Monday, 18 May 2015

update on me

hey...let's have an update on me (for somebody who spends the majority of her time doing nothing...I have actually been pretty busy the last few days!)

so first things first...I came across the New Zealand Youtuber/Facebook Videoer(is that what she is? is Videoer even a word?!) Caito Potatoe...and let me tell you I am obsessed!! 

She mostly posts video's of things she is angry about and they are just so entertaining..I'm making her sound terrible with my description but seriously go check her Facebook out! She is also a fellow Coca Cola addict (something my mum moans at me for drinking so much) so it's nice to know there is some else out there addicted!! Yes so go check her Facebook out!!!

Next thing I saw Pitch Perfect 2!!!! Ever since the first movie came out I was absolutely in love! I just love a movie that has singing to it (mainly because 99% of my life is spent with me listening to music and badly singing along to it!) The soundtracks to both of the films are great and I honestly think the second one might be better! (Like I tear up every time I listen to the Bellas world championship song!)

Normally sequels can be terrible...I must admit High School Musical 2 was the worst!....but oh my god this was so so good! Hailee Steinfeld is becoming one of my favourite actresses so she just made the film for me (also her characters mum reminds me of my mum so much!!!) 

The day after I went to the Elvis exhibition being held at the O2 Arena! I went with my mum and my aunt as I had bought the tickets for their birthday presents and it was just so good!

I truly believe I have influenced my mum to bring out her inner fangirl, because we went into the room where most of the artefacts were and as soon as she caught a glimpse of the car from Blue Hawaii (her favourite Elvis Film) I swear to god she almost wet herself!!

While we were there, we saw a quote that was on the wall which honestly just related to me so much! "I always felt that someday, somehow, something would happen to change everything for me, and I'd daydream about how it would be"

I feel like it relates to me because I really do believe that there is something more for me than living in a small town, working a normal job...I just feel like I'm more than that (I promise I don't mean to sound that conceited!

Update in my TV life now...

After my 5am rant about how Fox made the most god awful decision to cancel The Mindy Project...and then like the worst wait ever to see if it could be saved, I am so beyond thrilled to say that Hulu has saved it!!! But there is a problem...Hulu is only available in America??? so being from The UK..I need to know, will it still be airing here? you still have it?! 

Final thing I have finished the first season of 12 Monkeys and wow it was just great! I don't know what it is about Syfy but they have the greatest shows that just seem to be very under advertised...first Haven, and now 12 Monkeys. I found both of them on the on demand section of my TV and I am so glad I started watching them because the amount of emotions they have put me through..I just love them! Now I just cannot wait to see season 2 of 12 Monkeys!!


Tuesday, 12 May 2015

can you tell I like a comedy?

so...I thought I should update this, and this post is my top ten favourite TV characters of all time, obviously I have many more..but these are the first that came to mind!

1. Phoebe Buffay
Phoebe Buffay was played by Lisa Kudrow in Friends. 
I just absolutely love Phoebe! She is definitely my favourite character from Friends! She also reminds me so much of myself being a vegetarian and she is absolutely crazy!

2. Mindy Lahiri
Mindy Lahiri is played by Mindy Kaling on The Mindy Project. 
Mindy is just my absolute favourite...she is just everything I want to be! Funny, living in NYC..have a great job. I just adore everything about her!

3. Joey Tribbiani
Joey Tribbiani was played by Matt LeBlanc in Friends.
Joey is just everything I want from a friend really! He is just the one of the funniest characters...just his 'dumbness' like seriously when he was speaking French it was the best thing ever!

4. Morgan Tookers
Morgan Tookers is played by Ike Barinholtz on The Mindy Project.
Morgan is just so so funny and can be so cute at times! He's love for Mindy is definitely something everybody loves! The most memorable moment was the picture I used, just the phrase really made is amazing!

5. Nick Miller
Nick Miller is played by Jake Johnson on New Girl.
Who doesn't love Nick Miller? He is the ultimate (without sounding rude) cheap skate...just certain things he does, like duct taping his shoe together, just makes him so memorable! But he is just such a loving person, and the bestest friend!

6. Rose Tyler
Rose Tyler was played by Billie Piper on Doctor Who.
From when I started watching Doctor Who in 2005, Rose became my ultimate favourite companion (probably because she was my first) and I just really miss her! The best quote was from the picture I used (not mine but thank you to whoever made it!)

