Monday, 18 May 2015

update on me

hey...let's have an update on me (for somebody who spends the majority of her time doing nothing...I have actually been pretty busy the last few days!)

so first things first...I came across the New Zealand Youtuber/Facebook Videoer(is that what she is? is Videoer even a word?!) Caito Potatoe...and let me tell you I am obsessed!! 

She mostly posts video's of things she is angry about and they are just so entertaining..I'm making her sound terrible with my description but seriously go check her Facebook out! She is also a fellow Coca Cola addict (something my mum moans at me for drinking so much) so it's nice to know there is some else out there addicted!! Yes so go check her Facebook out!!!

Next thing I saw Pitch Perfect 2!!!! Ever since the first movie came out I was absolutely in love! I just love a movie that has singing to it (mainly because 99% of my life is spent with me listening to music and badly singing along to it!) The soundtracks to both of the films are great and I honestly think the second one might be better! (Like I tear up every time I listen to the Bellas world championship song!)

Normally sequels can be terrible...I must admit High School Musical 2 was the worst!....but oh my god this was so so good! Hailee Steinfeld is becoming one of my favourite actresses so she just made the film for me (also her characters mum reminds me of my mum so much!!!) 

The day after I went to the Elvis exhibition being held at the O2 Arena! I went with my mum and my aunt as I had bought the tickets for their birthday presents and it was just so good!

I truly believe I have influenced my mum to bring out her inner fangirl, because we went into the room where most of the artefacts were and as soon as she caught a glimpse of the car from Blue Hawaii (her favourite Elvis Film) I swear to god she almost wet herself!!

While we were there, we saw a quote that was on the wall which honestly just related to me so much! "I always felt that someday, somehow, something would happen to change everything for me, and I'd daydream about how it would be"

I feel like it relates to me because I really do believe that there is something more for me than living in a small town, working a normal job...I just feel like I'm more than that (I promise I don't mean to sound that conceited!

Update in my TV life now...

After my 5am rant about how Fox made the most god awful decision to cancel The Mindy Project...and then like the worst wait ever to see if it could be saved, I am so beyond thrilled to say that Hulu has saved it!!! But there is a problem...Hulu is only available in America??? so being from The UK..I need to know, will it still be airing here? you still have it?! 

Final thing I have finished the first season of 12 Monkeys and wow it was just great! I don't know what it is about Syfy but they have the greatest shows that just seem to be very under advertised...first Haven, and now 12 Monkeys. I found both of them on the on demand section of my TV and I am so glad I started watching them because the amount of emotions they have put me through..I just love them! Now I just cannot wait to see season 2 of 12 Monkeys!!


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