Sunday, 27 November 2016


Sunday; the day everybody waits for because it's the 'ultimate lazy day'...but not me, I work Sundays and yes I know I have days in the week where I get to be lazy, but it isn't the same being home alone on a week day and then leaving my family, who are all together, on a Sunday..kinda sucks).

Normally after work I get home about 9.30pm and have a little catch up with my family and end up watching whatever reality show my mum is watching; tonight was I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here (which I do like...I even cried at it..I'm way too emotional for life), and then be in bed by 11pm. 

But today is different(ish), I decided to go to bed a little earlier (although it is almost midnight and I am writing this) and read through the Vogue magazine I bought after work...the cover was just too beautiful not to buy! I am also listening to 'Reflecting Light' (on repeat...yes I am one of those people), I heard this song at the end of Gilmore Girls:A Year In The Life the other day and instantly fell in love (also found out it was in the scene where Luke and Lorelai are dancing at Liz's wedding...ahh perfection). Its just so beautiful and calming that I cannot stop listening to it (also it's giving me some major Luke/Lorelai feels)

I'll probably be asleep within an hour as I do have work again tomorrow; but I shall leave this post here and will post again soon.

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Friday, 25 November 2016

Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life

ok, first of all I would love to say a MASSIVE thank you to Netflix for bringing this amazing TV show back! I only started watching it this year, but I can see how its been so well loved...I've fallen in love with each and every character and honestly probably more invested in their lives than I am my own...which is weird I guess. (also don't read any further if you don't want to see spoilers!)

Image result for gilmore girls a year in the life

The start made me super emotional, it started with no actual visual just speech, which was a montage of some of the most iconic lines from the past 7 seasons and that just made me super excited. My favourite part is although it ended almost 10 years ago, nothing has changed, every characters personality is the same as when it finished and all the sets look almost identical.

Luke and Lorelai being an actual couple is my favourite thing, I've loved them since the beginning and the end of the show with them kissing seriously was too much for me and it makes my life seeing them together again. Although when they start arguing my heart breaks each time.

Seeing how much Rory has grown since the show has ended was such a great thing, although she is still the same Rory. Her friendship with Lane is still going strong even into their 30's. My least favourite thing is how she is still sleeping Logan because he basically was treating her like 'the other woman' and she deserves so much more.

The return of Paris Geller was the best, she is easily one of the most amazing characters and she is still as funny as ever. Seeing how she has become successful, been married had kids and got a divorce and still having a hard time just shows that nobody has ever truly got everything figured out.

I fully understand Lorelai's decision to want and go on a hike, but it was sad to see her away from Stars Hollow. But watching her try and pack her backpack literally remind me of myself before going to matter how big those bags look there is never enough room!

The phone call between Lorelai and her mum about her dad was such a heartwarming moment, to hear her actually opening up to her mum about something was so amazing. Edward Herrmann was very much missed from this revival.

Luke thinking Lorelai was going to leave him was so cute, him arguing his corner was such a perfect moment. "This right here is all I'll ever need" I just love him so much and the love he has for her is something that everybody should have! But once she said "I think we should get married" I cried like a baby!!

Rory writing a book about her and Lorelai was such a great story line. Their relationship has been literally the greatest thing about this show and what makes the show so great. Also the fact it was named "Gilmore Girls" made me cry!

Sookie's return was quite short but so amazing, I cried...when Lorelai walks into the kitchen and finds her making wedding cakes for her, it made me feel super happy because they have such an amazing friendship.

Luke and Lorelai's wedding is honestly more than I could ever have hoped for, I was a big blubbering mess, I am such a sucker for a romantic ending and for it to be these two amazing characters was the best.

Then the highly anticipated last 4 words...something that had been planned for a while and everyone has been waiting to hear were said, "Mom? Yeah? I'm pregnant." I honestly gasped so loud...I really hope this isn't the end because I would love to see how they would carry on the story line of Rory being pregnant, who the father is (I'm assuming Logan?) and to see Luke and Lorelai's married life!

If you have never watched Gilmore Girls and never have been graced by the people of Stars Hollow then I really do hope you take this opportunity and do so! It is such an amazing show that anybody can fall in love with.


When TV and music meet...

ok ok ok, lets be honest...I've been slacking with this recently (to be honest I've been slacking with a lot) but I really do want to get back into regularly posting, also maybe adding a few make up posts (although I am in no way a beauty guru...) so for today I'm just going to stick with a TV related post!

I thought I would post my favourite songs from TV shows, as most of the music I listen to comes from shows, also I think the right song in a certain scene can have many effects on you so I shall be adding a little information on shows/scenes/effects.

The Fray- How to Save a Life: This has been used in many shows that I have seen, mainly Grey's Anatomy, but the one I want to talk about today is Scrubs. The episode the song features in has really stuck with me and is something that I'll probably never forget. It was one of the first deeply emotional moments in this comedy that I remember. The song is used in a scene after the doctors transplant organs without knowing how the patient died, which they figure out too late and all the transplant patients die, and it is definitely a scene that has stuck with me for years!

Snow Patrol- Open Your Eyes: So the show this was featured in was The US Office, and to me is the song that reminds me of Jim & Pam! If you've watched The Office and didn't ship Jim & Pam then you are crazy. This song is used in the second to last episode and Jim makes Pam a video to show how much he loves her and honestly it seriously killed me! It was the sweetest moment and every time I listen to this song I feel an overwhelming feeling on joy (as non weird as that sounds).

Aidan Knight- Dream Team: The show this song was featured in was Haven, and it was such an emotional scene; Duke has to accept that Jennifer has died and basically let go of her and this song is played while there is a montage of their best bits play. Every time I listen to this song I feel all the emotions all over again, it is such a beautiful song.

Anna Nalick- Breathe: This song was featured in the musical episode of Grey's Anatomy and it is to me one of the best moments from the episode. It is sung by Lexie as she is looking for Mark while Callie is in surgery and I think its such a good song to tell their story and it just makes you feel so many different emotions.

Bruce Springsteen- Dancing In The Dark: This song was featured in The Mindy Project and was honestly the greatest moment in the show. It is featured in the season 2 finale and is just one big parallel. It is played while Danny is running through New York to find Mindy at the top of the Empire State Building and this scene was such a high for me because in the pilot Mindy is watching 'When Harry met Sally' and Danny is making a point of Harry running to find Sally a stupid thing to do this scene but proves his love for Mindy is pure and enough to change him.

James Vincent McMorrow- Look Out: This song was featured in Teen Wolf and just breaks my heart every time I listen to it. It was played after Allison's death scene and will just forever remind me of that scene, it was so heartbreaking watching her die in Scott's arms. This is such a beautiful song which is a perfect song to relax to.

