Thursday, 23 July 2015

The Fletcher girls can write!

So I recently just finished reading All I Know Now by Carrie Hope Fletcher and Dream A Little Dream by Giovanna Fletcher and they were both amazing so I thought I'd write about them!


All I Know Now was pretty much a guide to your teenage years. But it was actually so much more than that! As a 19 year old who is scarily approaching the end of her teenage years, I didn't need a guide, but this book was just so relatable and was so reassuring to know that things didn't happen to just me! 

One thing I related to quite well was starting a secondary school late, in year 7 I spent 4 months (September to December) in one school before moving house and starting a completely new school in a completely new area in January. 

Starting school, especially in year 7 that late was actually quite an awkward place to be because everyone had just established their new friend groups and honestly didn't want anyone new. It's actually a funny story really, when I first started I had to 'shadow' this girl (who is now my best friend) but we haven't been friends all those years..only since we were about 15/16 because in year 7 her other friends didn't want another new person in their group so she ditched me! (which I constantly remind her of!

For my whole secondary school life I went through so many friend groups mainly because the first one I made was the only one that wanted me at the time (sounds super sad I know). One thing I was lucky with at school was that I was never bullied (I know a lot of people are nowadays), but it was never a case of because so many people liked me, it was mainly because I was so invisible I'm pretty sure half of my year at school didn't even know I existed! (which is honestly fine by me!)

But I definitely recommend this book, whether you are about to start secondary, freaking out over your dreaded 'teenage years', or you have passed them and just need reassuring that certain things didn't happen to just you!


I have read all of Giovanna's books so I had such high hopes for Dream A Little Dream and it exceeded my expectations by so much!

It is about Sarah who randomly starts dreaming of someone from her past only for him to reappear in her real life.

I am such a sucker for a good love story (mainly because that is a major thing that has always been lacking in my life) and this just made me feel so happy..Dream Brett, Real Brett. They were both insanely cute! When one book can make me laugh, cry and smile like an idiot you know it's a good one! 

There were so many amazingly written parts, from Dan breaking up with Sarah, Carly losing her baby, The Christmas party to Sarah quitting her job. These were quite touchy subjects, obviously some worse than others. But these involved things that would be hard for people to deal with and I think Giovanna wrote them beautifully. I also think we got to see Sarah grow a lot from when Dan broke up with her to her quitting her job. My favourite thing in any book/TV show/movie is character development (if it's done right) and this was definitely right!

This is 100% one to add to your reading list! If you've read Giovanna's other books, you must read this! If you've never read one of Giovanna's books, you should definitely indulge in them! You will come out of them with a big grin on your face (after a few tears I must admit!)


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