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Songs of Innocence

this is the second part in my week by week recap of every episode of Pretty Little Liars leading up to the final A reveal!

ok so this episode starts off with Ali's dad moaning at her for going off and helping the girls, and Ali actually sticking up for the girls and accepting that she was sort of obliged to help! Then Ali asks the question we all want to know...Who is Charles Dilaurentis?! and I just loved Ali's 'not what, who' after she asked because it was pretty much 'don't lie to me' but of course her dad lied, his face just screamed it..and then 'there's no Charles Dilaurentis' in this family, so there's something he's hiding..Charles or not.

We now end up at the hospital with Emily just standing at the end of Sara's bed...I know a lot of people think Sara is Bethany but I don't..they can't mix up a body that much!! But I thought the conversation was a little when Emily introduced herself Sara's reply was like 'you're Emily?!' and she kind of sounded like she had some sort of hope in her voice..and some knowledge of Emily. Which got me thinking, what if someone else was in the dollhouse for a while? someone who knew Emily? someone who died..but we haven't seen a body? yes, yes I mean Maya...I really don't think she's dead, the fact her body was found the exact same way 'Ali's' was with the exact same song..makes me think she's so alive! which if I'm right she could've wrote the 'he's going to kill me' in the wardrobe! 

That's not the only weird thing that happened in that conversation..after Sara tells Emily what happened to her (being in a parking lot near rosewood and either hitting her head or being hit in the head and ending up in the dollhouse) she said she thought 'now you know what happens to bad little girls' and that is the creepiest line I've ever heard..could it be something A has drilled into her head?!
We then get a Spoby scene with Toby saying they've caught Andrew..and that the farm was his uncles, and Spencer says she isn't sleeping which is obviously from being traumatised.
Then Emily and Pam have a weird conversation about Sara being taken home my her Emily seem confused by that? Pam then says that Sara has been in the dollhouse for over 2 years, which if that's real then she was realesed from hospital way too early..two years without seeing sunlight, barely eating/drinking, locked up would've needed much longer!

We then start to see what effect being in the dollhouse had on the girls. 
When Hanna first walked into her bedroom she had flashbacks of when she first woke up in her replica bedroom, which you can tell by looking at her facial expressions that it's haunting her.
We then go to Aria's room and after a conversation with her mum, see her run to open her window which causes a flashback of when she woke up in her replica bedroom and opened her closet to find it was cemented up..which shows that even though she's in her own home she still feels confined.
The next scene is between Spencer and her mum when she realised she's missing a prescription of sleeping tablets..which her mum has made sure she doesn't get (so she doesn't get addicted again) but honestly it just seems like she's being too much of a lawyer and not enough of a parent considering Spencer hasn't slept properly in weeks and is probably too scared to sleep even though she's back home!
We see Emily next...looking visibly scarred, she just seems in a daze...she ends up putting her dads army jacket on most likely to feel close to him as he can't be there and then she goes over to a safe which turns out to be holding a lot of guns!
We then end up back at Spencer's, where she is trying to sleep..but as soon as she closes her eyes she gets a flashback of her sat at a table attached by wires with the alarms going off and a voice telling her to choose one, after she does you hear a scream, which gives us a bit of an insight to what actually happened down there..they had to torture each other. 

Spencer and Ali are in Spencer's kitchen arguing over whether Ali's dad lied or not...and it just reminded me of all the flashbacks from the early seasons, as they would argue a lot! but this ended in a cute way with Spencer thanking Ali for helping the girls and she replies with 'you would've done the same for me'.
As an Ezria shipper the scene in the Brew was something I thought I would love seeing as it they start off joking about kittens but then once Ezra suggests writing about what happened you can tell its affected Aria as she gets angry and cuts him off.
We then see Emily at the firing range just shooting away...which is definitely one unorthodox way to get your anger out.

When Hanna is getting rid of everything, it just really makes you feel so bad for her because even though we don't know exactly what happened we can assume Hanna got the worst of it.
The scene with Ali,Toby and Lorenzo was just so the conversation between Ali and Toby was something I just didn't understand...they just seemed so blunt towards each other and the ending with 'I'm glad it's over' 'me too' just made me think there is something that we don't know going on?
Hanna's way of trying to deal with what happened seems to be denial as when she's arguing with Ashley and Caleb she is just so adamant to get rid of everything without an explanation and that makes her just gets angry because nobody will listen. 
Emily also ends up angry as her and her mum start arguing over the fact she was at the firing range..and that her mum is trying to get her to talk to a doctor and not understanding that she doesn't want to talk to anyone.