One Two- Without You: So after some researching I figured out this song was played when Mark died in Grey's Anatomy...and I didn't even know, like this isn't what I even wanted to mention. Technically what I associate this song with isn't a TV show...its to do with a TV show, it was basically a Skye/Lincoln fan video on YouTube (sad I know). It basically stuck in my mind for a long time! Then one day I was listening to music and this came on shuffle and it basically broke my heart all over again, I love the song so much!

Rachel Platten- Fight Song: This song was featured in Pretty Little Liars and is one of my favourite scenes. It is played when Alison comes back to school (after being missing/dead), it is such an iconic moment and the song is just perfect for Alison. When she walks through the doors of the school to everyone staring at her while this is playing just makes it so amazing. I will forever be reminded of Alison Dilaurentis when I listen to this song.


Thursday, 24 November 2016


I'm sat at home with cup of coffee and watching Chicago Med and thought I haven't posted in a while, so I thought I would....and make it something other than a TV show post!

Recently I had a job interview (which I didn't get...oops) which just proved that no matter how much I think I've changed....I will always be the shy girl who freaks out at the moment I have to socialise.
I spent days revising for my application and everything I needed to know for the job role and normally I have an insanely good memory but when I got into the room with three totally unknown people staring at mind went blank. It was seriously like that episode of Spongebob where the tiny sponges in his brain get rid of every bit of information in his brain. 

Nothing else has really happened, there shall be a new post coming soon...all about Gilmore Girls: A year in the life!! 


Thursday, 13 October 2016

"It's a beautiful day to save lives"

So after years of hearing about it...I finally sat down and watched Grey's Anatomy. I can tell you that it 100% lives up to its reputation, it is the best and the worst thing I have ever watched. It's the worst thing mainly because of how sad it is...and how much of an emotional person I am because I find myself crying at near enough every episode! So if you haven't seen it then you definitely definitely should! 

Derek Shepherd (Mcdreamy)
Oh Mcdreamy...what can't I say about him? He was my main reason for starting Grey's Anatomy...just look at that face! Although I knew he was going to die in the end I just couldn't help falling in love with him! He is a brilliant neurosurgeon with a love for ferry boats and has a smile that could melt a million hearts..if you're not intrigued by now you're crazy!

Meredith Grey
Meredith is so amazing, I was in love from the first scene. She has been through so much and still she comes out smiling (after taking a while to process things obviously). She has dodged death so many times during the show which has had me on the edge of my seat each time (even though I knew full well she doesn't die!!)

Izzie Stevens
At the start of the show Izzie was definitely high up in my favourites...she was just a big bundle of joy! Although she had many different and hard hitting story lines she still managed to stay some what her happy self, I wish her ending hadn't happened the way it did and if she could come back it would be perfect, even if it was just one episode for a proper ending!

George O'Malley
ahh, George...the cutest best friend who had such a brutal ending! He was such a great character and did not deserve what he got. He had many amazing moments, his relationships with Callie and Izzie were some of the best. I knew he was going to die before I watched it but I definitely didn't know how bad it would be when I was watching! 

Cristina Yang
Cristina is such a loveable character. She's such a different person compared to everyone else, she is very closed off but I just can't help but love her! The way she acts, even if she doesn't try, is just hilarious. Her friendship with Meredith is just beyond amazing...something that I have loved from the start!

Alex Karev
Oh what an amazing man! He started off being such an idiot and someone I didn't think I would end up loving but wow I was wrong! His relationship with Izzie was one of my favourite parts of the show. But I think Alex becoming a pediatric surgeon was so amazing, the way he acts with the children and how attached he gets to his patients is just one of the best things!

Arizona Robbins
I never knew how much I would love Arizona when she first appeared but I truly do! Before the plane crash she was literally the happiest person alive who would wheel through the hospital on heelies...which just shows she is perfect for a pediatric surgeon! Arizona's storyline after the plane crash though was so hard to watch mainly because after everything she had been through she just wasn't the same person anymore, losing her leg had major effects on her life but never changed my opinion on her character. Her relationship with Callie is honestly such a perfect thing!

Lexie Grey
Her first scene where she meets Derek in the bar had me screaming because I knew she was Meredith's sister and I thought something would happen between them, which also had me disliking her. But then she started at the hospital and my god I just loved her! She was just the nicest/funniest person and seeing her building her relationship with Meredith was something amazing. I knew when I was watching she was going to die in the plane crash but I just never knew how much it would make me cry! I loved her and Mark together and really thought they would be back together before she died but really it was a declaration of his love as she is dying which killed me! Lexie definitely deserved so much better!

Mark Sloan
ahh Mark...Derek's best friend who Addison slept with (something I never understood until I saw how could anybody cheat on Mcdreamy?! but then Mcsteamy came walking in and everything made sense!). He was such an idiot who I just couldn't help but love. His friendship with Callie was the greatest and the way he changed into a better version of himself when Sofia was born was the best. Mark and Lexie were just such an amazing pairing and as much as I wish they hadn't died I'm glad they died not that long apart (I'm so sure Mark made his injuries so much worse by trying to lift the plane off of Lexie) so they are together forever now. 

April Kepner
April at times really reminds me of myself and has becoming one of my favourite characters (that sounds rather vain doesn't it?). She still manages to be happy and smiley despite what she has been through, being fired twice, finding her best friends dead body, watching her boss get shot, and losing her baby, which has just shown how strong of a character she is. Her relationship with Jackson is my favourite thing!

Jackson Avery
I swear this hospital is full of beautiful doctors! I loved Jackson from the moment he came onto the screen, his little rivalry with Yang was something I loved. Then his friendship with Mark when he was specialising in plastics was so amazing and the fact he stayed with Mark when he was dying telling him about all their cases was so cute! Jackson and April's relationship is just so so perfect.

Season 1
The first scene was just pure magic, as soon as I watched it I just knew I was going to be hooked! It was such a great way to introduce the two main characters and they were just the cutest!! 
When the other doctors were introduced I made my first impressions that I was half wrong half right about. George was just the cutest and he definitely stayed that way. Izzie was compassionate which she showed many times. Cristina just seemed too self involved but really she was very confident and there for everyone when they need it. Alex was just an idiot at the start but he is definitely one of my favourites now! 

Meredith and Derek meeting again after the first scene when she finds out he is her boss was amazing, and all their scenes after had me  wanting them together, so when they were sneaking around it was the best! But the biggest moment/shock of the season was when it is revealed that Derek is actually married like I went crazy because for the entire season I was thinking to myself 'I'm sure I heard he's married?' but ended up convincing myself it was a different show and then this happened and I was screaming!!!

Season 2
I hated the fact that Addison was a series regular because I loved Derek and Meredith and she was just ruining it but I actually came to love her so much! When George performed heart surgery in a lift I knew this show was just going to be iconic, it was so amazing to watch! I was so angry that Derek chose Addison over Meredith (although I knew they eventually ended up together) but her 'pick me, choose me, love me' speech was just everything!

