Sunday, 16 August 2015

I love you and I like you.

after ages of seeing many different Twitter/Tumblr posts about Parks and Recreation...I have finally watched and finished it! I knew a few things about it, such as the April and Andy relationship (one main reason of wanting to watch it) and the Ben and Leslie relationship.

One thing I love about watching a show knowing which couples are endgame is that you get to watch their relationship grow, which was definitely me with Ben & Leslie..I already knew how much I would love April and Andy, but I just completely fell in love with Ben and Leslie. 

Leslie and Ben
Watching the show knowing that Leslie and Ben end up together is something really beautiful, to actually see their relationship blossom and grow! From the moment Ben came on screen I was completely in love with him and I was just waiting for the moment they became official. I have two favourite moments of Leslie and Ben, one being the scene where Ben is like 'do you know the wildflower mural on the second floor?' Because I swear that is the moment everyone knew Ben and Leslie were meant to be! The second is Ben's wedding speech 'In my time working for the state government, my job sent me to 46 cities in 11 years. I lived in villages with eight people, rural farming communities, college towns...I was sent to every corner of Indiana. Then I came here and realised that, this whole time I was just wandering around, everywhere just looking for you' like seriously..who doesn't want their own Ben Wyatt?!

April and Andy
April and Andy were the one thing I knew about the show before I watched it, so I was beyond shocked to start the show with Andy and Ann just felt wrong! But I just loved watching them fall in love...they are such amazing characters who are so perfect together! 

Ann and Chris
Chris and Ann were such an odd couple, but at the same time perfect for eachother! I'm so so glad they finally got together instead of Chris just being a sperm donor.

Leslie and Ann
Leslie and Ann are honestly best friend goals. When I first started the show I didn't know if I would actually like Ann as I had previously seen Rashida Jones on The U.S. Office and wasn't really a fan of her character (maybe it was just the fact she was getting in the way of Jim and Pam) but she was amazing on parks and rec! But also pretty much every interaction between Leslie and Ann was perfect, just honestly so beautifully written!

I know everytime I write about a show I say that the finale was the best I had ever seen...but really I think this was! Like I cried so much for a comedy! My favourite parts of the finale were when April and Andy have their baby, Gary becoming mayor (and then I cried when he died and it was his funeral), Leslie finding the perfect job for Ron, then when everyone got together after not seeing eachother for ages...I sobbed when Ann and Leslie were reunited (the best thing ever!) and then Leslie becoming governor..her dream come true!


Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Game Over, Charles.


Okay, we are finally here! The big A reveal. It's been five years in the making (and unlike some people) I am beyond thrilled with who A is, and what caused them to become like this. Before the reveal I really didn't want this person to be A, and when I found out before actually watching the episode it just started adding up in my head and wow Marlene King is just amazing for putting this all together and for it to make sense. I certainley never expected to feel sorry for A, but the story was so emotional that I just wanted to give Cece a massive hug. Another person who deserves the biggest recognition is Vanessa Ray, her acting was crazy amazing and made me love Cece Drake so much more than I did already!

This episode starts off with Alison, Emily, Spencer, Aria and Hanna running up a flight of stairs to get to a roof where A is standing on a ledge and they are trying to talk them out of jumping.
Earlier that night at prom Hanna, Spencer, Aria, Emily and Sara are in the maze talking about finding Ali when Aria sees someone else, who turns out to be Mona and she tells them she has been following Ali and that the signals from the texts lead back to the Carrissimi Group.
A is then seen dragging a body by their feet and when you see their face is it Jason Dilaurentis.
Ali wakes up in a Radley room, there are photos around of her face covered with Charles'..she then sees her dads 'dead' body.

The girls go to the Carrissimi Group, trying to get in a restricted room guessing the password and surprise surprise Sara Harvey knows it! The girls enter a big room that has an interactive table in it, Sara doesn't go in and then the door closes on her. They then see the room where Ali is in and see Jason and Mr Dilaurentis' bodies. Ali is talking to A and when A turns around it is revealed to be Cece Drake.
Cece (originally Charles Dilaurentis) tells Ali that she loved her. Flashback- Charles is playing tea party and baby Ali starts crying, he tries to get Mrs Dilaurentis' attention but when he can't he decides to try and make her feel better by giving her a bath. Mr Dilaurentis runs in and starts shouting at Charles 'what is wrong with you?!'
Mr and Mrs Dilaurentis are then seen leaving Charles at Radley, when they are walking away Mr Dilaurentis is convincing Mrs D they are doing the right thing.
Cece tells Ali that she never meant to hurt her, and that she thinks Mr Dilaurentis knew it was an accident but wanted to get rid of Charles because he never liked the fact Charles wanted to be a girl. Cece tells Ali Mr Dilaurentis and Jason aren't dead, they just can't move but they can hear and Mona tells the girls that is what happened to her when she 'died'.

