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Don't Look Now

So it's the fourth week in my week by week recap of Pretty Little Liars until the final A reveal!

This week starts off pretty much continuing from last week with the girls asking Ali about Charles to which she tells them he is her brother and we get a sort of flashback of what her dad tells her and Jason. 
The dad says that Charles was born 15 months before Jason which makes him just over year older, and that he was also troubled so by the time Ali was a year old they had sent him to Radley. 
Once Ali tells her dad Charles is the one who framed her for Mona's murder and took the girls we find out that Charles is actually dead, as he commuted suicide at the age of 16..which Hanna just doesn't believe because 'no body, no grave, no proof' which really should be the number one rule in Pretty Little Liars!

Caleb is waiting for Hanna in her room when she gets home and tells her that her mum said he could stay the night. 
Emily and Sara are then seen talking when Emily's mum comes in to tell them Dr Sullivan can talk to them today which you can clearly see how scared Sara is as she just runs off to take a shower. 
Then we see Aria searching online for any death records for Charles, which comes to a dead end. Aria's dad then comes in trying to be sympathetic but really he is never around??? like I am the same age as her and it would be so so weird if my parents were leaving me alone like all the time! 
Hanna then wakes up with Caleb sat at her bedroom window watching the police, and to me he has always been so suspicious and this is just proving it, like he may look like the protective boyfriend but it could also be sort of like A, watching the police to see when they will be there and when it's easy to attack.

Spencer is then sat in the Brew reading an article about Radley being bought and there is a number at the end, she then rings it pretending she had a daughter at Radley to try and find out where the medical records are. Ezra then comes over to speak to her and see if she is okay, which was cute like he isn't actually with Aria right now but he still cares about the girls.
After some red juice was spilled in the Brew, Spencer then starts having a flashback from when she was in the dollhouse; she wakes up on her replica bedroom floor with her hands, tshirt and floor covered in blood which was so scary! 

The girls are then in Spencer's kitchen discussing the file and where they can go to get it. Spencer then starts asking Aria how her pills are helping her which she tells her she threw them out because they gave her a headache.
Spencer then turns up to Aria's house and starts raiding through her rubbish bins to find the pills, which is just shows her desperate she is to get a decent sleep!
Ali and her dad are then sitting in her living room and she's asking about Charles, her dad tells her that her mum had Charles' ashes scattered in a lake and that there was no funeral and that he was relived when Charles died...but if Charles is alive you can tell why he hates the Dilaurentis' so much!

The girls are then at the data centre looking for Charles' Radley file. Hanna and Emily are talking about whether the girls will be okay again which Emily is sure they will. Spencer starts having more flashbacks and Aria finds the file.
The main thing they found in the file was that he was only visited by his mum and Aunt Carol (whose name is Carol Ward..which to me reminds me of Carla Grunwald...coincidence?)
When they get out Caleb is standing at the door waiting looking really angry...did he follow them? 
Aria gets home and her dad seems really concerned and worried. Emily's mum drags her to her room to speak to her without Sara hearing.
Caleb is acting rather creepy and questioning Hanna on where she has been, and then he admits he put a tracker on her car...which seems like true A style! 
Emily's mum starts telling her that she found Sara in the roof and that she was scared she might jump and that she doesn't think she can look after her anymore which Sara can hear from outside the door.
Aria's dad tells her that he is going to start taking her places as he is just insanely worried about her.
Spencer is then seen in the Brew waiting for Sabrina, wanting her to sell her some pot to calm her nerves..which Sabrina says she will make her something.

Emily wakes up and realises that Sara has left. 
Jason and Ali are looking at a photo of them two together, I really love this scene because it shows how much they have both grown and are no longer hating each other! Ali then shows Jason Charles' Radley file.
Jason then recalls what happened after he left the hospital from the lift accident, he says he went to stay at Aunt Carol's house because he knew nobody was living there but when he got there his mum was there saying she was just doing up and that he couldn't stay there and sent him away, as he was walking away there was a crashing sound which I really think was Charles inside the house.
Emily and Sara then meet at the Brew, Sara tells her that she went home but her mum still wasn't really interested in her and that she knows she should be going to therapy but she's lost so much time that she doesn't want to lose anymore sitting in a therapists office and would rather be doing fun stuff.

Aria enters the photo studio and texts Spencer saying she can't go to Ali's aunt as her dad is waiting outside. 
Ali, Jason, Hanna and Spencer are at Ali's aunts house, which looks really run down and like nobody is living there.
Aria is seen developing photos, and then finds a bottle of pink hair dye saying 'you're MY doll, bitch -A' which causes her to have a flashback of A wanting her to dye her hair which she refuses and then she wakes up to find A has cut her hair really short and if she doesn't dye it this time then she will lose all of it! She then discovers she is locked in the dark room and is saved by a guy called Clark.

We are back at Ali's aunts house, Spencer and Hanna are by a barn and Spencer starts to have a flashback which causes her to cry a little, she then goes on to tell Hanna about when she woke up in the dollhouse covered in blood and has no memory of what happened and that she is scared she actually hurt someone.
Emily and Sara are out walking in the dark and Sara tells Emily she trusts her, which is pretty big considering she just spent two years underground not knowing who she could trust! 
Aria and Clark are still at the photo studio looking at photos, and when she leaves he gives her one of his photos that she really liked so that she would remember him.
Ali and Jason then call Spencer and Hanna to the back of the house where they have found a gravestone saying 'Charles, beloved son' which Hanna doesn't believe is real so she tries to dig it up to prove it but Jason makes her stop as the gravestone was real because of how the plants had grown around it. I personally don't think Charles is in the grave, A is definitely either him or someone he knew from Radley.

Emily and Sara are swimming which seems to cheer Sara up.
Aria is looking at some of her photos at home and starts to show her dad some of her room and tells him about her room in the dollhouse, she then starts to cry which shows she is talking and opening up a little.
Caleb is waiting in Hanna's kitchen when she get home and pretty much starts interrogating her, he tells her that her mum said he could stay for a while but she doesn't want that because she feels like he is suffocating her and that it feels like she is still in the dollhouse....could this be a reference to Caleb being A???
Caleb then asks what she needs and she replies with 'a little space' so I think they may have just broken up?
Spencer is at the Brew just about to leave when Ezra asks what she's doing, she tells him Sabrina made her cookies. He pretty much tells her that he isn't judging her but that the affects are going to wear off and she will still feel as bad as she does, so he is trying to help her in a way. But you can just see how much the dollhouse has broken Spencer which is just so heartbreaking.

Ali comes home, and her dad tells her the reason why Charles was sent to Radley. When Ali was 11 months old, Jason and her mum were in the garden, Ali's dad had just put her down for a nap and went away and then heard Ali screaming, when he got upstairs he found her in the bath tub which was filling up with boiling hot water and Charles was just standing there watching. This to me makes me think that Charles is alive and the fact he tried to drown Ali when she was little makes me think that he was the one to hit her 'that night' and that's why Mrs D buried Ali to save Charles..her firstborn.
A is then seen tracking the girls, which points to Caleb again as earlier he told Hanna he had a tracker on her and could've easily used a tracker on the other girls aswell.

I just loved this episode, we are finally getting answers and piecing things together...I am just so excited for the next 6 episodes!!!


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