Wednesday, 15 July 2015

No Stone Unturned

yay so after like a 2 week hiatus, Pretty Little Liars is back! Which means my week by week recap is back!

This weeks episode starts off with a conversation between Emily and Spencer, with Spencer being adamant that Lesli is A but Emily thinks it is crazy and is pretty much just shutting her down, Hanna then comes into the room after failing to bring Mona and is the only one that actually seems to want to make a plan to find out whether Lesli is A.
Mr Dilaurentis is then seen turning up home and finding a card on his car, after reading it he is visibly shocked/scared, he is then starts asking Emily, in a very shouty tone of voice, whether she had seen anyone near his car.
Aria is then seen putting Clarks negatives back when he walks in and as she was about to explain he said that he understands that she didn't want her photos taken and hands her the negatives, which was pretty sweet!
Hanna is then in her kitchen searching for Lesli when Caleb comes in and Mrs Marin is offering him food, Caleb then asks Hanna what the lump on her neck is (foreshadowing them finding out they're chipped? or playing A games and knowing what it is?) but of course Hanna is just shutting him out and leaves.
Emily is helping Sara choose an outfit for her first day working with Caleb, she then put the cream on Sara's back tattoo and there was a little bit of a moment happening. 

Dean then turns up to Spencer's house giving her a book and some brownies, and as much as I love Spoby..Dean is actually pretty cute! I hate seeing Spencer so me she was always the strongest and now she's finally cracking (well apart from being in Radley).
Hanna is in Philladelphia spying on Lesli while on the phone to Spencer, talking about 'drug free Dean' which is honestly such an amazing nickname! 
Caleb and Sara are then working, Caleb makes a reference to Kimye to which Sara replies 'what's Kimye?' which was honestly such a sad moment..I don't know if it's just me but I forgot not only did she miss two years of her life but also two years of everything else. But Caleb is such so so sweet and apologetic. Sara then starts asking him about Ali because she says Emily always shuts down when she asks her.
Hanna then bribes/tricks the valet into giving her Lesli's car, which was honestly such a great performance! 

A new character called Nicole (played by Rebecca Breeds..who I am so envious of, like she was in Home and of my favourite shows! She's married to Luke Mitchell and is now in Pretty Little Liars! she is living the dream!) comes into the brew looking for Emily, Ezra (she knew he was her teacher...I wonder how that conversation came to happen) tells her that she doesn't work there anymore and why she had to change her phone number and email.
Aria and Emily are at the junkyard, Aria starts asking Emily about her and Sara when they bump into Clark, Emily then says about going to meet Nicole so Clark offers to drive Aria home.
Spencer and Hanna are then going through Lesli's car and Hanna snaps at Spencer keeping talking about Caleb, they then find like 10 pairs of fake glasses which is just before they find four 'human size' crazy or what?
Clark and Aria are then talking about the person who took them and when Aria says the police are close to finding them Clarks first reaction was 'how do you know' and to me that seem so creepy! like maybe I've been watching this show for so long that I suspect everyone but it was definitely creepy!
They split up and are looking around the junkyard when Aria comes across a doll which when she picks it up she finds under its dress it has an A made Aria doll with a knife sticking in its eye. 

Emily and Nicole finally see each other again, Emily says she is glad Ezra told her what happened so she wouldn't have to tell it again. Nicole then invites Emily to Thailand to do one of her housing projects.
Spencer and Sara are in Calebs apartment, Sara offers Spencer coffee which she declines, when has Spencer declined coffee??? Sara then weirdly gives Spencer advice to write a speech to give at graduation (I know if that is in one of the upcoming episodes I'll definitley be crying!)
Caleb is in the Brew and picks up a book called 'When Love Goes Toxic' which is just the saddest thing ever! But Mrs Marin sees and tells him that Hanna is still in there and he just needs to find a way to get her out.
Ezra goes over to Aria's house because she left her application to the photo competition at the brew and he even wrote her a recommendation and her line 'who knows me better than you' like god I love them so much! and then Ezra going 'I do have your self portrait above my desk, I did, I mean I did' like c'mon Pretty Little Liars...I need them back together!!!

Spencer gets home to Dean waiting for her, she apologises for missing group and he is saying he was worried and then says they can't see each other because when he is near her he just wants to kiss her and doesn't care that she has a boyfriend! At this moment I was like are they going to kiss?? Spencer??
Caleb is then in Hanna's room and she's moaning at the fact he's there for no reason and he was all like 'I have a reason' and then kisses her and then they totally had sex which was the greatest thing since the Ezria sex scene in season 5! 
Emily comes home to Sara who is scrubbing her bedroom floor to get blood out of it (while still bleeding?) and she says she felt like someone was following her and they knocked their car mirror into her.
Spencer, Hanna and Aria are then at the lab Lesli works at. Aria admits that she almost told Ezra about what's going on and that he is the one that 'she turns to' and 'makes her feel safe' and that she hates lying to hello can Ezria please get back together because they are both still clearly in love with each other!
Hanna then starts beeping when she walks past a machine and comes out with the greatest line 'why am I beeping? I haven't even stolen anything yet' like that was such an amazing Hanna line! And then Spencer 'bitch chipped us' like I am so excited to find out who A is..they kidnapped and chipped the girls..and considering we have seen the character before, I don't know anyone that could be THAT crazy! 

Nicole and Emily then meet at the Brew and Emily says she can't go to Thailand because Sara won't go and she needs to stay and be there for her. Nicole then asks if Sara has the same feelings for her which Emily denies having.
Hanna is then in a room with a load of caged animals and starts letting them out after having flashbacks of her being locked in the dollhouse and prison.
Spencer and Hanna trying to get the raccoon and rats back in their cage was hilarious, and Hanna not wanting to lose all her food! Then a rats jumps on Aria and I would've had the same reaction to run away..the lights turn off and when there is light again Mona is there!
Mona tells the girls that Lesli isn't A and that she didn't like Bethany. She also said Lesli only knew Charles from when him and Bethany escaped Radley on 'that night' so Charles is still alive and was there on 'that night' so he is either one of the people we saw in a flashback, or someone we haven't seen there before. 

Mr Dilaurentis is on the phone, crossing names off a list obviously trying to get in touch with people who worked at Radley to see if Charles is actually dead.
Aria then goes to see Ezra and sees he is with Nicole and you can see she is upset. As much as I want (more like need) Ezria to get back together..I wouldn't mind if Nicole was a potential love interest for Ezra (to figure out he truly loves Aria) as I feel like we always see Ezra getting jealous of people Aria is with and not the other way round! 
Emily comes home and Sara is asleep, she then checks her neck to see if Sara had been chipped as well, when she wakes up before Emily can explain what she was doing they end up kissing.
Mr Dilaurentis is then digging up Charles' grave and you see the card saying 'Dear Daddy, coming home for my birthday. You should plan a party to die for. Just you. Love Charles' then A is seen watching from the trees.


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