Cece tells Ali then when she was 12 their mum bought her a yellow dress for Christmas and that she bought Cece and Ali the exact same clothes. Flashback- Charles and Bethany on the Radley roof when Mrs Cavanaugh comes up, Charles didn't want her to see him so asked Bethany to cover for him and she ends up pushing Mrs Cavanaugh off the roof and blames Charles. Cece tells Ali that 'nobody believed the boy in the dress' and it is revealed that Mrs Dilaurentis paid Wilden to cover up the death. I don't understand why Hanna gets pissy when Ali says she's sorry to Cece, like why can Hanna forgive Mona? but Ali can't forgive Cece?!
Cece tells Ali that when Charles 'died' at 16 that is when Charlotte was born.

The girls then see Red Coat turning up at Radley and setting an explosive up. Cece got into U Penn by always studying while being locked up. 'One day classes were cancelled...okay I called in a bomb threat' like I love Cece!!
Flashback- Cece and Jason meeting for the first time, he asks for her name and that is where Cece Drake is born...but she dated her brother and that is super super weird. Mrs D finds out that Jason and Cece are dating. Mrs D tells Cece that Mr D thinks she is really dead. When Mr D met Cece for the first time, it was honestly heartbreaking, like that was his daughter and he had no idea!

Ali asks Cece why she never told her that she was her sister and she said she was going to but Bethany ruined everything. She stole Cece's clothes and left Radley on 'that night'.
Flashback- Cece sees who she thinks is Bethany and hits her from behind and doesn't realise she hit Ali until it was too late. Mrs D is burying Ali while Cece is crying promising that she thought it was Bethany.
Mona is seen crying and she tells the girls that she killed Bethany, she thought she hit Ali that night but if Cece hit Ali, then she 'killed an innocent person' and Spencer Hastings to the rescue with 'Bethany wasn't innocent'.
Flashback- Mrs D paying Wilden, telling him what to tell Radley when he drops Cece there.

Cece tells Ali that she was alone in Radley after that night until Mona came along.
Flashback- the 'I did everything you ask me to' scene, Cece is wearing a pink robe not a red coat. Mona thought that she was Ali, Cece asked her to talk about the girls so she could learn about them. Cece needed Mona's help to leave.
Flashback- the girls first meeting Cece. 
Cece tells Ali that she started seeing a blonde in a red coat and thought she was losing it because she watched Mrs D bury her,so on the night of the lodge fire she sent a decoy, who turns out to be Sara Harvey!
Flashback- the girls waking up after the fire, Cece watching them, gets teary and happy when Hanna, Mona and Spencer say they all saw Ali.
Cece is then trying to justify all the things she has done by saying that she never truly hurt anybody and that they're all still alive.
Flashback- Wilden's funeral, black widow gets into the is Sara and she tells Cece that he is dead.

The girls are then talking about Sara which makes Emily try and get out, which she does not succeed at. Spencer finds the way out and all girls leave except Mona who 'needs to know how the story ends'.
Flashback- Cece goes to say goodbye to Mrs D before she goes somewhere but when she gets there she finds her dead body lying on the floor and she sobs into it.

An alarm starts going off, the girls turn up to Radley and see Sara. Cece tries to set the explosive off but Spencer has already disconnected it.
Ali runs out to get help, Sara tries to run but Emily grabs her to which Sara goes 'I tried to keep you safe' but Emily decides to knock her out and the girls run to the roof. They tell Cece not to jump off, Ali screams 'Charlotte, please don't do this' and she gets off the ledge and tells the girls 'game over'.
Labour Day- Alison, Spencer, Hanna, Aria and Emily are all saying goodbye to each other before they go their separate ways, which was really emotional! But the cutest part was when Spencer and Hanna were hugging and Spencer goes 'bye baby HannaBanana'.

