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She's No Angel

eeek so it's the fifth week of my week by week recap of Pretty Little Liars, and we are half way through the episodes leading up to the A reveal!

This week starts off with Spencer walking down a corridor which you can tell by looking at it is that is in a place that is old and abandoned. 
Then behind her you see a creepy possessed looking young girl (played by Maddie Ziegler..who done an amazing job!) she then does a very creepy dance, which to me I think is somehow telling the story of Charles (as this place is Radley) but what I really liked is that it kind of linked to Spencer waking up in the dollhouse covered in blood.
Spencer then stops seeing the girl and instead finds a pair of sandals/shoes with 'C.Dilaurentis' on, you see a shadow behind her but when she turns around you don't see who it was as it was only a dream! 

Aria and Spencer are on the phone, Spencer is trying to get information on the dollhouse which you can tell Aria doesn't want to talk about as she keeps cutting her off...although we don't know everything that went on in the dollhouse it has definitely had the worst effect on Aria! Spencer is obviously getting stressed out at the fact Aria won't talk, which is why she starts eating her weed cookie! 
Then we get a Mona and Hanna scene, yay for Mona being back! You can tell how much the dollhouse has effected her, she just looked so fragile and constantly on edge (well done Janel Parrish..A* acting skills), she talks about how scared she is of Ali as she sent her to jail for months...but she soon turned into the old sassy Mona when Hanna mentioned Ali goes to church.
We then get a scene with Ali lying on her sofa, in the background she can hear the police that are meant to be guarding her saying stuff calling her a skank and asking 'who's protecting us from her' which is honestly so from the beginning Ali has been a character that has acted way above her age, but really she is a 17/18 year old girl who has literally been through hell, and not even her home is safe! 

Then there is a scene with Emily and Sara and to me it seems as if Sara's mum is a drunk, as when she was on the phone she was like 'I can't talk to you when you're like this' 'yes you are, you're slurring your words' which seems like the most obvious reason. 
I love how much Sara has changed and grown in the past few episodes, when we first met her she was so fragile and scared to move in the dollhouse, but now she seems to be opening up more. 
Now I am really loving the friendship between Emily and Sara, I know there are rumours she is meant to be a romantic interest for Emily..but I think that might be rushing into it a bit, but for now I just love their friendship! 
I am also loving the friendship between Clark and Aria, I know he's only been in two episodes, but I think he could be a reason she is trying to open up more and the fact he is helping her with her photography and telling her about a contest, and obviously I am Ezria shipper so I don't want this to go beyond a friendship! 
Ali is then standing on her porch drinking, looking so broken when her dad comes out..he is seems so angry like all the time and he was pretty much moaning that she was outside. The best moment was when he was like 'bad behaviour has a way of catching up with you' and she replied with 'you would know' like it was seriously the greatest moment..I just love when the old Ali's sass comes back!!

Mona and Hanna are then at the Brew, you can just tell how self conscious Mona is standing there with everything staring at the girl that was meant to be dead. Then over comes Lesli Stone who is crazy as hell! Like she was just snapping at Mona and Hanna because she went on along with the story that Mona was dead...but nobody asked her to??? and then she calls Hanna 'a bag of hair' like what? I think that is the craziest insult I have ever heard in my life, like what is it even meant to mean?!
Spencer and Hanna are then at school and Spencer is sexting Toby (she's definitely high!) and then Hanna tries to eat a bit of her weed cookie...then suspects she's on drugs, but Spencer basically shuts her down! 
Clark and Aria are then at a junk yard, I think it was a little weird him just taking photos of her..considering they really haven't known each other that long! Then he asks her out and I was thinking 'nope sorry she has Ezra...they're endgame' but she turns him down because obviously her life is too crazy to date, and he tells her he understands because he recognised her from the news, which I think is cute because he treated her just like anyone else and not someone who had just been locked underground for a month.

