one of my favourites!


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