A favourite moment in this season was the episode the guy had a bomb inside of him, it was just so amazingly acted out and insanely gripping and had me on the edge of my seat! The scene where the paramedic takes her hand out is just so nerve wracking because I just expected an explosion but Meredith taking the girls place instead made me super worried about what was going to happen. Then Derek is in surgery and hasn't taken his eye off of what he is doing even when he is talking but as soon as he hears Meredith is holding the bomb he is just so shaken up he loses concentration which had me dying because obviously he loves her and cannot lose her!

Izzie and Denny's relationship was the loveliest and most heartbreaking storyline of season 2. The scene where she cuts Denny's LVAD wire to get him the donor heart was so brilliantly acted out. I cried so much because of all the emotion Izzie had during the scene, Katherine Heigl is an amazing actress, and the way everyone helps to keep him alive once she has cut the wire just shows how close they had become as they were all risking their careers.
The most heartbreaking moment was when Denny died alone in his room. Even though he got the heart and proposed, he ended up having a stroke before Izzie got to his room..watching her cry over his dead body was the moment I realized this show was going to leave me (even more of) an emotional mess! My favourite moment of the season was Derek and Meredith sleeping together in the finale, it was the best and most waited for moment!

Season 3
Derek and Meredith getting close again this season was just everything I've ever wanted! 
Izzie mourning Denny was so sad especially when she had to go back to the hospital and just stood outside all day, it shows how much this hospital and his death affected her.

I hated Burke after his hand injury because he was hiding it and letting Cristina perform his what doctor does that to their patients?! It was so heartbreaking when Meredith's mum started reliving the night Richard left her and tells Meredith (not knowing) that she should've never had her, (but after watching season 11..could she have been talking about Maggie?)
Callie and George getting married was definitely a favourite thing was Alex's line 'dude, she's Callie O'Malley' it just made me laugh so much! 

The ferry boat accident is another of my favourite episodes that legit had me feeling so many different emotions! Izzie having to treat the man stuck between two cars made me so nervous. Alex saving the pregnant woman was amazing and just was adding to what an amazing pediatric surgeon he was going to become. But Meredith treating the man who eventually knocked her into the water was the worst...I was literally screaming because the only person who knew she was in there was a little girl who was in shock and not speaking. But Derek jumping in the water to pull out an almost dead Meredith was amazing, she then ends up in limbo with Denny, the bomb guy and an ex patient.

I was sobbing when they were trying to revive Meredith (even though I knew full well she wasn't going to die because this is season 3 and she is on season 12) but by now I was so attached to the characters just watching them all when it was happening was just breaking my heart! Meredith then seeing her mum in limbo was actually quite emotional it was like she was lucid again and she got a nice final moment with her and then she finally woke up! 
Izzie and George getting super drunk then sleeping together was lowkey shocking but also kind of amazing!! By the end of season 3 Burke was literally my least favourite person and then him walking out on Cristina at their wedding was the worst thing ever!!

Season 4
Lexie Grey (Meredith's half sister) becomes a regular as an intern and I actually hated her at the beginning because she sort of hit on Derek!! (MerDer for life ok!). 
George and Izzie were actually so cute for the time they actually lasted, such an odd pairing but for some reason it was just so perfect. The ambulance crash outside of the hospital was so sad with the paramedic dying then and there but was such a good story line to see how they handled it.
Derek and Meredith breaking up was like the worst thing ever (like I knew they would end up getting married but god I just hated when they weren't together!)

What could be worse than Derek and Meredith breaking up? Well I'll tell you...Derek dating some nurse called Rose, like that was just one big fat no!
The friendship that grew between Lexie and George was so great. Another friendship that I absolutely loved was Callie and Addison..they just grew so close and it was the best!
The season 5 finale was the greatest thing ever...Meredith and Derek and a house of candles and basically getting back together. It was just so beautiful and I cried so much! 

Season 5
Cristina getting stabbed by an icicle and meeting Owen was great. I felt so sorry for Izzie when the person she stole the heart from for Denny comes into the hospital. Izzie starting to see Denny again was heartbreaking (mainly because I knew how the storyline ends out) to watch.

This season is the start of the beautiful Mark and Lexie love story, which is basically one of my favourite things to come out of the show (as well as MerDer).
Arizona's story begins which I love as she's just super cute wheeling around on heelies.
When Izzie was trying to figure out what Denny meant by 'I'm here for you' and finding out she was ill was such an amazing scene, the way she was screaming at him even though really all he was was a hallucination and then the kiss at the end was pure heartbreaking.
Callie and Arizona's first kiss was so amazing and I didn't realise in that moment how much I was going to love them!
Izzie finding out the intern messed her test results up and that she had a brain tumour was so so horrible.

Izzie telling Cristina about her being ill and Cristina trying to help her showed how caring Cristina can be, although the way she told Alex and Bailey was kinda funny though. 
Owen strangling Cristina because of his ptsd was so the way it was filmed was amazing! 
Derek's proposal in the lift was just the cutest thing ever and so fitting because there had been so many lovely MerDer scenes filmed in a lift.
Watching Izzie starting chemo and pretending to be okay when she is around the others was so sad but her planning Derek and Meredith's wedding gave her something to be happy about.
Derek and Meredith giving their wedding to Alex and Izzie was the greatest!

When Izzie signed a DNR I pretty much died myself, like I was SO nervous!
Meredith and Derek's post it wedding was amazing, that whole scene was just pure cuteness! 
The finale was the most heartbreaking so far, a John Doe was brought in after jumping in front of a bus to save a woman. I knew who it was as I read up on it but forgot so when Meredith had to relieved pressure in their skull and their eyes opened I screamed because it was George!! Everytime he was trying to tell her who he was but wasn't strong enough just killed me! But then he finally got through to her and wrote 007(his nickname since the pilot) in her hands with his finger and I was crying so so much as they all tried to save him! 
Izzie loses her memory for a bit after surgery and when her and Alex are celebrating it coming back she ends up crashing in his arms. The season ends with her having a 'dream' of her entering a lift (the same as the time Denny died) but once the doors opened George was standing there in his Army uniform (something he was planning to join) which I thought was so beautiful!

Season 6
After the finale of season 5 you find out that Izzie survived and George died. Which was just so see how everyone reacted to the news, one that definitely stuck with me is Mark and Lexie finding out when the girl that he saved from being hit by the bus comes over to them like 'who's George? everyone's crying saying John Doe is George' like could you imagine finding out like that, George and Lexie were pretty much best friends and that must've been devastating!

