Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou

yay it's this time of the week again! Pretty Little Liars recap, and we are so close to finally finding out who A is! I don't even know how I'm going to manage to stay sane in these next few weeks, I'm just so excited!!

This weeks episode starts off with Spencer and Aria in Aria's living room trying to phone Ali who isn't answering, they are also looking up micro chips and how to remove them. 
Mr Dilaurentis is then seen in the middle of the night putting two suitcases in the boot of his car and driving Ali away, when Ali finds the card Charles sent and realises he is alive. 
Hanna's mum gives her a letter which is revealed to be a $30,000 cheque for her college tuition, which her mum said she applied for when she was in the dollhouse, which was cute because she didn't know if she would ever see her again but she still had to make sure she would have a good future. 
Emily then sees Sara's friend Claire in The Brew who was looking for Sara and Emily is being what looks like to me, very defensive.
Toby is back! Which obviously leads to a cute Spoby scene, where Toby is being very protective and making sure Spencer is being 100% honest, 'we don't do secrets' why can't the boyfriends know about A??

Mona, Hanna, Aria and Spencer are all in Mona's room, where Lesli hasn't shown. Hanna is being so sarcastic and sassy showing that she is completely done with everything. Aria is messing about with Mona's dolls because they are creeping her out, and Mona is sticking up for Lesli saying she truly doesn't know anything.
Emily and Sara are in Emily's room talking about Claire which leads to talking about their kiss and I don't know if it's just me but Sara really reminds me of a puppy (have I said this before?)
Lorenzo then goes over to the Dilaurentis' house looking for Ali but Jason turns him away saying she's gone away. Once he is gone he goes over to a red balloon that is on his porch, which turns out to be a birthday invitation from Charles, saying he has to meet him alone.
Aria is then in her bedroom sorting out her dolls, when Mike comes in asking if she had told Mona not to talk to him, when Aria tells him she didn't he tells her that Mona won't speak to him and he just looks so sad, like pretty much on the verge of crying.

Emily, Sara and Claire are at some dessert place, which is just super awkward as Emily just seems like she's really jealous.
Hanna and Spencer are at The Brew looking up the people that gave Hanna her college money and find out they are the people that closed down Radley. 
Sara and Claire are catching up talking about old things and I loved this scene because it was honestly just so nice to see Sara genuinely happy. 
Sabrina puts some weed gummy bears in Spencer's bag while she is on the phone to Ali who tells her that her dad took her to a hotel and that he took everything away from her.
Sara tells Emily that she is going to stay at Claire's, which would be easier for them to go on a proper date and then they kiss (and as a quite new Emison shipper, this hurts quite a bit).

Aria, Hanna and Spencer go to the Dilaurentis' house to speak to Jason but he won't answer to them.
Mike is seen waiting in Mona's bedroom, when she arrives she tells him that she doesn't want to see him. She is just hating herself for what she done and what she put him through and he is trying to justify it to make her feel better. 'All that matter is that you're alive' like seriously I was crying by this point! 
Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer are at Spencer's talking about how Hanna put a tracker on Jason's car so they can follow him. But they have to remove their trackers first which Hanna and Spencer have decided to do themselves because they have been studying videos on the Internet (this sounds like it will go well) like Hanna and Spencer at times are just the best! 
Spencer then tells Toby everything so he can be their back up (does that mean Caleb and Ezra can know now please?!).
Mike and Mona finally kiss! This is honestly one of my favourite scenes this season, I have literally been waiting for that reunion for nearly a whole season!
Spencer and Toby are then arguing over who's going to follow Jason, the girls have all removed their trackers (and only Hanna's is bleeding). Toby then takes Spencer's weed gummy bears (not knowing what they are) which definitely will not end well!

Ali then drugs her dad with sleeping tablets, which seems to be her way of doing things (flashback to 'that night').
Toby is eating way too many of the gummy bears, and then convinces Lorenzo to go with him to follow Jason. The girls decide to go and follow aswell. 
Jason is then seen arriving at the address, not longer after Charles arrives checking the girls trackers. 
Ali is seen getting into a car and thanking whoever the driver is, who turns out to be Mona.

Jason in the arcade, his dad rings him but he ignores him, he stars calling out for Charlie (when Charles is called Charlie it makes is sadder for me because Charlie seems like more of a child's name and just gives me so many feels).
Ali then calls the police and tells them that Charles is A, which is probably the stupidest thing she's done since faking her death.
The police then arrive at the Dilaurentis' house, and find the balloon and invite.
Jason sees Charles (hoodie not face..not quite yet) when Toby and Lorenzo come barging in, ruining everything. Charles looks scared. Toby is high as hell. The girls then arrive. Jason is super pissed at Spencer and then the Police arrive.

Hanna and her mum come home arguing over the fact she is trying to find Charles. 
Aria is in her room crying, Mike comes in to tell her that him and Mona are working things out and that she really is brave. He then gives her a letter.
Then honestly the saddest Spoby scene since Spencer thought Toby was the body she found (in my opinion), Spencer is apologising for him taking those gummy bears and that she didn't know they were there, she's crying and Toby tells her to leave and he just looks so messed up.
Aria opens her letter and finds out she is a finalist for the art thing she applied for.
Emily goes home, visibly missing Sara and then smashes her tracker.

Jason is in his living room pouring scotch (at this part I'm shouting 'no don't do it' at my TV) about to ruin his sobriety when Ali comes in trying to stop him, they then hear a little boy shout 'Jason, Jason come play with me'.
They find a video playing of Jason, Ali and Charles (who they think is their 2nd cousin Freddy(ie)), they were at the arcade for Charles' birthday and they weren't allowed to tell their dad. Charles comes closer to the camera and asks Mrs D when he has to go back (to Radley). To me Charles does not look like he belongs in Radley he seems too sweet, I'm scared that Mr D just never wanted him and he was never crazy before he went there but being in Radley turned him crazy.

A then gets a present from someone with a note saying 'Happy Birthday! -your friend and ally' and when A opens it up it is a painting of the day they are at the arcade. Which seems like someone other than Charles, Jason, Ali and Mrs D knew about that day. Could it be red coat? 


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