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Songs of Experience

It's the third week in the Summer of Answers and third post in my week by week recap of Pretty Little Liars leading up to the final A reveal!

This episode starts with Spencer and Emily on the phone discussing the fact that Sara is so sure that Andrew isn't A...which makes me so sure that she has seen A's face! But the only person that seems 100% sure is Aria, which is kind of weird, like they were so close a few months ago?? 
Sara honestly breaks my heart (she best not turn out to be working with A) like I wanna know what her mum is like if she has run away for a second time! When she flinched as Emily was about to touch her was super sad but then she like completely turned and freaked out that Emily's mum was angry with her?? But of course Emily was the best and stayed with her! 

Then what I wait for each Ezria moment! Which is Ezra bringing Aria some food and when she comments on him being such a good host he replies with 'I don't do this for every customer, just the ones that order coffee to go and don't' but like it was more like 'just the ones he's in love with' and then him telling her not to go to school if she's not ready and the whole 'you're safe here, I promise' like even though they're not together, I'm really happy he's there for her (and as much as I think Ian Harding would make the best A..I don't want him to be, just for the sake of Ezria!)
Oh once again an old school Ali/Spencer argument..which I weirdly love! It's like their whole friendship is based on each one wanting to be right. But it turned into such a heartbreaking scene because Ali admits that she knows she is the reason that everything has happened to the girls and that everyone would be 'better of without her' which to me sounds like some foreshadowing her I hope not but could you imagine if that actually happened! 

Then Aria is sat in the brew looking through photos, when she stops on one with a weird looking doll..not sure what that was about but I'm sure we will find out! But then she finds some of Andrew..and says to Ezra 'I trusted him, but all I knew was what he told me' and I swear that was such a season 4 Ezra parallel..she for some reason never knows the full truth! But he comes to her rescue by saying 'what do you wanna know' like I swear he has been trying to repay her since the truth came out! 
Hanna is then seen talking to Dr Sullivan (who for some reason I do not trust) and she's having flashbacks of the switch game which seriously just breaks my heart! 
Ezria moment again...this time they're working together to try and work out everything about pretending to be the police, which was a really cute moment ngl, and dun dun dun..Andrew is adopted!!!

Then there is a scene between Ali and the new police office Lorenzo..and as much I love Emison, I think they're cute because he is actually trying to get to know her instead of judging her on her past. But the line 'being a leader of girls hasn't worked out well for me' is quite you can tell how much she blames herself! While that is going on Toby is being creepy as hell and watching them out a window while drinking something, like really?!
The next scene is so so heartbreaking, Emily, her mum and Sara are sorting out some of Emily's old clothes and Sara tells them that her mum got rid of all her stuff a year after she went missing because 'she needed the space' like you can tell why she run away!! Also the line 'pretend like dad would come back' makes me think that Sara's dad is also a Rosewood dad...seeing as none of them have been around even though their daughters were missing for like a month!! 

In the next scene Toby is trying to convince Spencer to talk to Ali about staying away from Lorenzo..and I just don't understand why he has so much hate for Ali? Like I'm pretty sure on 'that night' he came to the barn to tell her he was thankful?? he doesn't seem very thankful to me...which is making him seem very suspicious to me, he's kind of turning back into season 1 Toby! 
Hanna then turns into everybody's mum by forcing them to go and see Dr Sullivan because they need to talk to each other about what happened...she seems to be coping the fastest!
We finally get some sort of answer of who Charles is in a conversation between Spencer and Jason...he was Jason's (not so) imaginary friend, but he never saw him again once his dad told him that Charlie 'had to go away'.
Of course while the girls are with Dr Sullivan, A has a plan to get them out of standing over Emily's bed while Sara is sleeping with a pocket knife, threatening her life! 
We then get confirmation that Andrew is definitely not A as he is going to be released and was still at the police station when A was in Emily's bedroom!
Jason is then literally giving his dad the biggest stare of death, like you can tell his world has just been turned around realising his imaginary friend was actually real!

All 5 girls are at Ali's looking for evidence of Charles (as they set the video on fire!!).
Ali is then convinced that Toby is trying to turn Lorenzo away from her and that she thinks it's pointless trying her self confidence has dropped so much since the shows started which just adds to her character development!
Then just as Aria was leaving she thought 'hang on, didn't check those' and oh what did she find?? A photo of Mrs D, Jason & Charles!

As the girls are walking home...who do they bump into, oh only their alleged stalker Andrew! Being in jail definitely made him angry like wow! But the whole 'I was looking for you, I was going to be a hero' was pretty he was only looking for her to be a hero? he wasn't worried? Scared? And he was so rude to all the I just don't get why everyone is turning on them!
Of course Spencer Hastings listens to she introduces herself to Lorenzo as Ali's friend, because she is a fab friend and just wants her to be happy!
Finally we hear about the switch game, which all girls played...but none of them were actually shocked, so A likes to have them turn on each other without actually hurting them!  

Sara is then weirdly sitting in Emily's room in pitch black...and has chopped off pretty much all her hair! 
Spencer and her mum are then arguing which is so sad because she honestly doesn't seem any better being at home! 
Aria taking photos and then turns around to the weird doll and starts taking more?? Hi what is that doll thank you!

Ali is then seen to be putting the photo back in its rightful place in the photo album, when Jason walks in already looking sad and looks even more when he sees the photo.
Spencer then takes the sleeping pill that she stole off of Aria which you can tell will be another addiction starting! 
Ali and Jason are then just waiting for their dad...looking like good cop bad cop interrogating him. Then you can't actually hear what he says when Ali asks who the other boy is but by lip reading I'm 100% sure he says 'it's your brother'.
The episode ends with A watching the Dilaurentis' in their house, so A definitely isn't Jason, Ali or Mr D!

I absolutely loved this episode! I'm glad in the last episode they took the whole time to deal with each girls individual emotional response to what happened to them, but finally getting so OMG moments and slight answers is the best!! 7 more episodes and we will know who A is!!


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