Seattle Grace and Mercy West merge, bringing in new doctors- April Kepner, Jackson Avery, Charles Percy & Reed Adamson. 
Izzie walking out on Alex was so heartbreaking especially when he breaks down crying to Meredith.
Another one of my favourite episodes purely because of the way it was written and played out is when they are trying to find out how a patient died so suddenly and it was so interesting to watch because I was watching it from the beginning and figuring it out at the same time they were. Seeing the one tiny mistake April made when checking the patient and how much of an impact that had on the patients life was crazy. 

Derek removing an inoperable spinal tumour just proved how amazing he was.
Richard starts drinking again after accidently messing up a surgery which causes Derek to tell the board about Richard drinking again which results in him being fired and Derek is interim chief.
Derek hires April back, which is the best thing because she is amazing! 

Another one of my favourite episodes and one of the most shocking is the shooting episode. It is revealed Meredith is pregnant and then you see the husband of a patient who died walking through the hospital he then goes onto shoot Reed in the head and then Karev who manages to make it to a lift.
April finding Reed's body so heartbreaking as they were best friends and she just comes across her body in the most shocking way. 
Mark and Lexie find Alex in the lift bleeding out and work together to try and save him. Derek getting shot was the worst...I was literally Meredith in that moment and screaming like hell! 
Dr Percy gets shot in a patients room for being a surgeon (while the patient pretends to be dead already), Bailey avoids getting shot by pretending to be a nurse, Bailey and the patient then work together to try and save his life but because the lifts were shut off in the lockdown he dies with both of them which had me sobbing like crazy!
The shooter being in the OR where Cristina and Jackson are trying to save Derek was SO intense to watch. Meredith is telling him to shoot her but he ends up shooting Owen. The shooter meets Lexie again and I was crying because I seriously thought he would shoot but the swat team ended up shooting him which was a relief! Then Meredith having a miscarriage while trying to save Owen was honestly so upsetting to watch!

Season 7
Alex avoiding lifts because of the shooting showed the extent of how it affected him. 
The episode where a documentary crew are at the hospital filming about life after the shooting was such a different episode it kind of reminded me of The Office which was such an interesting way of looking at the show. The woman who was with Bailey and Percy at the time of the shooting comes to the hospital again for her surgery but never wakes up from it, which was really sad because with all she went through in the shooting she died from just not waking up from surgery.

Arizona going to Africa without Callie actually killed I just loved them.
Arizona coming back because she missed Callie was amazing and even though I love them Callie slamming the door in her face was such an amazing scene! But then Callie being pregnant with Mark's baby was so shocking but at the same time so hilarious!!
My all time favourite episode is the musical episode. When I first heard about it it seemed like such an odd concept,like a serious medical drama with a musical episode but it just worked so well! Chasing Cars and How to Save a Life are two of my favourite songs and will forever remind me of this (also Derek's death like thank you Grey's for breaking my heart). The way they worked in all the songs was so amazing and made Callie and Arizona's accident way more intense. The Calzona wedding made the whole season so much more amazing!

Season 8
The softball game was hilarious with Lexie being jealous of who Mark was dating so she hit her with a ball. 
The ambulance with Meredith, Alex and the premature baby breaks down and a car with a family inside crashes into it and they try to save them. All but the dad and children die straight away, in the hospital the dad keeps crashing so the eldest daughter tells Meredith that they should take him off life support which Meredith tells her that it's not a choice she can make but the girl informs Meredith it's her 18th birthday so she's technically old enough which was just heartbreaking!

Meredith dreaming what her life could've been like if Ellis and Richard where together and were her parents. Her and Cristina were enemies and she was best friends with April who was also sleeping with her fiancé Alex. Owen and Callie were together and had 3 children, Addison and Derek are still together, she is pregnant which turns out to be Marks. Lexie is an orphan and a drug addict, George failed his intern exam and never seen again and Izzie went crazy after Denny's death..which was rather weird to watch to be honest after seven seasons of the characters to see them as something else was just odd. The ending to the episode was amazing with Meredith and Derek in the bar saying 'You're just a guy in a bar, you're just a girl in a bar' like they just can't stay away from each other!

Another amazing episode was the plane crash, like it was filmed so well and the acting was just so on point! 
Cristina in shock was the funniest thing, although it was meant to be serious it was just so funny to see her just go on about how she only has one shoe. Lexie is stuck under a piece of the plane, Cristina and Mark try and help her while Meredith goes to look for Derek. Cristina realises how injured Lexie is and goes to get Meredith to come back, Mark still try to help her, finally admits that she is going to die. Mark holds Lexie's hand telling her how much he loves her and how they are going to get married and have three children and that they are 'meant to be', she then mutters the words meant to be with a smile on face just as she dies. (I am fully sobbing in this moment watching it...I never thought the moment Mark would admit he was still in love with her was when she was dying like god so much heartbreak!) Meredith and Cristina get there just after and Meredith is devastated. They all find Derek after and fix his hand as much as they can. Mark hasn't moved from Lexie's side, when they go to get him to move they realise he's more injured  than they thought and have to operate on him as sterile as possible (for the middle of a crash site in the woods).
After re watching this episode I noticed a scene that I obviously missed because of how much I was crying. Arizona is telling Mark to stay strong and stay alive basically and he goes 'Lexie's waiting for me...I'll be okay' like did I miss that?! It is such a heartbreaking line but just adds to the fact that they were meant to be...even in death they couldn't be apart.
Nobody at the hospital knows what is going on. Owen finally listens to his messages to find out they never made it to the other hospital. It ends with everyone stranded trying their best to stay awake. 

Season 9
This season starts a month after the plane crash and there are new interns; Ross, Wilson, Brookes and Edwards.
Mark is in a coma and will be taken off life support which is just heartbreaking.
A new peds attending has taken over Arizona's job which had me worried about what happened to her after the crash.
Jackson sitting with Mark talking to him about the cases they had was just so cute. Mark is taken off of life support; Callie and Derek are in the room with him while Bailey, Richard, Jackson, Ben and other staff are outside.
Callie goes home and you see that Arizona had her lower leg amputated after the crash. 

Flashbacks of Cristina telling Owen what happened to them after the plane crashed before they were rescued. Cristina stayed awake for 4 days, remembers everything, the fire went out, she had to get bugs out of Arizona's leg, Mark 'kept dying', Arizona had the last of the water. Cristina drank her own pee and she thinks maybe she drank plane fuel. Heard animal noises, fighting and growling and thought they were going to kill her but they were actually fighting over Lexie's body (horrifying doesn't even cover it...could you imagine!) and she tried her best to keep the off. 
Flashback of Arizona being in the hospital after the crash and scared of losing her leg so trying to do everything not to lose it but as the infection gets worse Alex has to amputate it.
Flashbacks of Mark being in the hospital in critical condition and then waking up better for a while (knowing what was about to happen) before falling into a coma until he died.