Lorenzo and Ali are then in her living room talking about the football thing? When Ali's dad comes in, I think it was slightly rude chucking him out, like he hadn't done anything wrong (yet). 
Caleb, Emily and Sara are trying to sort out Sara's emancipation when I noticed something weird..Sara said she ran away and then got taken to the dollhouse, but Emily said she was 14 when she ran away and we know she had been in the dollhouse for 2 years which would make her like 16? But then Caleb says she is 18 in a couple of months? why doesn't the age work out? Is this a storyline thing or just a writing error?!
Aria at the junk yard, sees A and still thinks it's a good idea to run after?! Clark was cute when he came running in after he heard the big crash when the big thing fell.
Spencer turning up to an AA meeting with the munchies and just eating the food, but her face was hilarious when she realised Dean (her old sobriety coach) was sat in front of her!
Aria must have amazing eye sight because she spotted A on the negatives! 
Caleb was A* for giving Sara a job, don't you just love him?! (Which would be amazing if he was A because everybody loves him!) 

Hanna and Lesli are then in the Brew, Hanna sticking up for Mona which is the best! (Seriously tho this is true friendship, Hanna was sent to jail because she was thought to be apart of Mona's 'murder' and even though Mona faked it all, as soon as she saw her in the dollhouse she didn't care that she faked it, she was just so happy her bestfriend was actually alive!
Aria then steals Clarks negatives....gosh I can just see this coming back to haunt her!! (rule number 2 of Rosewood, never do anything that A can taunt you with!)
The friendship between Spencer and Dean is something I like too, the fact she actually has someone to talk to about drugs that has been through it, and wouldn't judge her! The fact she gave him her weed cookie to throw away shows she is greater than what she thinks she is! 
Spencer and Mona then see each other for the first time since leaving the dollhouse (everyone loved the fact they were hugging for the longest time until Toby showed up, but the smile on Mona's face when Toby and Spencer were reunited was everything!) Mona leaving Ali a letter was cute! Spencer thinking she had killed the little girl she saw in her dream was so sad, like imagine not being able to tell if you killed someone or not?! Mona definitely knew about the room in Spencer's dream...which we know is in Radley...maybe something bad happens there!

Sara then decides she wants to get a tattoo to celebrate the first step of her really?! Is she old enough? Does she have money?
Hanna and Spencer are then at Radley, Spencer sees a poster with the little girl from her dream on, who is she?! Why was Spencer seeing her looking really creepy? Like the complete opposite from what she looked like on the poster! 
She then finds the room from her dream, this time it is filled up with stuff!
Emily then decides to get a tattoo...I just, doesn't Rosewood have laws?!
Spencer and Hanna find Charles' file, and decide he is dead because he donated organs...but ding ding that doesn't add up...someone who overdosed wouldn't be able to donate organs right?
Hanna then finds a 'knee cap' in a bath filled up with black liquid...and her reaction was the greatest! Spencer then fishes it out to see what it is, when a head comes out of the water which Hanna screams so loud at...but turns out it was just a CPR doll.

Aria is then looking at the negatives with a zoomed lense...and A is a girl??????
Ali and Lorenzo then start kissing which yeah I didn't not like...I just don't ship them at all! (Most people moan about their ages, which honestly who cares? She almost's not that big of a deal) I just think they're really rushed and don't have that much chemistry! I was so feeling Ali's dads anger when he came home and found no they just don't work...
Sara then sees the picture message Aria send Emily of A, and you can tell she is just totally freaked out! Sara then tells Emily she has seen this A before, wearing the black hoodie, she is so scared she decided to run off...which is never a good idea! When Emily finds her and they have spoken a shadow appears on the wall which looks a lot like A! 

Spencer and Hanna are still in Radley and can now hear noises...which lead them to Mona! She is trying to leave with a file, which Hanna assumes is Mona's but it is actually Lesli's!
Ali is trying to get to Hanna's to look at the photo of A, and seriously the Dilaurentis' have so much her dad was like 'will Lorenzo be there to comfort her too' like he is so funny at times! 
Lesli shared a room with Bethany Young, somehow this is all adding up...not sure how but it is! 
Mona then phones Lesli to tell her that everyone knows...Lesli is beyond crazy!!! but I tell you what I noticed Lesli was sat in her car which looked a lot like where Emily and Sara had just ran away from...I don't think she's A but the writers are doing a pretty good job of making it look like it! 

In the ending, A seems to be making new dolls as they're connecting pink stripes onto brown hair...which is so Aria! Is Aria an obsession of A's or their newest target? Knowing she's the most broken up?!


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