Monday, 13 July 2015

'and you're going to be a star without me, that's how much I love you'-Finn Hudson

wow so today is 2 years since Cory Monteith passed away, and I honestly still cannot process what has happened.

I remember that day quite well if I'm honest...I was asleep and my mum came up to tell me that 'the man from glee had died' and in my half asleep brain I just thought she meant one of the older men that just had a cameo...even when she said 'Cory Monteith' my brain didn't process it for a few minutes. Then it did and I just couldn't believe what I was hearing!

I went straight onto the Internet and everything was telling me the exact same, I was just utterly shocked. I must admit I did cry quite a lot for someone who I had never met, just goes to show how much he and glee had impacted on my life. 

Glee had been one of my favourite shows from when it began, it had everything I could want...set in an American school and they are forever belting out songs, perfection to me! 
Finn Hudson was just the perfect character and Cory just portrayed him so well. His relationship with Rachel was everything you could dream of, and Cory and Lea were even cuter in real life! 

I barely watched glee after he died, it really just didn't feel the same to me..I think everyone can say after a few seasons it kind of lost its sparkle and I was honestly just watching it for Cory, the last episode I watched (other than the finale) was the quarterback, and I just think that was such an amazing tribute to everyone managed to stay in character even though every single person in that episode was hurting. 

It's honestly such a shame he was taken from us so early, he was such an amazing actor. Rest in peace Cory Monteith.

(photo not mine, just my favourite moment from the tribute episode; the quarterback) 


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