Arizona is angry at Callie for amputating her leg. Meredith helping a woman on the street who was in a car accident and reminded her of Lexie was just super emotional! 
Bailey getting Arizona out of her house and walking was amazing to watch.
The plane survivors end up suing the hospital and Owen, as he signed off on a crappy plane.
Meredith and Derek having a baby, legit was the best thing to come out of this season so far!

The hospital was found guilty of negligence and the plane survivors (and non survivors) each win $15 million. Insurance won't pay out as there was only 2 attendings allowed to be on the plane at once but Arizona took Alex's place which lead to there being 3 on board. Hospital have to pay out which leads them to bankruptcy.
April sneaking a badly injured boy into the ER (after it had been closed) and secretly operating on him was such an amazing thing like I feel like this is when April started to become my favourite.
The plane crash victims discussing whether they should buy the hospital with the money they got. When Catherine offered Harper Avery to help them buy the hospital I was crying purely because I was so happy, then I was sobbing even more when Jackson named the new hospital 'Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital'.

Meredith falling down the stairs had me gasping like crazy because she was so late in her pregnancy and just couldn't deal with anything bad happening.
Then Meredith going into labour when the power went out was so nerve wracking, having a c section in the dark where the baby was fine but her fall caused a lot of bleeding.
There is a bus crash outside the hospital, doctors go and help the victims, Jackson stayed behind to help a child nobody saw then there is a massive explosion and I'm not even kidding April's reaction when she thought Jackson was hurt was so amazing!!
Bailey has to perform emergency surgery to save Meredith's life and then Richard is electrocuted when trying to fix the power.

Season 10
Following on from the storm Richard is still in the basement of the hospital. Bailey sends Shane down to find him but he tells Heather to do it instead so he can steal her surgery. She gets down there and sees Richard on the floor and goes to help but gets electrocuted in the process.
Callie and Sofia move out after Arizona cheats...which basically killed me, like Calzona is one of my favourite ships!
After being electrocuted, once she had been found and is in surgery...Heather dies. 

The Halloween episode actually scared me (like ugh I'm such a wimp) the ghost like old lady and the zombie like drug addict just scared me like oh my god. 
Callie asks Arizona to move back in and basically made my life. 
Jackson confessing his love to April during her wedding to Matthew and running out together was so amazing and literally made my day, like they looked so happy and I just had so many Japril feels!
Derek starts working for the President. Jackson and April got married after running out of her wedding to Matthew.

April is pregnant and that made me so happy like I just love her!
Cristina at a talk in Switzerland where some person in the audience asks question who turns out to be Burke and I kid you not I was screaming so much I almost choked on what I was I just wasn't expecting it and then Burke offers Cristina his job of running the hospital. 
Amelia moves to Seattle, which is great because I really really love her!!
Cristina leaving was actually pretty sad, like it would be amazing if she could return. 
Meredith won't leave Seattle with Derek because she feels like she belongs there.
There's a new cardio surgeon called Maggie who turns out to be Ellis Grey and Richard's baby, so Meredith has ANOTHER half sister...which made me super angry because like what was the point?! They should've just kept Lexie alive (like there was definitely no reason to kill her...and then bring a character that was basically a replacement!)

Season 11
Alex and Meredith's friendship gets a lot closer after Cristina leaves which makes me super happy.
Maggie tells Meredith that Ellis is her mum too, Meredith is angry and doesn't believe her. Richard tells Maggie that he is her dad and she's angry at him for not telling her any sooner. 
Callie and Arizona are in marriage counselling and are on a 30 day seperation and after the 30 days Arizona tells Callie how much she loves her but Callie tells her that she doesn't feel the same and wants more time to herself which basically broke my heart!!

Dr Herman has an inoperable brain tumour which is why she has been trying to train Arizona for her job. Arizona gives Amelia Dr Herman's scans and she thinks she can remove it and save her. 
Stephanie giving April an ultrasound and figures out that April & Jackson's baby may have a birth defect was such a sad scene. April and Jackson finding out there's no hope for their baby surviving long after birth was so heartbreaking, to watch them go from so happy to literally broken was horrid! 
Amelia and Arizona come up with a plan to remove Dr Herman's tumour but she will only let them operate when it becomes almost inoperable (near her optical nerves). 

April and Jackson trying to figure out what to do if their baby is definitely not going to survive, Jackson wants to abort but it's against April's beliefs. After finding out Catherine comes to the hospital to look after them and suggests they choose a time to induce labour, baptise the baby and hold him until he died. Watching the whole scene was so sad and I just sobbed like crazy. 
Dr Herman's surgery begins. Amelia freezes during the surgery and begs Richard to call Derek as she thinks she can't continue but Richard talks her into carrying on. After the surgery when Dr Herman finally wakes up, she is blind which Stephanie is really upset about but Amelia talks her around because even though she is blind her tumour is gone and they saved her life.

The episode where the little girl phoned trying to save her mum had me crying so much, it was so intense, like a little girl alone with her mum. The doctors trying to help her resuscitate her mum by guiding her through making a hole and putting a straw through it to get rid of the blood (could you imagine having to do that?!). Then then having to teach her CPR over the phone by all singing staying alive to her was one of the saddest parts, I was crying so much especially when it was just the little girl singing until her phone died..but my god I was so happy when they finally got to the hospital. 
Meredith phoning Derek's phone and another woman answering had me screaming so much like I was so anti Derek in that moment it was insane!

Derek showing up back home had me screaming even more, turns out he actually kissed the woman who answered the phone (real dick move Derek Shepherd!) but ran back to Meredith because he loves her so much and she tells him she doesn't ever want to live with out him (talk about foreshadowing his death am I right?).
I feel like the episodes before Derek dies there was a lot of foreshadowing to his death...the biggest and most heartbreaking was a conversation between Meredith and Amelia where Amelia says 'you've never lost the love of your life, you've never cried over the body of the person you love most in this world' like watching this knowing what was going to happen to Derek was so horrible like in a few episodes this was going to be Meredith's life.

Derek leaves for DC to finish up what he was doing but Meredith gets a call saying her never made it to his meeting.
Another plane crash happens which brings a lot of victims to the hospital which brings back bad memories for Meredith, Arizona and Owen, seeing the flashbacks made it even more upsetting!
Meredith begins to worry about Derek not showing up in DC but Bailey tells her to wait until 5pm to start freaking out.
Alex admits to Arizona that it was him that amputated her leg after not crash and not Callie, when Arizona mentions it to Callie she tells her she took the blame so Arizona would just be mad at her and not Alex too (let's talk about how in love they are still).
Maggie learns about Lexie (aka who she replaced) and how she died in the plane crash. Just as it turns 5pm and Meredith is about to phone Derek a police car shows up at her house.

ahh now the most dreaded point in everyone's lives...the episode where Derek Shepherd dies! 
It starts off with flashbacks of Derek leaving and saying goodbye to Meredith...kick me in gut why don't you!
Derek leaves for DC and Meredith misses his call but leaves her a voicemail. He witnesses a car crash and like the doctor he is he stops to help the injured. He helps a mum and daughter get out of their car, the daughter helps him from then on, he fixes a dislocated leg, drags a couple from their car before it exploded (which is how the EMT's found them) and used dry cleaning bags to hold in a girls intestines in place.

