Tuesday, 12 May 2015

can you tell I like a comedy?

so...I thought I should update this, and this post is my top ten favourite TV characters of all time, obviously I have many more..but these are the first that came to mind!

1. Phoebe Buffay
Phoebe Buffay was played by Lisa Kudrow in Friends. 
I just absolutely love Phoebe! She is definitely my favourite character from Friends! She also reminds me so much of myself being a vegetarian and she is absolutely crazy!

2. Mindy Lahiri
Mindy Lahiri is played by Mindy Kaling on The Mindy Project. 
Mindy is just my absolute favourite...she is just everything I want to be! Funny, living in NYC..have a great job. I just adore everything about her!

3. Joey Tribbiani
Joey Tribbiani was played by Matt LeBlanc in Friends.
Joey is just everything I want from a friend really! He is just the one of the funniest characters...just his 'dumbness' like seriously when he was speaking French it was the best thing ever!

4. Morgan Tookers
Morgan Tookers is played by Ike Barinholtz on The Mindy Project.
Morgan is just so so funny and can be so cute at times! He's love for Mindy is definitely something everybody loves! The most memorable moment was the picture I used, just the phrase really made is amazing!

5. Nick Miller
Nick Miller is played by Jake Johnson on New Girl.
Who doesn't love Nick Miller? He is the ultimate (without sounding rude) cheap skate...just certain things he does, like duct taping his shoe together, just makes him so memorable! But he is just such a loving person, and the bestest friend!

6. Rose Tyler
Rose Tyler was played by Billie Piper on Doctor Who.
From when I started watching Doctor Who in 2005, Rose became my ultimate favourite companion (probably because she was my first) and I just really miss her! The best quote was from the picture I used (not mine but thank you to whoever made it!)

7. Jess Day
Jess Day is played by Zooey Deschanel on New Girl.
Jess is just so relatable! The picture I used just proves it...everybody just want to sit and listen to Taylor Swift alone! She is the whole reason New Girl is so fab, just the whole character is fab!

8. Dwight Schrute
Dwight Schrute was played by Rainn Wilson on The US Office.
Dwight was a character that really didn't think you would love but by the end of the show you just wanted him to have everything and be happy! He caused me to giggle so much I just loved his character!

9. Ezra Fitz
Ezra Fitz is played by Ian Harding on Pretty Little Liars.
If every teacher was like Mr Fitz then I'm pretty sure every student would be in school! But Ezra is definitely one of my favourite PLL characters, and this quote I chose, you just know he was talking about giving up his life as a teacher to be with Aria....or is it giving up his life to become A? we just don't know!

10. Schmidt
Schmidt is played by Max Greenfield on New Girl.
Schmidt is just such a unique character that has changed so much for the better since the pilot! The picture I used is such a good example of one of the reasons I love him, this was one of the first things he said to CeCe when they first met....and now they have just gotten engaged! (sorry if you didn't know that!)


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