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so it's the eight week in my week by week recap of Pretty Little Liars, and we are so close to coming fAce to face with A! are you excited? I can just about contain my excitement!!

This weeks episode starts off with all 5 girls, Alison, Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna sitting in Aria's living room, the news is talking about Charles Dilaurentis. Spencer then says that the police could do an age progression on Charles from the videos of when he was young (which is a really good idea!). Ali is telling the girls about the day in the video from the end of the last episode and how Charles cried when he had to go back to Radley (like what made him go from that to A?!) Hanna then snaps at Ali, saying how they shouldn't feel sorry for A after everything thing he has done...and it that moment I am so proud of Hanna sticking up for herself and how much she has grown into a stronger person! 

Hanna and her mum are then going to see Mr Dilaurentis to talk about the cheque, but the office is surrounded by news cameras. 
At the Brew, Aria and Clark are talking while Ezra is trying to secretly listen. Clark seems to be asking a lot of questions about A. Once Clark leaves, Ezra and Aria start talking..Ezra is obviously suspicious of Clark for asking so many questions, he is so protective I just want them back together already! (seriously there are only two episodes left until the time jump..pll writers please don't make me wait for Ezria to get back together after the 4 years!!!)
Ali and Lorenzo are at his place, I don't know if I find them cute or not?? Ali is super sad that she doesn't know anything about Charles.
Spencer and Hanna are at Spencer's trying to connect the Carrissimi Group to Charles.
Aria, Ella and Tanner are at the Montgomery's and Tanner tells Aria that she would be happy to have police officers at the art gallery so that she would actually be able to go! 

A is then seen watching the art gallery's security camera, when a buzzer goes off, he presses a button and let's someone in...that someone was Red Coat! (welcome back!)
Aria and Emily are in Aria's room choosing dresses for the art gallery and talking about prom. Aria asks if Emily will go with her as friends but Emily turns her down as she wants to go with Sara.
Spencer and Hanna then go to the Carrissimi Group, Hanna is convinced that someone is watching and listening and just as she throws paper at Spencer, Rhys (who looks an awful lot like Jason) walks in.
Lorenzo is then telling Ali what he knows about what Mr Dilaurentis is telling Tanner about A, which is not a lot but they are starting to piece things together. 
Aria and Emily are then talking about Sara and who Aria could ask to prom (Ezra???) but she decides to go alone. 
Spencer and Hanna are still at the Carrissimi Group, and while Rhys is telling them that he works for some discreet person Hanna sneakily takes a photo of him to show Aria and Emily.
Ali leaves Lorenzo's place with his police pass while he is sleeping (conniving Ali back?)

At the Art Gallery, Hanna and Spencer show Emily the photo of Rhys and she totally thinks it's Jason! 
Then Aria is telling Ezra that she didn't think he'd be there and he was like 'why would I miss this' like my babies are cute! Aria then asks him to go to prom with her, which he doesn't actually give her a yes or no and then Nicole comes over and Aria seems upset. 
Aria then goes to talk to Clark, she is talking about his family and the way he is talking and his face just makes him seem super sketchy!
The photos are then unveiled and in this moment I felt so bad for Aria, because A has swapped the photos and put up the pictures of the four girls in the dollhouse before they woke up from being drugged, after seeing the photos, the camera shows each of the girls having flashbacks. 
The photos are then taped of by the police, A is messing with Tanner and Aria's mum literally goes off on one and seriously it is the most I have seen her care since the show began! 

Ali is in the police station (somehow unnoticed).
The police are taking the photos of the girls from the gallery as evidence, then Hanna, Spencer and Emily spot Rhys across the road and decide to follow him.
Ali then goes into the evidence room and is looking around at everything the police have on Charles when Tanner walks in.
Emily, Spencer and Hanna watch Rhys go into some abandoned place. 
Tanner is talking to Ali about Charles and implied that they are going to kill Charles when he is found. 
Outside the gallery Ezra tells Aria that he wasn't on a date with Nicole and that he might do habitat for humanity. Aria is then telling Ezra about when she woke up on that metal table in the dollhouse (I need them together okay).
Spencer, Hanna and Emily are still outside the abandoned place when Clark shows up and walks in.

Ali is back at Lorenzo's, he totally pissed at Ali for what she did and she is totally going back to her old self because she is so not sorry for what she done! 
Aria's mum goes to talk to Hanna's mum and she starts crying about what's happening to the girls. We then see Red Coat looking in on them, and this scene reminded me of the end scene of 6x03 when A was looking into the Dilaurentis', could Red Coat be Mrs Marin's daughter? Hanna's secret twin? Maybe A and Red Coat have similar motives? Both not wanted by their families?
Spencer, Hanna and Emily go to Aria's to tell her that they saw Clark.
Tanner is watching the security footage of the art gallery and sees the back of the head of the person who switched the photos (and they look a lot like Jason!)

A is then seen with a load of stuff in the boot of a limo, there is a tuxedo, duct tape, rope and is then seen putting 6 needles (full of something) in there too. When A gets into the limo, Red Coat is driving and gives A two tickets to Rosewood High School prom.


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