5 years later- (eeek we have entered the time jump) the camera goes over the desks of a classroom to someone writing the name 'Mrs Rollins' on a blackboard. Aria runs in and says 'he's coming for you' the teacher turns around and its Ali. Emily and Hanna then run in telling her they need to go and Emily says 'We came back here for you Ali, so move it'. Spencer is the last to run in and say 'it's too late, he's already here'

I am beyond amazed at this finale...the reveal was amazing and the time jump looks fabulous! Like who is 'he?!' Is it someone we already know? someone new? Eeek I just can't wait to find out!!


Saturday, 8 August 2015

we protect those who cannot protect themselves

so I've just finished watching season 3 of Teen Wolf (and for anyone who has watched it knows it is the most heartbreaking season!) and even though I am not up to date..I just thought it deserved to be posted about!

Before I started watching it, I didn't know much...I assumed it was just about the ups and downs in the life of a teen wolf (way more heartbreaking than that!) but one thing I knew for definite was that Allison Argent was going to die. 

I'm not going to do a season by season recap...because honestly I can't remember everything that happened! 

From the start I thought that Scott (Tyler Posey) and Allison (Crystal Reed) were the cutest. From the moment he gave her a pen..but I hated Allison's family. Throughout the first season her dad and aunt Kate were the ones I hated the most for being 'the hunters' and in the second season it was her mum and grandad. I was honestly so glad when Kate and Allison's mum died (even though Kate is back as a werewolf?! like nope) but towards the end of season 3 I just wanted to give Allison's dad a hug because man he's been through a lot! 

Stiles, Lydia and Derek are definitely my favourite characters! 
Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) is the best friend everybody needs, he is just sarcastically hilarious and one of the greatest parts of Teen Wolf. Stiles being possessed in season 3 was one of the best story lines and Dylan O'Brien played it so so well!
Lydia (Holland Roden) is one of be greatest people, she spends a lot of the time hiding behind a 'dumb popular girl' act until she truly needs to use her brain. Lydia becoming the banshee was amazing, that scream is just the best thing.
Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin) looks like the angriest scariest person you'll ever meet, when in fact he is just a big ball of heartbreak and honestly I'm in love with him.

but the one thing that made me want to write this is Allison's death..I have seen many character deaths and this is definitely up in my most heartbreaking ones as there was so much not just when she died but before and after that made me cry like a baby! 

The main things that made me sob like a baby were: 
-when she said goodbye to her dad just incase anything happened to him. (this was the saddest thing because I knew she was going to die and this would be their final goodbye) 
-that tiny glimmer of happiness just after she figured out how to kill the Oni, but then it was gone when they shoved a sword through her.
-Lydia's scream! (I thought she could only tell if someone was going to die...not who was going to die) but that made me cry like crazy the way she just screamed Allison's that was the most hurt I had ever seen her.
-Allison's first thought after being stabbed was, not that she was going to die, but whether Lydia was safe. She was dying but still had to make sure her bestfriend was safe.
-Scott's first thought was to take away her pain, even if she wasn't in any.
-her goodbye to Scott, 'it's perfect. I'm in the arms of my first love, the first person I've ever loved, the person I'll always love. I love you, Scott McCall' 
-she died before she could finish telling Scott how she figured out how to kill the Oni.
-that Scott (and most likely Isaac) would've heard her heart actually stop beating.
-her dad showing up and seeing her dead body in Scott's arms and just only being able to hear his gun drop.

If you have never watched Teen Wolf then I suggest you start! It may cause a lot of pain...but I promise it is one of the greatest shows I've watched! At the moment I am still heartbroken over Allison dying that I just cannot face starting season 4...but one day soon I will!


Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Last Dance

ahh so today was the last episode of Pretty Little Liars before we find out who A is! I can't believe after five years, that next week we will finally know everything!!!

This episode started off with the PLL mums telling each of the girls that they can't go to their school prom or graduation, which the girls were obviously angry at, but Veronica has said they can have their own 'prom' in the barn.
The 5 girls, Alison, Spencer, Aria, Hanna and Emily are in the brew talking about what their mums just told them. Lorenzo walks in, him and Ali make eye contact but he just ignores her. Ali then goes to the bathroom and gets a text from Charles telling her to go to the prom.
Aria is sat in the brew trying to phone Clark, Ezra comes to talk to her when Ella walks in and tells Aria that she won the photo contest and has an internship in LA (yay for Aria) and Ezra looks so proud of shipper heart is exploding! But Aria is quite reluctant to go as she is scared about A. Ezra then tells Aria he will go to the 'prom' in Spencer's barn with her. 