7. Jess Day
Jess Day is played by Zooey Deschanel on New Girl.
Jess is just so relatable! The picture I used just proves it...everybody just want to sit and listen to Taylor Swift alone! She is the whole reason New Girl is so fab, just the whole character is fab!

8. Dwight Schrute
Dwight Schrute was played by Rainn Wilson on The US Office.
Dwight was a character that really didn't think you would love but by the end of the show you just wanted him to have everything and be happy! He caused me to giggle so much I just loved his character!

9. Ezra Fitz
Ezra Fitz is played by Ian Harding on Pretty Little Liars.
If every teacher was like Mr Fitz then I'm pretty sure every student would be in school! But Ezra is definitely one of my favourite PLL characters, and this quote I chose, you just know he was talking about giving up his life as a teacher to be with Aria....or is it giving up his life to become A? we just don't know!

10. Schmidt
Schmidt is played by Max Greenfield on New Girl.
Schmidt is just such a unique character that has changed so much for the better since the pilot! The picture I used is such a good example of one of the reasons I love him, this was one of the first things he said to CeCe when they first met....and now they have just gotten engaged! (sorry if you didn't know that!)


Thursday, 7 May 2015

the most shocking thing

ok, with every year comes the time where most TV shows end up getting canceled (surprisingly a lot of what I watch) and normally I can deal with that...because although I find them amazing, the first season was good but there probably isn't alot more they can add to the story, or there has been so many storylines that it is time for the show to come to an end.

But I have just woken up to the most shocking news ever...I honestly didn't think this would happen anytime soon but The Mindy Project has be canceled! For people who know me they know it is my absolute favourite thing in the world...ever since I first watched it I fell in love with the show and of course Mindy Kaling who is the greatest person on the earth (sorry mum!)

Right now I am just fueling with emotions...mostly anger! So I thought I would write something (as it should calm me down and I get another blogpost!)

The Mindy Project has just finished its third season (plenty of storylines to finish) and it definitely didn't leave on a good note...cliffhanger, which I'll never know the rest of. 

Since the very first episode I have been wanting Danny & Mindy to get together...which happened mid way in season 2, but didn't happen officially until the season 2 finale. But then season 3 happen and it was so good because Danny & Mindy are having a baby! Which would've been so good to see...and season 3 ended on such a cliffhanger, with Danny going to India to see Mindy's parents...I NEED TO KNOW HOW THAT ENDS!!

So really all I'm trying to say is that I think Fox have made the worst decision off all time...The Mindy Project has so much more potential as a show...and so many fans that cannot leave the story on that cliffhanger!!!


Monday, 4 May 2015

'It's a basic truth of the human condition that everybody lies. Theonly variable is about what'

who thought a show about an extraordinary doctor with an addiction to pain medication would leave me feeling so many emotions?!

so if you didn't get it from the beginning...this post is all about House MD! I have not long finished watching it and I am honestly surprised by how much I fell in love with it! When I first started to watch I really didn't think I would like it this much as I'm not really a lover of medical stuff (too squeamish!) but by the end of it I was completely obsessed!!

If you haven't watched House and you don't want to be spoiled, then I suggest not reading the next part...

Okay so a major theme throughout the show is 'everybody lies' and it is portrayed in most of the episodes, and I am going to tell you about one of these moments that is easily my favourite because it was just so so shocking, and such a big plot twist! 

The episode I am going to be talking about is Season 7, Episode 17, Fall From Grace. 

After two boys accidentally set a homeless man on fire, he gets sent to the hospital. After some tests they find out that he was on heroin, they then scan his abdomen and find some masses...which turn out to be pieces of bone. His explanation to the bone being there was that he has a chef friend that makes him eat weird food, including bone, so that he can get real food. House finally figured out that the vegetarian meals at the hospital were the cause of all his problems and that he has to be on a special diet. The episode ends with the FBI in the mans room, after he has left without checking out, as his DNA set off alarm bells because he is a serial killer who has killed 13 people and then eats his victims!! (Which you then realise is where the bone fragments came from)

That was probably the most shocking ending and became one of my favourite episodes...because from all the scenes beforehand you wouldn't have guessed what he was really like!

It was hard to find a photo that had all the cast members that I want to write about in the next bit, but I found this one which is probably as close as I'll get!

Gregory House- at first you really do think he is just a conceited idiot, but after 8 seasons you just fall in love with his narcissistic ways. For such a serious drama show, I found myself constantly laughing at so many things that he they're always in the exact wrong moments!

