Friday, 1 January 2016

bye bye twenty fifteen

well well well, its that time of the year again....the end.

just like last year I thought as my life revolves around TV, I thought I would make a post about the worst character deaths (in my opinion) this year. 1 being the saddest.

10. Dave Teagues (Haven)

Haven is such a confusing show if you haven't seen it, which makes this harder to write. But Dave died to save his town which is pretty much all he has been doing since the show began. His death itself wasn't the saddest thing as it was pretty quick but watching Vince (his brother) try and wake him up had me in tears!

9. Riley Marra (Scream: TV Series)

In a show such as Scream you should just expect that nobody is safe. But out of all the deaths in this show Riley's was the only one I cried at because she was one of the nicest characters who had one of the worst deaths (apart from Will that was traumatising). I wish that she could've stayed alive a few episodes longer but by her dying I knew that Noah wasn't the killer!

8. Charlotte Cross (Haven)

Charlotte wasn't around long and at first I didn't actually like her character but towards the end she actually became nicer when she didn't have an ulterior motive. Her death was a little weird because she actually had two; she died once..alone and then was resurrected to help everyone else and then died once having a proper goodbye with Dwight and Audrey which made me sob like crazy.

7. Boone Clemens (Scream Queens)

Boone was my favourite before the show had even started just because he was played by Nick Jonas. So when the show started I was quite disappointed that he died in the second episode because I wanted to see more of him but luckily he wasn't actually dead because he was one of the red devils, which i loved even more! But when he actually died I was heartbroken because I didn't get to see my crazy red devil...but he was fun while he lasted.

6. Pete Martinez (Scream Queens)
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From the start of the series Pete was the one character I thought could be trusted...which I was actually wrong about! But although his death was sad it was part of what has been my favourite scene of any TV show this year, when Pete was telling Grace all about how he became involved with the red devils and just as he was about the reveal the identity of the last one he gets stabbed in the back (quite literally!)

5. Denny Miller (Home and Away)

This has to be more shocking than it is sad if I'm completely honest. Obviously yes it was incredibly sad that she died (the only good thing is that now she is with Casey forever) but the way she died and the fact Charlotte buried her and has been pretending to be her so nobody gets suspicious that shes not really in Europe is the most shocking and heartbreaking thing. Seeing as the UK is a bit behind Australia I have only just seen her die but I have seen a few clips of when everyone finds out and I honestly don't think I have cried so much before!

4. King Francis (Reign)
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The biggest problem with watching a TV show based on real life history is knowing that a main characters death is imminent, and as soon as I read about the real Francis I knew this was going to hit me hard. From the beginning of this show Francis' death has been mentioned quite a few times, and by season 3 he was getting really ill so I knew it wouldn't be long until he dies. But my god the way he dies was horrendous!

3. Killian Jones (Once Upon a Time)
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I'm pretty sure he isn't going to stay dead...but when he did die I felt like I was dying myself. When I watched it I already knew he was going to die because I stupidly read it a few days before, but watching it was so much worse and the fact that Emma was the one to kill him just broke my heart and I was sobbing so much! I'm just praying he comes back to life because I cant live without Colin O'donoghue in my life!

2. Duke Crocker (Haven)

From the moment Duke came onto my screen I totally fell in love, and throughout all 5 seasons he was the one that seemed the toughest but really was the sweetest, kindest and most broken. Being one of the three main characters I honestly never thought he would be killed off, but towards the end of season 5 I just had this feeling it was going to be heartbreaking...and I was right! Duke died to save Haven, but the way he died was truly heartbreaking but so true to the bigger story. A few seasons ago he found out he would die at the hands of someone with the guard tattoo...which turned out to be Nathan, which made the fact he was dying even more upsetting!

1. Clara Oswald (Doctor Who)

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and the saddest character death of 2015 goes to Clara Oswald! This was just one massive emotional roller coaster. As soon as Jenna announced that she would be leaving Doctor Who I knew Clara was going to die because her whole story arc was that she was the impossible girl who kept appearing and dying, but I could've never have guessed how heartbreaking it would be. Long story short she died at the end of one episode after accidentally sacrificing herself to save someone, two episodes after the doctor goes back in time to try and save her, his way of doing it backfires and he loses all memory of her...her death is then a fixed point so she ends up dying with the Doctor not remembering her at all which had me sobbing because that is probably one of the worst thing I've seen, like I thought death alone was bad, but nope I was so wrong.

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