Thursday, 8 October 2015

hey, havent I seen you somewhere before? pt2

so I wrote a post like this before which you can see here and as its my most viewed post I thought I would do a part 2!

1.Caitlin Stasey (The Sleepover Club-Reign)

Caitlin Stasey played Francesca Thomas on The Sleepover Club and Lady Kenna on Reign.

As I've mentioned before The Sleepover Club was one of my favourite tv shows when I was younger and I just love watching actors from old shows in new ones, so when I heard about Reign and that Caitlin was in it I just knew I had to watch! I am so obsessed with the show, I've always loved history and the monarchy is one of my favourite parts of it so this show is quite high in my favourites right now.

2.Emma Roberts (Unfabulous-Scream 4-Scream Queens)

Emma Roberts played Addie Singer on Unfabulous, Jill Roberts on Scream 4 and Chanel Oberlin on Scream Queens.

For as long as I can remember Emma Roberts has always been one of my favourite actress'. I used to love watching Unfabulous (as much to the despise of my mum..who didn't enjoy it as much as I) and since then I've pretty much watched everything she's been in! Only recently have I watched Scream 4 but she was the most amazing brand of psycho that just made the movie! Scream Queens doesn't actually start until Monday in the UK but I'm so excited for it and from what I've seen I know she and it will be amazing!

3.Rebecca Breeds (Home and Away-Pretty Little Liars)

Rebecca Breeds played Ruby Buckton on Home And Away and Nicole Gordon on Pretty Little Liars.

I have only been watching Home and Away for the past 3/4 years so I only saw a tiny bit of Ruby (and in old episodes I have watched) but from the little I saw she was such an amazing character, so I was beyond thrilled when she was announced to be on Pretty Little Liars (my favourite show) even though she wasn't in much I am so glad she's got to be known. (I've recently heard she's in season 3 of the originals which I'm super looking forward to as I'm only on season 2)

4.Zoey Deutch (Suite Life on Deck-Vampire Academy)

Zoey Deutch played Maya Bennett on Suite Life on Deck and Rose Hathaway in Vampire Academy.

The Suite Life (on deck and of Zack and Cody) were highlights of my childhood and Maya wasn't a main character but when I watched Vampire Academy I knew that I knew her and she was just an amazing character and I only wished they had carried on this franchise! 

5.Jason Priestley (Beverly Hills 90210-Haven)

Jason Priestly played Brandon Walsh on Beverly Hills 90210 and Chris Brody on Haven.

As I'm only 19, my 90210 was the remake which is why I watched Jason Preistly in Haven beforehand. When I decided to watch Beverly Hills 90210 (which I must say is amazing and I do need to watch it all) I was in love and totally regretting the fact I was born in the 90's because he was absolutely gorgeous and I just knew I recognised him from somewhere and I was just completely shocked because he just looked so different! (and quite possibly I was shocked at how much he had aged...I forget how old that show is!)

6.Kaley Cuoco (8 Simple Rules-The Big Bang Theory)

Kaley Cuoco played Bridget Hennessy on 8 Simple Rules and Penny on The Big Bang Theory.

8 Simple Rules was probably the first sitcom I fell in love with (before I even watched friends) and it surprises me that I don't know anybody else who has watched this...Kaley Cuoco is amazing at what she does and brings the aspects I loved of Bridget to Penny which makes the Big Bang theory better for me.

7.Ksenia Solo (Life Unexpected-Orphan Black)

Ksenia Solo played Natasha Siviac on Life Unexpected and Shay Davydov on Orphan Black.

I only recently discovered Life Unexpected on Netflix and fell completely in love! If you haven't watched it please do...but give it time as I wasn't fully hooked until I got to the end of season 1 and by the finale I was so attached to these characters. Tash was a great character, she was the best friend of the main and a great one at that! When I finished Life Unexpected I went on to watch Season 3 of Orphan Black and there she was playing another amazing character who made the show more enjoyable!

8.Britt Robertson (Life Unexpected-Tomorrow Land)

Britt Robertson played Lux Cassidy on Life Unexpected and Casey Newton in Tomorrowland.

Britt Robertson has slowly become one of my favourite actresses without me even knowing. I first watched her in Avalon High, which is a Disney channel movie, and as I just said in Life Unexpected and most recently Tomorrowland where she plays two different characters but makes her performances amazing both times!

9.Chris Hemsworth (Home and Away-Thor)

Chris Hemsworth played Kim Hyde on Home and Away and Thor in the self titled film.

As I said before I've only been watching Home and Away for a few years so I never got to see Chris Hemsworth in it when they were aired so I've only seen a few old episodes but he was so good and to watch them after seeing him as Thor was such a difference because she can see how his career has grown which is beyond amazing!


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