We get a more indepth insight into what happened to the girls when Hanna tells her mum A was playing games such as 'truth or dare, who do you love more: me or her? and who deserves water today: you or someone else'. But then Ashley gets the #1 mum award by saying 'this is your room, anything you want, you can have it' because she actually understands that Hanna is super hurt.
Then Aria is at the police station and ends up lying to the police saying she actually saw Andrew in the dollhouse (which she did not) but was this because she was angry at him or because she's A and just wants someone else to be framed??

Toby is the first one to get brain because he starts to question whether Andrew is actually A because it just seems too obvious, which it always is! 
Emily is back at the firing range and while she is shooting she starts having flashbacks to when she was having to choose someone..this time we saw the pictures and I'm pretty sure she chooses Spencer?! 
Ali is at church next, and I must say I absolutely love her character development, when the show started I hated her! She was just horrible and now she seems to have actually grown up and takes everything seriously including people's feelings! 
Another scene of Emily and Pam arguing but this time Pam seems to actually get through to Emily as she breaks down in tears, when normally she actually is pretty strong! 
We then see Aria and Spencer in Aria's room talking about Andrew...then Aria decides to say sorry, she doesn't say why she says it but I'm assuming she chose Spencer to be tortured. When Aria is out of the room Spencer walks over to Aria's pills and steals some...which is 100% her mums fault because if she would've just let her have them then she wouldn't have to steal them!

Then like the worlds cutest Haleb scene...just after they finish blowing up the blow up bed..Caleb tells Hanna she is the bravest person he has ever met, and in that moment he became the #1 most perfect guy..unless you know, he turns out to be A! 
After this Hanna tells him that she wants her night table back which shows that slowly she is getting over what happened in the dollhouse.
This is another scene you can see the character development in Ali as she actually goes over to Lorenzo to say sorry for being rude to him earlier...which Ali prior to season 6 really wouldn't have cared about.

Emily then decides the best way to deal with just being kidnapped is going for a late night walk?? But guess who happens to be standing outside opposite her house? Sara Harvey, saying she saw Emily's address at the hospital and that she has run away. But why would you run away to someone you literally just met for about 5 minutes?? this adds on to me thinking maybe Maya was in the dollhouse and told Sara that if she ever got out that Emily would be someone to trust. She then asks Emily about Andrew saying 'the guy they caught, I saw him on TV, are you sure it's him?' This makes me think that Sara has seen who A is and knows it's not Andrew!

Even though I moaned about Spencer's mum previously, by the end of the episode she seems to be caring more because she goes into Spencer's room to see if she has slept yet..and when she says she hasn't she tells her they'll stay up together and watch a movie until they fall asleep. 
The girls are then seen to be on the phone to each other even with everything they went through in the dollhouse.
You see Andrew getting questioned and he is obviously denying everything, which honestly he seems way too muscly to be A! 
The last scene is Ali looking through a photo album, that has photos missing but also photos of one of the boys that were in the vault video. This scene connects to one of the deleted scenes of season 5. One where Ali is dreaming of her and her mum looking through a photo album, quite like what she is looking at, and talking about her 'older brother' and then her mum says 'this is the last holiday we all' and stopped which really adds on to Charles being Jason's twin, and the missing photos would make sense because twins would often get photographed together, so if they want to erase the memory of Charles then getting rid of pictures of Jason is what they have to do aswell! 

I really loved this episode..I know everybody just wants answers but the girls literally just got out of the dollhouse, the most traumatic thing that has happened to them so they wouldn't go straight out looking for clues to who Charles Dilaurentis is. Having a whole episode just focusing on their emotions was just great and just shows how the show has progressed, because when it started out the girls biggest threat was a text, now they have been framed for murder/kidnapped and who knows what else could happen!
One thing that I wasn't happy with was that Mona was nowhere to be seen in this episode, and that is something that we needed to see. She had been trapped down there longer than the girls, everyone thought she was dead, and we saw a massive difference in her character in the last episode. So to be able to see exactly how A and being trapped in the dollhouse has affected her would've been a lot better!


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