Tuesday, 23 June 2015

my life

recently my mind is such a blank..like I'm trying to write on here but I just have no idea what to write (I don't even know if I'll finish this post..hopefully something comes to me!)

If I'm being honest, my life really isn't that exciting...if I'm not working I'm at home either sleeping or watching TV/listening to music. 

But yesterday I actually left my house (hooray for me) and went to Canterbury with my friends, although I didn't actually have much money I still ended up convincing myself to buy something..but in my defence it is like the greatest tshirt on this planet! 
Ignore my face because I know I have some weird look of death going on..but the one of me smiling actually somehow looked worse!

So as I've mentioned before I am a massive fan of friends...not 100% sure how long I've been watching it, but in that short space of time (probably about 5/6 years) I have watched every episode like at least 10 times each, and I still laugh as hard as the first time I watched it. So when I saw this tshirt I just had to buy it! 

Today is Wednesday which means Pretty Little Liars is uploaded to Netflix, which I'm so excited about..like there is only 7 episodes left until with find out for definite who A is.

The next thing I post will my next post in my PLL week by week recap, so I hope you can read it :)


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