After the ambulance took them away, he got in his car reaching for his phone and as he got up a massive truck comes driving into him at some speed. 
He is then taken to an overcrowded non trauma hospital and is mentally talking through his injuries and what the doctors are doing wrong. 
The people he saved in the car accident were also in the hospital and the little girl notices him and goes over, this was the point I started really sobbing because she was like 'you're not dead, I know you're not dead, you know how I know that? because I can feel your pulse, which means your heart is beating...your heart is beating which means you're not dead ok? Hey, eyes on me, you stay not dead ok? It's a beautiful day to save lives right?  So you stay not dead' like although it was super sad it made me so happy he wasn't alone with the stupid doctors at the hospital.
Instead of ordering a head CT they took him to an OR and he realised he was going to die because of the mistake they made. The neurosurgeon took an hour and a half to arrive because he was at dinner (like wow Derek wouldn't of done that!) after arriving he realises there is nothing he can do to save Derek. 
Meredith gets to the hospital and is told there was nothing they could've done to save him and then goes to his room to say a final goodbye and turn off his life support, this scene had flashbacks of their best bits while Chasing Cars was playing in the background...which basically killed me as well while I was sobbing every single tear from my body!

Meredith having to tell everyone that Derek had died was awful and of course I cried so much! 
Meredith leaves a note and leaves town after the funeral.
Owen and April go overseas for a military surgery program.
After almost a year (the episode was flipping through time) Meredith calls Alex to tell him that she and the kids are fine, after she hangs up she is shown very heavily pregnant.
Amelia has an emotional breakdown over Derek's death after suppressing it for so long, she ends up buying drugs and almost relapsing but Owen talks her out of taking them and she lets all her feelings out...such amazing acting in this scene!
Meredith begins to bleed and Zola has to call 911 paralleling Meredith saving Ellis' life. Meredith gives birth to a girl called Ellis and Alex shows up as he was her emergency contact, they go back to Seattle together.
Amelia is angry at Meredith for not telling her about Derek sooner as she could've helped. Meredith gives her Derek's last voicemail to listen to...such a touching scene! A scene that really moved me was when Meredith found Derek's ferry boat scrub cap and decided to wear it. It was such an iconic part of his character and the relationship between Meredith and Derek was such a big part of the show. To end there story line with this scene which basically symbolises that Derek will always be with Meredith was such a beautiful ending that definitely made me cry!

Season 12
This was the first season without Derek, and I wasn't too sure what it was going to be like as he was quite a big part of the show. The first few episodes seemed to heavily feature flashbacks which made me super sad!

Meredith is back in her old house with Maggie and Amelia and what I wanna know is who is living in the house that Derek built for Meredith??? like that was such an iconic part of their story and now its all gone! Maggie and DeLuca start sleeping together but ended it quite quickly so that is something I would love to see more of!

The dinner party, oh my god...Callie bringing Penny was INSANE! Drunk Arizona was such a highlight of the episode. But the greatest part was everyone finding out the truth about Penny, like "Perfect Penny killed my husband" was such an iconic line,and all the emotions ranging from sadness to anger made it such a fabulous episode. 

The episode where Meredith was attacked by a patient was definitely this seasons most gripping one, my favourite part was the fact that after being attacked Meredith wasn't able to hear anything, so most of the episode was then seen through her eyes which meant there was barely any sound, which made it so interesting to watch and you were just hanging off the emotions on everybody's face. 

Meredith's counselling after the attack just made me so emotional, the line "My mother died of Alzheimer's, My stepmother died of the hiccups, My sister died in a plane crash, My husband was hit by a semi" like that just shows how heartbreaking Meredith's life is.

The episode where April and Jackson get divorced is such a sad one, it is filled with flashbacks of their life together which basically broke my heart as it brought back so many Japril feels but also some from old episodes especially a conversation between Jackson and Bailey where she says "Sloan is on a plane to Idaho right now" like seriously I had so many plane crash feelings/flashbacks in that moment!

Meredith's first patient coming back to the hospital was such an emotional high for me as it gave me so many MerDer and Mcdreamy feels! Then Jackson and April having a baby is such a great moment after what they've been through but quite sad that they aren't together. 

The episode where the hospital goes into code pink (missing child) was so tense! All the doors go into lock down which gives Ben no choice other than to do an emergency C-section in the middle of a corridor that results in the mum and baby dying. By the end of the episode it is revealed that the lock down finished and the lift opened (with Ben noticing) before he took the first cut, so there was no need for him to do the surgery. 

Meredith and Riggs are something that I cant like, purely just because I love Derek and I'm still not over his death! But I do find it super cute that Owen and Amelia got married, although I loved him with Cristina, I'm really enjoying him with Amelia and hope they will be good for each other.

April going into labour and Ben having to perform an emergency C-section at Meredith's house was a story line that I had heard about and was so excited to see, but at the time I didn't know about Ben's previous C-section and watching it this time knowing what had happened made everything so nerve wracking but luckily April and the baby survived. I just hope that Jackson and April get back together, like the amount of love in Jackson's face throughout everything that happened to April this episode just gives me so much hope!

So I hope you enjoyed this post, and well done for actually making it to the end...I know I went on for a while! But yes you should definitely watch Grey's Anatomy because it will be the highlight of your life!


Saturday, 17 September 2016

I had a major freak out!

Not that long ago I started watching Agents of Shield, which was so amazing and I would definitely recommend you watching it! My main reason for starting it was because Luke Mitchell was in it. I've mentioned a few times on this how much I love him, he's such a great actor and has excelled in everything I have seen him in.

I started Home and Away because he was in it and Romeo was such an amazing character but then his story line ended with him dying of cancer which just killed me because I loved his character so much and his last episode was just incredibly sad.
Then when I started Agents of Shield, I knew his character was going to die so I  made sure to savour every second he was on screen.

But the main reason for this blog post is while watching Agents of Shield I had some major Home and Away nostalgia as Axle Whitehead who played Liam Murphy was in a few episodes as James. As soon as I saw him on screen I screamed, it was like such an exciting moment in my day. It then made me really emotional because in Romeo's last episode he rode off into the sunset (so he didn't have to make his wife see him die) with Liam, and it just brought back so many memories but also the fact they were on the same show again and were in scenes together just felt like the best thing ever.

Home and Away is such an amazing show which I don't think people give it the credit it deserves, if it hadn't been for Luke Mitchell then I would never have started watching it and would've missed out on so much! Because it is an Australian soap the actors on it are quite unknown and underrated, but so amazing that they need to be noticed. The characters are so relatable and some of the story lines are so gripping and heartbreaking, and I cannot tell you how many times this show has made me cry!

