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you know you love me, xoxo Gossip Girl.

I finished watching Gossip Girl! (That was actually like a month ago) but I'm finally getting down to writing about it! 

So obviously if you haven't watched Gossip Girl or are in the process of watching, and don't want to know who Gossip Girl is...I suggest you don't read this as I shall be mentioning them!

When I first started I found it extremely hard to write about...I'm not too sure why, so I decided to take the Dan Humphrey approach (the show inspiring me on how to write about the show) but by this I mean writing from the outside looking in, they're around my age and the stuff they do is crazy(like I know it's a TV show, but I'm sure things like this do happen!) I'm pretty sure Serena was only 15 when she was doing cocaine with Georgina and that Pete guy...at the age of 15 all I was doing was obsessing over Justin Bieber! 

The first thing I will talk about is the couples, I'm mainly talking about who I loved! 

Chuck and Blair

Chuck and Blair are most definitely the best couple out of the entire show! They start off hating each other and their love just grows stronger, no matter what happens they always know they're meant to be together. 

Dan and Serena

When I first started the show Dan and Serena were literally my everything...but honestly they kind of just fell apart, im happy they ended up together, but honestly Serena just kind of seemed to think like she could do better than him when Dan was just completely in love with her!

Lily and Rufus

I thought Lily and Rufus were the perfect couple, the fact they used to date when they were younger and the fact they totally still loved each other was the best, and as much as I loved Dan and Serena together, I yearned for Lily and Rufus to get together! I was beyond thrilled when they were married and living happily with everyone, until they broke up, it was like Lily was more in love with the rich life than she was with Rufus and she turned into a complete bitch! 'Where exactly are you going to find some other upper east side woman to take care of you the way I have' I honestly cannot believe that after all the seasons wanting them together, Lily says this one line that makes me hate her so much!

Dan and Blair

I read that Dan and Blair would get together when I first started watching the show and was hell-bent on Dan/Serena and Chuck/Blair, so this idea of them being together was just something I couldn't imagine! Once I finally got up to the part where they start having feelings for each other, I just couldn't believe I loved them so much..they had quite a bit in common and were actually already pretty good friends! I'm glad that Blair ended up with Chuck and Dan with Serena, but I also loved this part of the story!

Although the show was mainly known for the drama and notorious behaviour, I just loved the friendship between some of these 'despicable' people!

Dan and Chuck
At the beginning Dan and Chuck were far from friends, but somehow they kind of grew on each other, and at times they were actually pretty good friends and I loved when they hung out, they were so different but still could get along!

Blair and Serena
Blair and Serena are literally best friend goals! They may have a few arguments but no matter what they are always there for each other, from Blair always looking after Serena when she got too drunk or Serena making sure Blair went to see someone about her bulimia!

Dan and Georgina 
These two really are completely different from each other but they make the greatest friends! At the beginning they became friends when Georgina pretended to be called Sarah but by the last season she was the one Dan wanted to help write his book, most likely because he needed her evil streak!

Dan and Blair
Like I said, before Dan and Blair started dating they became pretty good friends, after years of hating each other, and it worked so well! 
Their friendship was mainly formed over their love of films and I swear the time they watched the same film over the phone is the day I fell in love with them because that was such so cute!

One of the things that make the show so amazing is the individual characters, putting all these different people together just made for incredible storylines!

Dan Humphrey
Dan starts the show as the guy from Brooklyn who goes to a private school full of teenagers from the upper east side, he is completely different from them and the only thing that really connects them is his relationship with the new and improved 'it girl' Serena Van Der Woodsen. 

Throughout the show Dan is seen to be the most caring one, which really is quite true! One of the best scenes in this show is when it is revealed that Dan actually wrote Louis' vows, which showed how much he truly loved and cared for Blair (also how much Louis did not). He became high in my favourite characters towards the end when he was writing his book and not caring about what anybody thought!

One thing I did know when I first started this show, which at first I thought ruined it for me, was that Dan is Gossip Girl! But watching it knowing was actually quite good, because you get to understand things better than if you didn't know who GG was!

Serena Van Der Woodsen
When the show started it was obvious Serena was the main character, it focuses around her return from boarding school, how it's changed her and the impact it had on her friendships.
The main thing that shows her change from the girl who went to boarding school a year earlier is her relationship with Dan and how she embraces his Brooklyn life. 

For a while she was my favourite character because she seemed so lovely and down to earth, until she took over gossip girl (after Georgina had her play as GG once Dan had shut it down) because all her posts were just made out of jealousy, making herself look good and putting others down (at least Dan gave himself a rough time too). 
Another thing Serena done that made me really hate her was when she tricked Dan into having sex with her so he wouldn't stay with Blair, which was actually a pretty good scene though, because it had legit parallels with the time Serena had sex with Nate when he was with Blair, like total betrayal to her bestfriend!

Chuck Bass
You wouldn't believe how much I hated Chuck at the beginning, considering I'm completely in love with him now! He is the typical rich boy who thinks he can get what he sees. He was completely obnoxious, but the moment my hate for him peaked was when he tried to force himself on poor little Jenny Humphrey!

The main struggle for Chuck throughout the series is admitting his love for Blair, it is pretty obvious pretty early on in the series, but neither of them admit it for a while nor does it work out for them quite as well as it should have! 

There are two times that have really stood out to me that Chuck does really have a heart and isn't what he acts as. The first one is, after not being able to feel any emotion for a while, when Chuck is lying on his bed and breaks down in tears after Blair tells him she's pregnant with Louis' baby because he realises that he is losing her. The other time is when he pays her dowry to get her out of her marriage to Louis, even though she was more into Dan at this time, he paid it so she would be happy and not stuck in a hateful marriage.

