Sunday, 16 August 2015

I love you and I like you.

after ages of seeing many different Twitter/Tumblr posts about Parks and Recreation...I have finally watched and finished it! I knew a few things about it, such as the April and Andy relationship (one main reason of wanting to watch it) and the Ben and Leslie relationship.

One thing I love about watching a show knowing which couples are endgame is that you get to watch their relationship grow, which was definitely me with Ben & Leslie..I already knew how much I would love April and Andy, but I just completely fell in love with Ben and Leslie. 

Leslie and Ben
Watching the show knowing that Leslie and Ben end up together is something really beautiful, to actually see their relationship blossom and grow! From the moment Ben came on screen I was completely in love with him and I was just waiting for the moment they became official. I have two favourite moments of Leslie and Ben, one being the scene where Ben is like 'do you know the wildflower mural on the second floor?' Because I swear that is the moment everyone knew Ben and Leslie were meant to be! The second is Ben's wedding speech 'In my time working for the state government, my job sent me to 46 cities in 11 years. I lived in villages with eight people, rural farming communities, college towns...I was sent to every corner of Indiana. Then I came here and realised that, this whole time I was just wandering around, everywhere just looking for you' like seriously..who doesn't want their own Ben Wyatt?!

April and Andy
April and Andy were the one thing I knew about the show before I watched it, so I was beyond shocked to start the show with Andy and Ann just felt wrong! But I just loved watching them fall in love...they are such amazing characters who are so perfect together! 

Ann and Chris
Chris and Ann were such an odd couple, but at the same time perfect for eachother! I'm so so glad they finally got together instead of Chris just being a sperm donor.

Leslie and Ann
Leslie and Ann are honestly best friend goals. When I first started the show I didn't know if I would actually like Ann as I had previously seen Rashida Jones on The U.S. Office and wasn't really a fan of her character (maybe it was just the fact she was getting in the way of Jim and Pam) but she was amazing on parks and rec! But also pretty much every interaction between Leslie and Ann was perfect, just honestly so beautifully written!

I know everytime I write about a show I say that the finale was the best I had ever seen...but really I think this was! Like I cried so much for a comedy! My favourite parts of the finale were when April and Andy have their baby, Gary becoming mayor (and then I cried when he died and it was his funeral), Leslie finding the perfect job for Ron, then when everyone got together after not seeing eachother for ages...I sobbed when Ann and Leslie were reunited (the best thing ever!) and then Leslie becoming governor..her dream come true!


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