So since I actually started writing this, I finished the show and the inevitable happened in the season 3 finale; Lincoln died. Of course his death scene had me in a million tears, and it was just filled with so many emotions that I wasn't ready for, like I knew he was going to die but I really didn't think I'd cry as much as I did (although...when don't I cry?). By the end of season 3 I was definitely a Daisy/Lincoln shipper, and the fact that they were speaking to each other up until the moment he died broke my heart! Also I got some major Doctor Who Rose/Ten vibes with the whole cut off 'I Love You' which made me sob a million times more!

Luke has now been cast in Blindspot, a show that intrigued me when it first came out and I never watched, and I am so excited to start it. It looks like such an interesting show and I just know Luke will be amazing in his role as Roman as he is in every other role he has played. I definitely recommended you watching anything he has been in because it will be amazing!

Monday, 29 August 2016

horror, blood and murder!!

The horror genre is always one I have stayed away from in my life...mainly because I am a big wimp!

The first horror film I watched (and at the time I said it would be the last) was The Descent, the only reason I watched it was because it was a compulsory part of my Film class at school and it was terrifying! For me it was too much blood and the 'monsters' we're just not my cup of tea! 

But the trailer for the MTV Scream show came out and I was intrigued...and thought maybe watching a horror as a weekly show wouldn't be that bad, so I started it (and obviously became obsessed!) Then my cousin made me watch the scream films which were amazing, each one was so different but still managed to keep the same storyline.

After watching those, I then watched Urban Legends 1&2 and I Know What You Did Last Summer and I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (all in one day may I add...lets be proud of me!) and I really loved them! Slasher films where you have to guess the killer are my favourites...although I can never guess the killer right! (apart from season 2 of Scream...Kieran my bae!

My next to watch are House of Wax and the first three Saw movies...I'm excited for House of Wax as it seems pretty interesting and the cast is pretty good (aka Chad Michael Murray and Jared Padalecki) but I'm still quite nervous about Saw, it's the one I've heard the most about and one I never thought I would even consider watching. So far I have loved my little delve into the horror genre, and quite glad I waited till I was 20 because younger me would've hated it!! 


Wednesday, 17 August 2016

A Killer Reveal!

Obviously this post will be full of spoilers so if you haven't seen the finale of Scream yet and don't want to know who the killer is then please stop reading!!!

So...Season 2 of Scream has just finished which meant the killer has be revealed and I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO EXCITED!

Since the beginning of the show I've been so in love and so suspicious of Kieran, he was my guess for the entire first season and I must admit I was quite disappointed when Piper was revealed...although it was quite shocking it wasn't my favourite thing. Then came season 2 and from the start I found it so much better than the first, being more invested in the characters was a massive reason. The deaths this season were quite shocking and pretty sad. I spent pretty much the entire season suspecting Eli as they were making him look pretty suspicious and creepy but then changed my mind after 2x11 once the characters started to suspect Eli because obviously they weren't going to guess the killer an episode before the big reveal. Which is when I became utterly convinced it was Kieran and oh I was right!

Scream Recap

Throughout the entire episode I was screaming because everything was just so amazing! Amadeus' acting once Kieran had been revealed as the killer was beyond amazing, I had been in love with his character since the start and this just made him like a million times better! But once I
I had fully convinced myself that Kieran was the killer it was just insanely obvious as I was actually watching, like there were so many times he wasn't there when things happened or the most obvious one when he showed up to the place Emma and Audrey were even though she never told him where she would be!

According to Netflix (which is how I watch it in the UK), there are going to be more episodes on October 18th which I'm super excited about because there is so much I want to know after that finale especially after it ending with Kieran getting a phone call from 'ghostface' saying 'Who said you could wear my mask?' which is obviously implying that Brandon James is alive! I'm also very happy that they didn't kill of Kieran as I would love to see more of him now his true motives have been revealed. But it was such an amazing episode and brilliant reveal!


Saturday, 6 August 2016

"If it was physically possible to make love to a hot beverage, this would be the one."

So after a month of watching I have finished all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls and November 25th couldn't come quick enough!!!

Before I actually started watching this I heard there was going to be a revival and that made me want to watch it even more so when Netflix put all the seasons on I just had to watch! I'm so beyond happy that I did because it just utterly brilliant! The array of characters and story lines are amazing and it is so incredibly funny with a touch of drama to make it even more obsessive!

The Gilmore Girls:

Lorelai and Rory Gilmore are the greatest characters to have ever graced my screen. Their relationship is one of the best things that has come out of the show, seeing their mother/daughter/best friend relationship is such a sacred and prominent part of the series. Individually they are both amazingly unique characters that have qualities that are greatly inspirational. I admire everything Lorelai has been through, after getting pregnant at 16 she single-handedly brought Rory up while building a career for herself. She defied the typical 'teen mom' stereotypes and she doesn't let her past define her which is amazing! Rory is such an amazingly smart character and I love that although it is a part of her story line it isn't all that the show focuses on. She is a character that teenage girls could relate to whether it be with school, friendships and relationships and that is something that has made the show as successful as it has been.

Luke and Lorelai:

Of course I cannot watch a tv show without shipping someone, and I have never felt so strongly about another ship like I do Luke and Lorelai. Since starting this show I have just been in love with them, their friendship turned romance was my favourite story line. I loved how protective Luke has been of Rory even though he wasn't her dad, he had that close of a relationship with her which made me love him so much more. It killed me so much when they weren't together that I literally watched the entire season 4 in one day just so I could see the kiss at the end of the season; every time they broke up it was such a struggle to watch especially when Lorelai and Christopher got was honestly the worst time of my life and I spent such a long time complaining to my brother about how they weren't together. I was so happy that in the finale they finally kissed again and basically admit they're still in love with each other and the fact Luke put together such an amazing going away party for Rory was just everything.

Rory, Dean, Jess and Logan:

I thought that I would put all of Rory's love interests into one section of this post as it took me about 6 seasons to fully realise who I actually shipped Rory with as all three of them were pretty amazing.
From left to right the pictures are of Rory with Dean, Jess and Logan.
Dean was Rory's first love interest and at the time I was totally in love with them, I thought nothing could go wrong and then Jess appeared. Jess is Luke's nephew and he came to Stars Hollow when Rory was still with Dean but Jess was just something new, and I wanted him to be with Rory so bad. When they were finally together everything was going great until it wasn't, they ended in such a horrible way and I really hated that. Along came Logan and I fell in love with him but after a while I grew tired of his character and just didn't like the way Rory was while she was with him. After seeing her with all three I am fully on team Jess...and I cannot wait for the revival as Jess is back and I would love to see his character again.