Robert Chase- He is Australian so I just knew I would fall in love with him...I didn't realise how much tho! Chase easily became my favourite person! Just certain things he does that aren't the centre of the shot are my favourite! 

Allison Cameron- Well I originally started watching House because Jennifer Morrison is playing Cameron and I just love her! So for the first few season I absolutely adored her! But I feel like after season 4..she just wasn't the same, I'm not sure why but she just seemed completely different. One thing that annoyed me about her was when Chase 'killed' the dictator (something that she actually incinuated doing) she went completely crazy and divorced him??? 

Remy Hadley (Thirteen)- I didn't think I would actually like her as much I did when she first appeared in the show, but as the seasons went on she just became the best! Also her friendship with House was such a good part of the show! 

Amber Volakis- I must admit I definitely didn't like Amber when she first appeared in the show. Like even though she was trying everything to make sure she would actually get the job I just didn't enjoy it, but I think she was actually a good character to that part of the story!

But I am telling you I have not been more shocked or upset at anything compared to Amber's death storyline! When it was revealed she was on the bus..I just shouted at the TV, it was like she was the least likely to be on a bus with House! Then her final scene when she dies was just so sad, I think I would count the fact she is a doctor that made it sadder because when she woke up and saw she was hooked onto that machine, she just knew she would die...and having to watch Wilson turn it off just had me sobbing!!

Lawrence Kutner- Another character that wasn't my favourite when they first started out, but by the end I just couldn't believe he was gone! His death was probably the worst situation with Foreman and Thirteen being the people to find him..I just wish he could've been in more episodes!

James Wilson- Wilson had definitely been one of my favourites! The fact he put up with House's idiotic behaviour for years is truly amazing! He was most likely the nicest character in the show and he really deserved a better ending than he actually got! Having to watch him go through the chemo was beyond heartbreaking! But the little slideshow that House made that was shown at the end of the episode made it way more lighthearted!

So now I'll go onto talking about the relationships of some of the characters whether that be romantic or just platonic. 

Chase & Cameron- From the moment they began I just fell in love! At the beginning they were just so everybody could see they were perfect for each other, and it just took them so so long!!  Once the 'it's Tuesday the day I tell you I want to be with you' started I was just praying that Cameron would finally get it!! Then at the end of season 3 where she finally said it I was just so so happy...which really didn't last for long because they were barely in season 4, and once they became regulars just all went down hill and they ended up divorcing, and that is when my heart broke!!

House & Cuddy- This was the one thing that really didn't make much sense but something that I seemed to want so much!! When it finally happened I was beyond happy...mainly because House was happy, BUT worst thing ever; it was all a hallucination! Having to watch Cuddy with Lucas was just heartbreaking, I was literally just waiting for House & Cuddy to get together! Once they finally did it was so good for the time it lasted...and it probably did have the funniest/shocking ending to any relationship...House driving his car into her house!!

House & Thirteen- This is all about their friendship because they were so good together!! She was like the only one of the fellows that could actually challenge him and him to be shocked or amazed by her comeback! Such a pivotal moment in their friendship was Thirteen's huntington's storyline, from the beginning with House figuring it him saying that when the time comes he would help her shows that he actually cared for her!

The finale!! Well I think it was such a great episode! So well thought out and it played out so well onscreen aswell! 

One of the best parts of the final episode was when House was sort of showed the four people who meant the most to him. 

I feel like he was seeing Kutner because he feels bad that he never realised he was suicidal and thought that he could've  helped him. He was seeing Amber because he felt guilty over her death, because it was all because of him that she was on the bus and he thought she should have a say in whether he dies or not. He was seeing Stacy because she was the woman he was inlove with and finally Cameron because she loved him even when he was horrible, because she could see the good in him!

Another part of the finale I loved was Chase becoming the Head of Diagnostics, it only seemed fair seeing as he had been there from the beginning and had gone through so much. 

House's funeral (although it was fake, but nobody knew that) was just heart wrenching, hearing all the nice things that they had to say about thing I wish would be that Cuddy could've been would've just proved how much she loved him even after the car situation! 

The best part of the finale was that you got to see that even though for the past 8 seasons House has been shown as a self centered idiot, he is the bestest friend that anybody could ask for. This is proven when he gives up his entire life so that Wilson wouldn't have to spend his last months alive alone and so that he could be with him when he dies.

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