Caleb is telling Hanna that he has to go to New York with his dad and is acting pretty sketchy. (there is nothing I would love more than Caleb being how amazingly shocking would that be?!) 
Emily asks Sara to prom but she turns her down as she is already going to her old schools one.
Spencer goes running after Toby who is outside Rosewood P.D trying to get him to let her talk to Tanner so that Toby and Lorenzo don't have to be suspended. But Toby is the real mvp..'what happened, happened' like I need a Toby Cavanaugh.
Hanna then calls Caleb's dad to see if he is actually going to New York. While she is doing that Emily is talking to Ashely, telling her how prom isn't going to be the same but Ashley tells her that they need to have a great time whether they are at the school or not. Hanna finds out Caleb isn't in New York and she thinks he is trying to hunt A down on his own.

Charles calls Ali, she tells him that she won't be at the school prom, he hangs up the phone and you see him run past her window.
Spencer meets with Lorenzo in the brew trying to get him to forgive Ali which was super cute as they were never the closest of the girls.
The pll mums are in the Hastings kitchen talking. 
Ali turns up (which gave off 'that night' yellow top,yellow dress, all in the barn..Toby and Ezra there at both times..thunder and lightning) and waves to Pam, when the mums look away she runs off and someone in a red cape (most likely A) follows her. 
Ezra is taking photos of the girls. Hanna is trying to get Toby's help to find Caleb. 
The mums are talking about Mr and Mrs Dilaurentis when Veronica lets slip that Jason is not Kenneth's son.
Aria sees that Ezra has booked a flight to LA when his phone goes off.

Ali turns up at the school prom, the person in the red cape behind her still. Clark is there taking pictures and recognises her.
The girls, Toby and Ezra are in the barn looking at everybody's prom pictures when they see Ali in the background of a photo. 
The mums are in the garden, Veronica is talking about how she can't go anyway with out remembering Mrs Dilaurentis.
The girls, Toby and Ezra turn up at the school prom looking for Ali. Aria goes to talk to Clark when a teacher splits them up and tells Aria that her and the others should 'find the exit, voluntarily'.
Veronica is really drunk now and wants to go get answers from Mr Dilaurentis.

Toby, Ezra, Hanna, Spencer and Emily find Ali and try and get her to stop but she won't listen.
Sara turns up at the prom to be with Emily.
The mums are at the Dilaurentis house, they find the door open and cannot find Kenneth. They find an evidence envelope which has the photo of Jessica, Jason and Charles inside. When they turn around Rhys (from the Carrissimi Group) is standing in the Dilaurentis' living room.
Spencer stops Ali, but Ali tells her to go because 'she never understood or liked her'. Caleb shows up and tells Hanna to dance.
Rhys says that he is looking for Mr Dilaurentis as he has some questions for him and Ella thinks Rhys is Charles.

Ezria are dancing while spying on Ali and Clark. Spoby are dancing, Spencer is wondering while Ali would think that she never liked her. Sara and Emily are dancing and Sara goes 'I just want you to know, whatever happens, you mean a lot to me' like seriously?! that is such a sketchy thing to say!! what is going to happen then Sara?!
Aria tells Ezra that she doesn't want him to go to LA with her, but he tells her that it's a lay over going to Thialand where he is doing habitat for humanity.
Spoby are talking about Spencer's speech that she wrote about Toby, they kiss and then lose Ali.
The mums are at the Dilaurentis house, they hear a noise in the basement and decide to go down there and end up getting locked down there (so much like their daughters!)
Caleb tells Hanna that he was in New York, and the real reason he was there was because he got a job so that they can move there and Hanna can go to college (ok at this moment in time I don't want Caleb to be A).

Ali sees A/Charlss and goes running after him, Clark sees her and then you see he has a gun and goes after Ali, and then the girls,Toby and Ezra follow. They stop Clark and end up finding out he is an undercover cop.
Ali is in a maze looking for Charles (because this seems really safe), she gets a text saying 'it's just the two of us now' and then gets dragged away by A/Charles.
Lorenzo shows up at the prom and they explain that they have lost Ali.
The mums are trying to get out of the Dilaurentis' basement and start wondering how the girls survived all of A's torture.
Spencer and Emily find Ali's phone on the floor by a smashed mirror.
Ali is being pushed down a corridor by A/Charles and then they stop. She turns around and pleads Charles to talk to her when Charles takes off his mask and reveals himself to Ali and her reaction is 'oh my god' in a really slow, upset shocked tone, like she already knew him. 

okay so make sure to read next weeks post when we find out who A is! 

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