The Finale:
Ahh, the finale! It was just so beautiful on so many different levels. Of course, I I do with everything, and honestly they were a mix of happy and sad tears. This finale made me so proud of everything Lorelai and Rory have been through, and just made my love for Luke and Lorelai even stronger. Rory graduates from Yale and ends up getting a job which means she has to leave Stars Hollow in the next two days, having to cancel her graduating party. Luke then gets the whole town to get together and throw her a big surprise party, which was just the greatest and the speech she made was just so beautiful. Then Lorelai finding out that Luke planned the whole thing was my favourite part because they finally realised they are meant to be!

The Revival:
Watch the trailer here. On November 25th a four part series will be on Netflix. It focuses on 'A Year in the Life' of the Gilmore Girls. I literally cannot wait to see this since watching the whole series I have become obsessed with these characters and I just can't deal with that ending...I need to know what happens with Luke and Lorelai. Do they stay together? Do they get married? Whats going on in Rory's life? Did she stay working as a journalist? Or did she find another path in life? I shall be counting down the days until I can be back watching Gilmore Girls!

Saturday, 9 July 2016

season of greatness

As I have mentioned previously I love Pretty Little Liars! It has had many shocks and reveals over the past six years which has left me itching for more. The show is now three episodes into season 7 and I've never been so excited and in love with something and I can just tell that this season is going to get even better with each episode.

Season 7 starts where Season 6 left off with Hanna being abducted and Spencer, Aria, Emily, Mona, Caleb, Toby and Ezra looking for her. They all learn of Mary Drake's identity after seeing her walking into the police station. Uber A gives them 24 hours to reveal Charlotte's killer or Hanna is killed; which leads to Aria remembering something about the night Charlotte died and they all come to the conclusion that Alison was the one that killed Charlotte. Hanna manages to escape but runs into Mary on her way while Elliot reveals himself to a drugged up Allison.

Mary Drake takes Hanna home, The girls become more suspicious of Elliot as Alison calls Emily to tell her she needs help. The relationships from the time jump start to crumble; Aria breaks up with Liam (who ends up grilling Ezra...) and Hanna breaks off her engagement with Jordan. Emily starts to believe that Elliot and Mary are working together, which leads to Aria and Hanna finding out that Elliot and Charlotte had a love affair. With their attempt to get Alison out of the psychiatric hospital and away from Elliot's control Hanna accidentally hits Elliot with her car which kills him instantly. 

Three episodes in and there has already been a shocking murder which is giving me very high hopes for the rest of the season as there will be something other to focus on as well as the A mystery which will make each episode more exciting. As well as these story lines season 7 is going to be great because quite a few of the season 1 characters are coming back, these are Lucas, Jenna, Noel and Jason and I'm so excited to find out how they fit into the mystery!

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Bridget Jones' Baby.

Have you seen the most recent trailer for Bridget Jones' Baby? because I am dying like literally physically dead!!!

Bridget Jones is such an iconic character and someone who reminds me of myself (mixed with Georgia from Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging!) so I'm just so excited! The past two films are just beyond amazingly hilarious which you should definitely watch if you never have! 

I can't tell what I'm more excited about the fact there is a new film or the fact Patrick Dempsey is in it! Like I've recently become so obsessed with Grey's Anatomy and my god I've never been so in love with somebody before...Mcdreamy was such a bright and dreamy character and I just miss him so much! So for him to be in this film makes my life so much better! 

The film isn't out until September which just kills me...because even though it's only a couple of months away it feels like forever and I am so impatient I just do not want to wait! But I'm counting down the days until I get to see it!


Wednesday, 8 June 2016

my recent favourites

I am mid way through writing a Grey's Anatomy post but as I am waiting for season 12 to be put on NOWTV that's had to be put on hold so...I thought I'd post about my favourite tv shows (in no particular order) that I'm watching recently. 

Criminal Minds
This is just so gripping! I am such a wimp so I actually can't watch too many in a row without convincing myself I'm going to get murdered by a serial killer. But it's just so great to watch how they investigate the murders and profile the killer.

I've just started this and I really can't believe that I never actually watched it when it was on's amazing! The story is so gripping but the way it's filmed as not too dark and not too lighthearted is the best, it draws you in because no matter how perfect people look you never know what secrets they have.

Scream is just amazing. Season 1 was one of the best thing I have watched. Season 2 is getting even better, and makes watching it even harder. Obviously the main theme in the show is murder, so in the first season you didn't really know the characters that well but now they've survived the first season and it just hurts when they kill off one of the mains now (Jakes death tho...kill me).

New Girl
I'm re watching New Girl because it's just one of the best comedies! Zooey Deschanel is just amazing and Jess Day reminds me of myself. Schmidt, Nick, Cece and Winston are so unique and great to watch.

Once Upon a Time
I'm re watching once upon a time as my mum has just started watching it and wow I forgot how much I loved it! The Snow-Charming/Mary Margret-David love story is my favourite thing and it's just so cute!

Chicago Med
Chicago Med is so so good!! I love medical dramas and this is one of the best. The characters are just so loveable and has me so gripped on their story. 

I'm so sad that this isn't as popular as I hoped and it's ending after season 1, it's so great and Alex is such a great main character! Dave Annable is such a great actor also so I loved seeing him again (after seeing him in Red Band Society; which was another show that was great and ended way too soon). It's so great and I can't wait to watch every episode and savour all the time I have left with this show!

Ahh Supergirl is beyond amazing! Melissa Benoist was such fab choice for Supergirl and just has me obsessed! Also after watching Grey's Anatomy and then going back to Supergirl I was shocked to see Chyler Leigh played Alex as she was Lexie in Grey's and was my all time favourite until she died so it was so great to see her again!

Awkward is such an amazingly witty show. The characters are just so great and the way they have all progressed since season 1 is the best! Matty and Jenna are my forever otp aswell like if they aren't endgame then I'll be heartbroken!

Faking It
I'm so sad this got cancelled, like seriously it was such a great show! The way 'different' people are treated like they're not different is so amazing. I've loved Amy and Karma since the beginning, watching their love grow even though Karma was a little reluctant (and we never truly get to see their ending) I like to think she realises she has feeling for Amy. The way they treated Lauren's intersex storyline was so great and actually pretty informative for a comedy show and that they didn't brush over it was so amazing. Basically it was a terrible idea to cancel Faking It!

This was so amazing!!! I love Tom Ellis and him playing Luicfer was so great! Also Lauren German who played Shay in Chicago Fire was in it and it was so fab to see her in a show again. The writing and acting was so amazing, I just cannot wait for season 2!!

12 Monkeys
This is such a complex show that if you're not paying attention it will defo confuse you! But it's so great! Season 1 was the greatest thing I had seen and season 2 is so great also. I love the characters and all the time travelling and I just hope it gets better and better!

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