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Game On, Charles.

so it was the season 6 premiere of Pretty Little Liars last night and it is going to be the summer of answers...which is just beyond amazing! So I thought I would do a week by week recap of every episode leading up to the A reveal (like yes this is the final one...the actual A, I'm so excited!) and maybe, just maybe...I will be able to clue together who it is, before it is announced!

If you haven't seen the first episode of season 6 yet and don't want to be spoiled then I would suggest stopping reading right now, as this post will be FULL of spoilers!!!

Janel Parrish said the first scene would be something we've already seen but from a different perspective and that it would be something so shocking it would 'break Twitter' and I was definitely not disappointed! 

The episode starts out with Aria, Spencer, Hanna, Emily and Mona escaping the dollhouse, but we see it from the room of a blonde girl, now known to be Sara Harvey, that is dressed in the outfit from 'that night'. The way this scene is played out makes it seem like she has been there for a long time, the first clue being that on one wall are loads of tally marks in groups of 5..another that she knows better than to leave her room, possibly because she's been through the punishments of A?

Then it is where the season 5 finale left off, with the girls realising they are stuck outside, which then A locks them out there. This scene has two of my favourite lines from the episode, the first being Hanna looking straight into the camera and saying 'you may be a dude, but you're still a bitch!' because even though she's hella scared she can still be super sassy! The next line being from Emily in response to Mona asking Spencer if she recognised a smell, the 'she's not Jenna' was one of my favourite because I feel like Jenna barely gets mentioned anymore and that was such a pivotal part of the storyline!

They're back in the creepy dollhouse thinking everything's okay..and out pops A wearing a gas mask, and gasses everybody but Mona? like why would he save Mona? I just don't get it really...she disobeyed him too. 
The creepiest moment out of the years watching this show is the girls waking up in what seems to be a replica of a morgue...and they're naked, like A has done so much but stripping the girls?? yeah that's rather odd! 

Mona then appears wearing a nurses uniform (like the one Ali was wearing when she went to see Hanna after she was hit by the car!) playing Ali once again! But one thing I noticed about the morgue was that there was a hell of a lot of medical stuff in something only a doctor could get? Kind of makes me suspect Wren? but we haven't seen him in forever! 

I like how Mona has gotten stronger in dollhouse now the girls are she stood up to A when they were saying to go back to their rooms (something I'm guessing she got put in the hole for) for their seriously what the hell were their surprises, it was honestly nothing nice because the screams, their facial expressions and Aria had tears just before going into her room...A is gotten terribly brutal!

It then goes to a 'three weeks later' A MONTH THEY HAVE BEEN TRAPPED A MONTH!!! Angry Ezra with a beard was honestly such a fab moment..who doesn't love Ian Harding? 
oh guess who's top suspect?? Andrew Campbell...the biggest creeper, no wonder he was 'tired of memorialising Mona' he 100% knew she was alive and in the dollhouse (he's defo not A..he just knew!)
Best thing of all is Alison is finally out of jail!!! She has definitely had the best character development, and her look definitely shows it...she's grown up from the childish games and just wants to get her friends back!

A is using Sara to pass meals to the girls through a tiny little door hole..and she looked hella scared when they all think she's Mona...her covering her ears is just another sign that she's been down there so long that she's used to the silence, all that noise is just too much! 
I feel like the A hoodie with the pig mask could have an actual meaning or it could just have Ezra and Caleb making a distraction for Ali, like it could be a connection to Aria as she is known for pigtunia or it could be connected to Paige as Ali would call her pigskin? (hmmm Paige could be working for A) AND THEN, dream team consisting of Ezra Fitz, Caleb Rivers and Alison Dilaurentis (and Toby was helping) trying to get their girls back! 

The girls are finally out of their rooms from their surprises (more like torture) and the one thing I need to know is what the hell happened in those rooms? I have never seen them all look so broken...they have been through so much but this has just pushed them over the edge! One thing I did notice that Hanna's top was ripped on one shoulder and towards the that the design? or was that something that happened in her room?
I have never felt so bad for Mona until she was in the hole (it was pretty much a well) and she was just begging for A to help, and the 'he's going to kill me-M' makes so much sense for it to be Mona (maybe she knew saying no would push A to major anger!) because when A came in with a torch, they were pretty much checking if she was still alive! 

I 100% definitely think Radley closing and being bought has something to do with the A story, because why else would it have been focused on??? 
The song that was playing when Ali found the car was the same song that was playing in A's vault when Spencer was in there, which makes me think that maybe just maybe A is someone Ali would meet 'walking after midnight'! 
This episode gave me so many Ezria feels even when Aria wasn't there..just how lost Ezra looks and how much he needs to find Aria, I just..I hope the rumours are true and that there will be an Ezria wedding! 

I loved that we got to see Aria kind of stand up for herself and the girls, by shouting at the camera because before this she was probably the least likely to start shouting really! 
Oh and of course Spencer Hastings can write on an etch-a-sketch (is there anything she can't do?! well apart from figure out who A is!)
My heart well and truly broke when it was the scene with Mona singing, it was the first time you truly see this side of Mona...she's so broken and vulnerable which is such a different side of her, even when she was loser Mona she never looked this hurt!

When the car was like 'What you need is in the trunk of the car, I said open the trunk of the car Alison!' was such a crazy obviously A sent the car to her..but it was actual kind of a scary moment! 
Since Andrew has been seen on PLL he honestly hasn't looked that obsessively creepy until recently...but that journal entry! That was just beyond creepy! 
At the beginning Ali seemed like such a terrible friend, but now she has the clothes on from 'that night' and is walking into the woods so that her friends can be safe, which if you think about it would be terrifying..having all the memories come back and assuming A was involved 'that night' it could play out just the same! 

Setting fire to a room that they were locked in probably wasn't there best idea (although it turned out for the best!
I am so so glad that Ezra and Caleb found Ali before A did...but that moment when they started to walk away and you see the smoke start coming out of the ground, I screamed like they were so so close to them! But they heard the fire praise jesus, I was just big ball of emotions by this point! 
I was so scared they were going to leave Mona (not that they are that mean but she was pretty low down) and her crying like oh my god props to Janel Parrish, that was some crazy good acting! 
But my biggest problem is how did Ezra, Caleb and Ali find the door? I'm so sure it was the same door they escaped from in the finale..but the fence wasn't there?!

This was the moment tears were streaming down my face..the reunions..oh my I don't think I've ever been happier! Ezria are like my number 1 and seriously Aria's face when she sees him and he literally lifts her and 'I thought I lost you' like guys you need to get back together because you are beyond perfect! Haleb with the 'don't ever let me go' like Caleb Rivers you are boyfriend goals (unless you turn out to be A) and the Emison hug and Toby went in there all professional with his gun but he literally dropped everything when he saw Spencer and I swear it was the most emotional scene in any show I've ever seen! 

But then everyone's face when they heard 'there's another girl down here' and at that time I didn't know it was Sara so when she said her name..I don't even know how I felt..except from just feeling sorry for her because of how scared she was and hiding herself from the light..which she obviously hasn't seen in a while! Especially since she went missing the same time as had she been down there years?? 

It ended with such a cute Emison Ali reached for Emily (when normally it would be the other way) and Emily is like 'who's Charles Dilaurentis?' like don't we all wanna know Emily!!! 

I just absolutely loved the first episode! I have such high hopes for this season and the final A reveal as this episode started the season off with a bang and we are getting answers!!  


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