Monday, 20 April 2015

TV life over personal life..

hello there

I honestly don't have much to post about...I am really just posting this because I know that one person is waiting for me to post something...and that person is my mum!

She recently found my blog and has become obsessively interested in it, and keeps asking me to post something else, so hello mum!

Nothing interesting has happened in my personal life...but in my TV life, well that's another story!

First lets talk about House, as that is what I'm (kind of) binge watching at the moment...the reason I have added kind of in that sentence is because I am finding it extremely hard to watch now that Chase and Cameron have broken up! The last episode I watched was when Chase signed the divorce papers..which also happened to be Jennifer Morrison's last episode before the finale..but once I do finish the whole thing I shall definitely be doing a big post about it!

Another show I am obsessed with at the moment is 12 Monkeys (have you heard of it??) I doubt a lot of people know about it as I found it on syfy (also the channel I found Haven) which I think is a pretty underrated channel but they show some amazing things! To put it simple it is about Cole a man from 2043 travelling back in time to stop a virus that kills like the majority of the world (before it actually kills them). Which I totally think you should watch...

oh and another thing...I haven't actually watched it yet (it can be a job for tomorrow) but Atlantis is back!! I didn't even realise until yesterday, so I have two episodes to catch up on but I am so excited because Ariadne finally admitted her feelings for Jason!

any other once upon a time fans??? because wow Marian was Zelena the entire time??? like that honestly shocked me so much! I so wanted Regina and Robin together, but it was Zelena just ruining everything!!!! And Lily (Emma's friend from when she was young) is Maleficents daughter! I just knew she would special to the story somehow!!!

oh one last thing it isn't actually a show but a film. I went to see The Duff last week, which was just so so you know when you watch a trailer and it looks so good you think it can't get better? This film got so much better!! So much comedy and so much romance, just the perfect film really! 

well that's good bye for now!


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