Blair Waldorf
Blair started the show as the Queen B of her school, the one that everyone looked up to and was afraid of. She is known for her schemes that insure that she always gets her own way but also is known for her dislike for Jenny Humphrey, which seems to be a recurring storyline. She has a very loving relationship with her housekeeper/maid Dorota, who is sort of like a big sister to her and is super protective of her which is always fun to watch.

One of her most well known storylines is her relationship with Chuck, which for a while didn't happen when she was engaged/married to Prince Louis of Monaco, they met in France and he seemed perfect. Until the moment they got married, after he found out she still loves Chuck, as he tells her 'our marriage is just for show, and not over until I say' which was honestly just so heartbreaking to watch, she gave up everything to marry the man she thought she loved and it turned drastically bad on her! 

Blair has had many memorable quotes which have at times been hilarious and honestly pretty down to the point! My favourite two are: 'oh my god, I was bitch slapped by Bridget Jones' and 'Bart Bass may be able to fool the FBI, but he has never been up against Blair Waldorf and her bitches'

Ivy Dickens
When Ivy came to the show she was being called Charlie Rhodes, because Lily's sister hired Ivy (the actress) to play Charlie so she could gain access to her daughters trust fund, and I honestly really liked her even though she wasn't who she was first said to be.

Ivy was a part of my all time favourite scene, after being a tad obsessed with Dan she finally got him to herself and just as they were going to have sex she says 'call me Serena' and I swear to god I almost choked, it made me laugh so much! 

I don't see why everyone hated her, she may have pretended to be someone else, but all she ever wanted was to have a family that loved her. She also looked after Cece when she was dying, she didn't have to but she did! 

Georgina Sparks
Georgina was definitely my favourite character out of everyone, she wasn't in it much but every second she was in it was pure gold! 
She was a girl from Serena's bad girl past who comes back to haunt her! When Serena is dating Dan, Georgina pretends to be called Sarah and befriends Dan and threatens to tell him Serena's biggest secret. The one time she was actually kind of horrible, and not in a fun way, was when she outed Eric to Lily and Serena. 

After one of Blair's schemes exhiled Georgina out of the city, she comes back as a Jesus loving Christian, much different from the previous Georgina! This is also when one of the most iconic lines is said, after being involved in one of Blair's schemes she changes back to who she once was with the line 'you can tell Jesus that the bitch is back'.

Georgina then starts NYU with Dan, Blair and Vanessa. She has a thing with Dan, but kind of gets too attached to him..which isn't what he wanted so he ends it! After a while Georgina is back with a huge baby bump telling Dan he is the father! It is later revealed that Dan isn't actually the father and she leaves with the baby. 

Once Dan takes down the GG site Georgina takes it over, and she was such a good replacement! She was always such a perfect suspect for Gossip Girl and she proved how well she could do, even if she couldn't do it for that long!
She is then back for the whole of season 6, which I loved, to help Dan write his next book, which was an all out expos√© of his friends! 

Jenny Humphrey
 Jenny had the greatest character development of this show, which is shown in this photo! She went from girly girl to gothic girl.

I think her change was one of the things most focused on in the show as well as her rivalry with Blair. I always wanted her to be with Nate as he was always the one to come to her rescue. 
When she was working with Eleanor, she became friends with Anges, who I never liked, they decided to try and make their own clothing range. After it didn't go as planned Agnes set all of Jenny's designs alight. A while after, they met again and Anges acted like they were friends, that's until she drugged her and just left her at some random bar. She ended up leaving New York after sleeping with Chuck and having Blair hate her more than ever, and was only back for Dan and Serena's wedding.

Gossip Girl definitely had one of the greatest finales, so it deserves its own little section in this post!

So I watched GG on Netflix (so I don't know if this was aired with the original showing) but there was this little intro, that had the cast and crew talking about the show and included flashbacks, which honestly made me tear up a little..it was just so touching to see this!

I'm not going to post like everything that happened, just the most interesting parts!
This episode starts with Chuck and Bart having an argument which leaves Bart hanging off the edge of the roof, and without even trying to help (totally agree with what they done) Chuck and Blair just let him fall! Like I totally loved this, I've always hated Bart...and he definitely got the ending he deserved. 

Now Chuck and Blair are on the run because they're pretty big suspects, obviously they have good reason to be, but there is always time for a proposal when you're on the run from the police...like this was just the best!

Dan is then seen telling Serena about why he started Gossip Girl, which had a flashback of him at one of Blair's parties (which he was accidently invited to) and is where he saw Serena, and they had their first conversation. This party is where he entered their world and he never wanted to leave, so that is where Gossip Girl was born.

Now Jack Bass and Georgina Sparks are trying to round everyone up for Chuck and Blair's wedding, once everyone is together they come up with a plan to get them married before the police find them. 
In the mean time two girls have seen what has gone on so they decide to send it in to Gossip Girl, Nate then overhears them wondering why GG hadn't posted anything yet, which I think is when he realises GG is one of his friends.

Chuck and Blair then get married in the cutest way possible when being on the run from the police, who eventually find them but as they are married they cannot be charged with anything.
Dan gives the final chapter of his book, the tell all about Gossip Girl, to Nate to publish in his newspaper...you then see the reactions from loads of people, from celebrities to past characters which I think was great to see what everyone thought! 

It then skips 5 years where you see a little of what has happened to everyone. Chuck and Blair have had a son called Henry and it looks like Dorota is now working for them. Eric and Jenny are back for Dan and Serena's wedding which is happening at that moment. Then the greatest couple is born Georgina Sparks and Jack Bass, they are an equal pair of evil and I love it!

I am just completely in love with Gossip Girl, I am so so happy I watched it! I haven't read the books yet..but I shall definitely be getting round to because this storyline is fab.

none of the pictures are mine...I just got them off google.


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